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James Hehir Greedy Scum Bag !!!

Was the greedy pig James Hehir aware of the alleged plot to kill a midnight reveler to close the Broomhill

Swimming Pool In Ipswich Suffolk U.K.

Hehir, Greedy Pig. In Ipswich there are two local governments, Ipswich Borough Council and Suffolk County Council. Hehir tried to form one council for Ipswich where he would have complete control, this would double his income. Hehir spent two hundred and forty thousand pounds of taxpayers money on advertising and disbursements to try to achieve this.

Hehir, thankfully gave a million pounds of tax payers money to help fund Ipswich University College, however, he secured a seat on the board of directors, this was very likely a paid position. Hehir also held directorships in other companies. His council harassed the general public, he was party to this harassment.

Fiddling cash is epidemic in the capitalist society including some local governments, however, to try to engineer the death of an innocent person to shut and old lido swimming pool in Ipswich Suffolk, to bulldoze it, another deal to commerce, is not something you would expect a local government to do.

The reader whilst reading the freely published book below titled "The Fiddle", from the evidence presented will realize that the principle lifeguards for Ipswich between 1992 and 2009 - CEO Ipswich Borough Council James Hehir and council leader David Ball, and collusive Ipswich M.P. Jamie Cann reneged on this duty to protect the people under their control: and in their care.

There is no libel on this site, all that is published here has been published on other sites by the author for a period of seven years.

The Author, Anthony Johns.

Aged 59 in 2006.



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The author / publisher exercises his right to adapt this text at any time for electronic or paper publishing. The Author also refers to himself as I and me in this book.

Parts of this text are extracts from a psychology book being created by the Author Titled (C) The Cesspool And The Secret Armies. This book highlights the phenomenal mental corruption imposed upon the author by these court proceedings and the political psychological battle against the author thereafter for thirteen years.

This internet published book is freeware at the moment, this may change. Please copy and distribute the electronic version freely. Copyright exists, do not sell or modify or print in paper.

This publication chronicles the authors dealings with Ipswich Borough Council regards their harassment of him and others, and for Ipswich Borough Councils lack of public safety control measures principally at the Broom Hill Swimming pool in Sherrington Road Ipswich.

This text is in it's raw state prior to final adaptation for a proof reader to adapt prior to paper or full electronic chargeable publication, if the work takes this course.

This book illustrates how the author being a passive calm and collective normal citizen in 1992, by 1996, adapted to wanting to be a psychopathic killer. The target was James Hehir, the chief executive of Ipswich Borough Council. Ipswich Borough Councils officers had tried to kill an unwary member of the public to permanently close and demolish the large outdoor Broomhill swimming pool in Ipswich Suffolk.

When you go to a public swimming pool managed by a local government, you may go to the pool with your children, or allow your children to go to the pool unsupervised. You expect the local government pool attendants and management to manage the pool with extreme care and professionalism with qualified safety experts overseeing the patrons safety.

Be aware, swimming pools are often managed in a very poor manner, and the unwary public are not aware of dangers. This book exposes such an incompetent and uncaring local government that mismanaged the Broomhill swimming pool in Ipswich Suffolk England for many years. The pool is currently closed awaiting refurbishment.

This book illustrates how to collect evidence pertinent to dangers to the public by writing recorded delivery letters, photographing dangerous plant buildings and installations. Also, copy photographs of people that you want to discredit off the internet and local newspapers: and publish them. Put it all together in a book or blog and publish same on the internet.

A government organization that monitors safety in factories and swimming pools exists in England, this organization is titled The Health And Safety Executive, ( HSE ). In this book the reader will see the Chelmsford office that supervised the pool for a few years was incorrectly assessed by the author as being incompetent or collusive with Ipswich Borough Council, ( the pool operators ).

I wrote to the prime minister the Right Honorable Sir John Major P.M. to get this matter with the HSE investigated. The result of the investigation was that HSE Chelmsford had advised Ipswich Borough council to make safe the diving boards, the work was never carried out. HSE Chelmsford had no legislative powers to enforce the work that was needed. HSE Chelmsford were exonerated. Evidence for this is in the HSE letters published at the end of this book.

The Right Honorable Sir John Major P.M.

Prime Minister 1990 to 1997.

Ipswich Borough Council wanted the Broomhill swimming pool closed they had no interest in the pool. It was difficult to manage, there were always a few abusive unruly children at the pool. The pool attendants and staff preferred to be at the new Crown Pools swimming pool in Ipswich.

I had been able to get a lack of safety publication about the Broomhill pool in the local evening star newspaper in 1992. After this publication Ipswich Borough council harassed me and other divers at the Broomhill pool. A full account of this harassment is published in my book, ( book1 ), Surrogate Daughter. The account of this is also published further on in this book.

This is a true account, everybody lies, this practice is epidemic in this society. The author very rarely lies, but was forced in to lying on two occasions through poor mental state, these two events are published in this book. This poor mental state was generated by Ipswich Borough council officers that in the first instance where running a public sports facility in a very dangerous manner. This event mentally disturbed the author who is caring for the welfare of people, particularly children that where endangered. In the second instance a disclosure by the then leader of Ipswich Borough Council in 1996, a Mr. David Ball, that seriously endangered life and caused the author to hit David Ball, and threaten to kill him if a person died in the pool because of his councils neglect.

This action resulted in a police prosecution that seriously negated the authors mental state. Ipswich Borough Councils legal department have recently threatened to sue the author and make him bankrupt if he publishes this book. I.B.C.'s legal department state that as the author has lied to the police " this seriously weakens the authors position in a libel case."

In 1993 an I.B.C. officer lied to the author, this lie is recorded in tape recorded conversation. Another I.B.C. officer lied in his police statement in 1993. David Ball lied in his police statement in 1996, Two other I.B.C. officers lied in their police statements in 1996. This practice seems vogue at this point in our evolution. All the lies are recorded in this book.

If the author is prosecuted for libel, the way he sees it is that you do not lie in court, this may be considered contemptuous and perjury. The outcome of this sort of action is always a custodial sentence, you will see in this book that the author does not gamble the possibility of going to prison.


If you live in a large town or city in England UK Europe. The principle leaders for the area will probably be, the Chief Executive of the local government, The Local government ( Council ), leader, and the local M.P. ( Member Of Parliament ). These three community leaders will be the chief lifeguards for the area. This is their primary ( priority ), duty, to protect the people of the area under their control from being injured or killed. The three leaders named in this book reneged on this duty, one of them the council leader was aware that council officers where trying to kill an innocent by the relaxing of safety standards at an outdoor swimming pool in Ipswich Suffolk England.

The death of an unwary member of the public would close the pool, the site would be redeveloped, this is what the council wanted. There were also other dangers at the pool that needed to be addressed. The author is a registered Amateur Swimming Association diving instructor and a scientist, and has used swimming pools almost daily for thirty years to teach and practice diving. He has never seen a swimming pool so unbelievably continuously badly run as the Broom Hill Swimming Pool in Ipswich.

Page 1.

In May 1996 the author went to see the leader of the council a Mr. David Ball at his home about swimming pool safety matters. David Ball admitted that he knew safety standards were being relaxed to kill an unwary member of the Broom Hill pool to close the pool. The author can be psychopathic: this statement caused an instant psychopathic rage for the author, there was a heated exchange, and the author hit and threatened to petrol bomb the council leaders home if somebody died in the pool. Note. The author would not petrol bomb a house, this may hurt innocents.

David Ball, The Leader Of Ipswich Borough Council.

David Ball filed a complaint with the police, the author was prosecuted by the police and taken to court, there was national interest in this court case, a national government election was to take place just after the court case. ( May 1997 ). This court case could swing the general election. There was extreme mental interest by many agencies, parties. A full court case never materialized, The police and the Crown Prosecution Service did not pursue the prosecution, the court case was considered not to be in the public interest.

The author was so mentally negated by David Balls disclosure to him, and by court hearings and local agency harassment, he was made very suicidal, he did not have the will power to kill himself, it takes a lot of will power to commit suicide. He finally took refuge in a local mental hospital to stop the local harassment that he was getting, the mental hospital did not want to believe his story, councils do not kill people. Their professional assessment was delusion, paranoid schizophrenia. This assessment the author feels was also political collusion. It is up to you the reader to offer your assessment of this whole unbelievable saga. This is a true story, the truth always comes out, it just takes a bit of time !!!


This internet site calls for the resignation of government and local government officials under the title of the fiddle. This fiddle unfortunately is not the musical instrument that many of us love, the reference is to the other fiddle also known as, " on the fiddle, or spin. " The author Anthony Johns is returning to very good mental health, commonly known in England, as becoming, " as fit as a fiddle. " This site is all about , " the fiddle," the subject is seen by many, as well as the author as a form of amusement as most people have a fiddle. However, the amusement for the author stops abruptly when the fiddle endangers life, or negates the mental state of honest caring people, or is just a fiddle to spend the money on unnecessary trinkets and trash.

He sees this aspect of " The Fiddle " as a disturbing anus horribilis, the author has suffered from this disturbing anus horribilis for ten years because of local government safety neglect. This is significant, anus horribilis first gained popularity in 1992. Hopefully, this state of mind for the author, also known in England as a, " flat spin, " hopefully, this ten year negative event is now coming to an end.

Page 2.

When the author finds a fiddle that endangers life, he writes letters to the perpetrator with a reference mark of fiddle. I.E. The first letter that I ever wrote for safety of swimming pool concern to Ipswich Borough Council, my reference on the letter was C:\fiddle\fid9201.txt. As can be seen the middle fiddle section is the directory / folder, where all of the my assessment of danger to the public fiddle letters are kept. 92 is the year, 01 is the first letter of correspondence.

There have been about sixty of these letters over ten years to many officers at Ipswich Borough Council, virtually every year since 1992, about swimming pool safety at the Broom Hill outdoor Swimming pool in Sherrington Road Ipswich. There has been another one hundred and forty letters to ten other mostly government department organizations in the same vein. Highlights, relevant points, from these letters and observations, ( assessments ), form a major part of this book. My qualifications for my observations are that, I am an Amateur Swimming Association, registered diving instructor registered 1407.

I had used swimming pools in East Anglia almost daily for thirty three years prior to 1992, I only ever saw one dangerous problem, at a pool outside Ipswich, this was rectified within a few minutes by the Colchester lifeguard at my request, " thank you darling, love you lots ". I always thank and address revered by me people of any gender in such a manner. I have never seen a swimming pool that is run so continuously dangerous as the Broom Hill Swimming pool in Ipswich Suffolk that has been run in a dangerous manner since 1992 by the Ipswich Borough Council, under the control of the Chief Executive, James Hehir.


I have lived in Ipswich Suffolk England since 1974. Really good relationships with locals never flourished, I ran businesses, there is the problem of jealousy, plus I moved from Norwich, there is always competition between Norwich and Ipswich. Norwich people are generally not liked as much as others that move in to Ipswich from other areas.

Page 3.

However, the sports facilities where reasonable, I liked to use the Broom Hill open air swimming pool in Ipswich, I also roller skated at the council ran sport centers and at private roller skating rinks in Ipswich Colchester and Bury St. Edmunds. I also used other swimming pools in East Anglia that had high board and spring board diving facilities. I also traveled with friends to Roller Skating Rinks further afield. I enjoy Trampolining, and I used the Ipswich Borough Council ran sports halls for this purpose.

1974 to 1991. This period passed without incident, there where no confrontations with people other than people that proved to me to be dishonest that I came across as I ran my business. I soon stopped dealing with these people, however, I often spoke to them in a friendly manner if I passed them in the streets.


1992. This year was to be very different for me, I used the Broom Hill Swimming pool in Ipswich as usual, however, the pool was dangerous. Minor dangers in the previous fifteen years that I had brought to the then managers attention a Mr. David Read, that I have great respect for: these problems where soon addressed. This year was different, control for the Broom Hill Swimming pool was now totally ran from the new Crown Pools swimming pool in central Ipswich. David Read was hardly ever at the Broom Hill Swimming pool.

02 07 92. I was concerned at the dangers at the Broom Hill Swimming Pool, so I wrote to the overall swimming pools manager, a MR. John Ward at the Crown Pools swimming pools complex, ref, 9202.TXT The points of interest that I raised in the letter are as follows.

1. I complained that the top wooden diving board was rotten, a diver had stood at the edge of the board, the rotten wood had given way, and the diver had fell in to the water, the diver was not injured. The top diving board was roped off, removed from public use.

2. I complained about the cafeteria, the food was poor for the amount charged. You could not often get hot drinks. Cold drinks where expensive, and more profitable.

Page 4.

I never received a reply from John Ward.

The cafeteria remained very poor, poor food and expensive, the pools staff, management and attendants would not use the cafeteria because it was so poorly run. The diving board was scaffold-ed and repairs started. The diving pit and a part of the main swimming pool, the bottom was discoloring, the blue bottom was changing colour to black, I was very alarmed at this. I spoke to the pool attendants and to Andy the supervisor about this new very serious danger.

04 08 92. I telephoned a MR. David Trevellion, at Ipswich Borough Councils leisure services dep't at 3:30 PM. Explaining my concern at the pool over the possible loss of life, and his responsibility for this. I also pointed out that the diving boards had been opened for public use this year, and where rotten and dangerous. Nothing was done to improve the dangerous situation over the next few days, in fact the pool had become darker, a greater public danger, so I began to think, should I try to get a police safety officer to view the pool, or should I bring in the local newspaper to view the situation. I decided to call in the local newspaper.

07 08 92. Mike Sewell, a reporter from the Evening Star newspaper attended the Broom Hill swimming pool, Mike Sewell saw the danger of all the bottom of the diving pit being black, and a large black area in the middle of the swimming section. The reporter also saw the dangerous diving boards being repaired, these diving boards were roped off from use with scaffolding erected. The reporter questioned some patrons regards the safety aspect. The following news report was published in the Evening Star Newspaper.

08 08 92.




Swimmers could be in danger because of dirt at the bottom of an Ipswich pool is making part of it so dark, it has been claimed. Mr. Johns a qualified diving instructor, said he feared lifeguards would not spot bathers if they fell unconscious under the water in parts of Broom Hill outdoor pool, however Ipswich Council officials stressed the pool would not be open if they thought it was dangerous. The dirt was yesterday covering much of the deep end and central parts of the pool, which is attracting hundreds of swimmers every day. Mr. Johns of Bishops hill who swims four or five times a week said the dirt made the pool so dark that people under the water could not be spotted. You can't see anybody down there because it is so murky. " It is very dangerous " he claimed. He said youngsters used up so much energy in their time at the pool that they could grow tired very quickly and would be more likely to fall unconscious. If there were a lot of people in there the child would not stand a chance because he or she could not be spotted said Mr. Johns. John Ward swimming centers manager for Ipswich Borough Council, said the size of the pool meant a lot of rubbish did build up. He said it was swept every morning and the worst dirt was picked up by divers every two weeks " they will be coming in again on Tuesday to clear it." The dirt is a problem with outdoor pools and it is one we have had for a long time. " But he denied that it was dangerous." There is no question of us operating if we thought our lifeguards could not see the whole of the pool. " We just would not do that" he said. End article.


As the reporter walked through the swimming area he remarked, nice atmosphere here, I like it, I replied, you want to see it in full swing, it is great. The numbers at the pool were less than normal, the diving boards were out of use, and the black pool bottom had deterred a lot of bathers. John Ward had lied in his statement in the paper, stating the problem at the pool was debris, and sunken rubbish. The problem was algae, this was chemically treated and disappeared within forty eight hours of the newspaper article. The pool thereafter was in pristine condition, the best that I had ever seen it.

A full account of this incident is in the book Surrogate Daughter, however, the day after the Evening Star news article, all the divers at the pool where stopped from doing their diving. Freestyle diving had always been allowed at the pool, all diving was stopped and jumping off the boards was only allowed. The new manager, a Mr. Michael Walker, and the pool attendants harassed all of the divers at this public owned swimming pool by not letting them dive, prior: they had always dived and enjoyed their sport.

08 08 92. Went to the pool. The pool looked superb, in pristine condition, the best that I had ever seen it towards the end of the season. There where hardly any people at the pool, there where none of the regular divers there. I noticed the cafe proprietor was talking to a fat man that I did not know, they where casually talking, leaning against the perimeter fence, they kept looking at me, after about twenty minutes, I asked one of the attendants, who is that man over there, talking to the cafe owner ? He replied, that's John Ward Ipswich Borough Councils overall manager of the Ipswich pools, I said, I will go and see him.

Page 6.

I spoke to John Ward and complained about the diving boards, he replied, " well we got them fixed for you," I thought, you condescending bastard, I complained about the cafeteria, and the pool algae. I finished the conversation mentioning the gate cash control was not professional enough, there could be a fiddle, John Ward was very displeased at me stating the fiddle. John Ward quickly added, that many of the patrons jump over the perimeter fence, and this caused the takings to be less than they should be. I could not see the relevance of this statement, this is covered in correspondence, I only swore once as we talked. John had his little child with him, out of hearing range, the child went in to the water. About this time one of the attendants told me that all of the water chemical levels had been increased. Previously the chemical levels were not correct.

09 08 92. Went to the pool, there was hardly any one there, none of the regular divers where at the pool. There was an attendant that I had not seen before, very aggressive looking. I went up to the top board and set up a dive that is considered dangerous in a crowded pool, a simple seat piked dive. You cannot see below you as you sit on the edge of the board with your piked legs in front of you obstructing the view below. I looked at the attendant, he did not indicate any concern. Just before I entered the water I heard a whistle blow. When I surfaced the attendant gestured for me to go and see him. Forward dives only he said, or else you can leave.

This statement increased my anger, I then shouted to him " you're a fucking stupid cunt, you should be kissing my fucking arse, you lot are very lucky that you are not all in court on fucking manslaughter charges." He remained expressionless, I left the pool.

10 08 92. I went to the Broom Hill pool, forward dives only were allowed, or only jumping off the boards. I Went to see the manager, there was a new manager, he said that his name was Michael Walker, he said, forward dives, or jumps only, no somersault dives, nothing would be changed. I argued that the artistic diving stopped the day after the press article. Walker explained, said that he was a diving instructor at Crystal Palace London level and an Amateur Swimming Association registered safety officer. There was to be no more artistic style diving up to the date the pool closed for the summer season.

I discussed this matter with the remainder of the divers at the pool, I stated that we should contact the press about this new event. My friends stated this will blow over next year, don't approach the press. I argued with Michael walker that there were no restrictive notices on the boards or around the pool stating that artistic diving was banned. Walker was adamant, there would now be no artistic diving, this was now a safety issue. As a safety officer, I thought this man is a purveyor of humour, I thought the safety aspect of the Ipswich Borough Council management this year was a sick joke.

Below is a poor drawing of the pool, the blackened areas are where the pool was silted up. The five grouped diving boards are to the left of the picture, the black rectangle is the silted up fifteen foot deep diving pit below the boards.

Page 7.

10 08 92. I wrote to Mike Sewell the newspaper reporter, ref, 9202.TXT. To thank him for returning the Broom Hill Swimming Pool to a pristine condition. I would think this was the best the pool had looked since it's inaugural opening ceremony.

10 08 92. I wrote to Jamie Cann, My local M.P. ref, FIDDLE.01.TXT. Jamie Cann is X Ipswich Borough Council Labour Party Leader. He was appointed as an M.P. in the spring of 1992. I now realized that I.B.C. where crooked, so I used the title fiddle as reference on all of my letters, I opened a folder titled fiddle. The points of interest and concern that I raised in the letter to Jamie Cann are as follows.

1. Black silted up pool, very dangerous, more so in an outdoor pool where the surface is obscured by wind agitation.

2. The conversation with David Trevellion.

3. The unbelievable lack of concern for patrons at the pool by the management.

4. I had been assured by I.B.C. staff that the boards had received a proper structural survey.

5. That I had spoken to John Ward the Ipswich Borough Councils overall swimming pools manager on the pool side 08 08 92, and discussed the safety matters and my concern for the lack of professionalism of the gate cash control.

6. That I had spoken to Andy, the swimming pools supervisor about my safety concerns.

7. Poor expensive food for youngsters endangers them in cold water. Many youngsters cannot afford the food, and they swim without food, hungry, this is dangerous.

8. The harassment of most of the patrons by management.

9. A list of safety recommendations was made.

27 08 92. I wrote to the Sports Council, ref, 9203.TXT. Appraising the Sports Council of the diving facilities at the Broom Hill Pool, and my interest in seeing the continuance of such use at the pool. I also chronicled most of the listed points of concern.

Page 8.

CEO IBC. James Hehir.

27 08 92. FIDDLE 4.TXT I wrote to James Hehir, the chief executive of Ipswich Borough Council. I outlined the usefulness of the pool in keeping down street crime and keeping youngsters occupied at the pool, I outlined the poor management, I outlined the intimidation at the pool, this causing a dramatic drop in patronage. There was no reply letter.

About this time I had a discussion with David Read, the pools manager that had such an exemplary record of safety until Crown pools management, John Wards lot took over. We discussed the whole situation, we agreed that the overall condition of the diving boards where very poor, The none slip material that covered the stair treads was poor or missing. There was not enough none slip material on the diving boards platforms. There was inadequate safety barriers to stop people falling on to the concrete pool side.

David stated that a child had been severely injured, she had fallen twelve feet to the concrete pool side below in 1990, the child's injuries had included a fractured skull. David said that he was very concerned about this matter, Crown Pools had been advised, but the fault had not been remedied. David said that the report was in the accident book. I then told David that I had telephoned a Mr. James Hunwicks, a local conservative councilor, James was concerned about the safety matters, and was arranging a meeting at executive level at the Ipswich Borough Councils offices for me to attend to get the safety issues addressed.

23 09 92. I had a meeting with Joe Orr, Corporate director for leisure and John Ward Swimming pools manager at the Civic Drive I.B.C. offices. The first thing on the agenda was the way the cafeteria was poorly run. Joe Orr said the caterers normally handled their business in the parks and other leisure facilities. The proprietor for the caterers was coming to his office that afternoon. I pointed out the danger of the possibility of people drifting into unconsciousness with poor food or no food in cold water, and slipping beneath the water surface and drowning. I asked why the service was so poor and why the goods were so overpriced from the cafeteria, Joe Orr replied to the overpricing, that the council due to governmental legislation had to accept the highest bid, both men agreed to this. Joe then said the caterers could not get on with the people at the pool (patrons). and would not be returning.

I then asked Joe Orr how the diving boards could have been opened to the public in such a poor condition, he replied that it was an oversight, and would not happen again. Their maintenance man had been over the boards and had made modifications, Joe Orr then added you have not met our maintenance man, you ought to meet him. I thought I do not wish to meet a maintenance man who allowed the public to be in such danger. John Ward then added, there was additional protection down the sides of the boards, I agreed that this was a minor improvement, but what about the unprotected area at the west facing end of all the diving boards ? there where no side protection rails. I then added that two years previously, a child had fallen off the side of the unprotected area and had collected a fractured skull as a result of this fall.

Page 9.

The child had hit the concrete pool side, there was no protection against this happening and the child was very lucky not to have been killed. I then stated that the accident was in the accident book at the Broom Hill pool. Both officials appeared alarmed at this. I then added, could something be done to stop the possibility of a person falling down the almost vertical stairways, and possibly killing him / herself in the process. I then added, something could be done in the way of a thin gym mats to absorb the impact.

Both men spoke on the subject and decided that there was nothing in the safety brief, and it was normal for diving boards to have no protection nationally in these areas. I concluded that nothing would be done. I thought one of these men could have featured in a safety magazine showing the initiative to a safety feature, the lead taken by Ipswich Borough Council, to provide the requisite safety cover for such incidence. We then discussed the poor overall condition of the diving boards, and that I thought all of the wood needed replacing. The reply from Joe Orr was that the wood needs replacing every six years, and at the moment it was not ready to be wholly replaced. I thought, I have used the pool for over ten years and the wood has not been replaced.

The silting up of the pool was discussed, this had caused a large black area to be seen in the middle of the swimming pool section, and most of the diving pit was black and obscured. John Ward said the problem was algae, and was a problem with outside swimming pools because of the sunlight, there was no chemicals at the time to treat it, and they could not get a delivery. It was a problem that in the future would be addressed.

As the meeting was concluded Joe Orr exclaimed, if you have any more problems with the swimming pool, do not send any more letters to members of parliament or any other parties, " look at this pile of paper work ". He pointed to the pile of letters on his desk and exclaimed " why are these letters all titled Fiddle for a reference ? " I then stated that the first letter was in annoyance with the possible perceived fiddle at the Broom Hill pool, due to the lack of professionalism of the cash recording apparatus and the annoyance of the difficulties with all the other problems there. The subsequent letters where held in the same file and were titled as such. Joe Orr then banged his fist down on the desk and said " don,t send out any more letters with fiddle on them to anybody, come to me with a problem ". I did not say anything to this. I shook both men's hands and left.

Page 10.

I did not believe Joe Orrs statement, regards the reason for the high charges by the caterers. I had written to M.P. Jamie Cann earlier, and he had stated if I had any further problems to contact his office. I contacted this office within the Civic Drive building and after outlining the details, I was told they could not help. Within a few days I wrote to John Majors P.M. Department at ten Downing Street to inquire as to whether the Ipswich Borough Councils officer had in fact told me the truth. Note. It was useful at the time to write to the P.M. Any department that is referred to by the P.M's department, quickly responds.

30 09 92 Letter reference FIDDLE6.DOC. The return letter and a booklet from the department of the environment stated that Joe Orr was not telling the truth. The booklet doe/lg3 specifically states that the Council can accept any level tender as long as there is satisfaction pertinent to service. The accompanying letter stated that the local authority needed to specify and supervise the standard of work being carried out.


Dear John, following a meeting with an Ipswich Council corporate director Joe Orr, he informed me that there was restrictive government legislation regards a council contract tender franchise pertinent to the letting of a cafeteria at a local outdoor swimming pool. The legislation, Joe Orr informs me, allows him to only accept and implement the highest bid. Is there any mechanism of variation of the alleged legislation if it is proved this system is a danger to life ? High retail prices often inhibit the youngsters purchasing food, with no diet these youngsters can become weak in cold water, some of the youngsters are going through puberty and are weak anyway. Fainting in the water if they are unlucky not to be seen, could cause death.

There are tenderer that can offer an excellent service that under this system cannot be used. If the foregoing supposition is true ? If one can use any MP ? To try to change this legislation in such aforementioned instance, can you inform me of your choice. Otherwise, I would be pleased to use Mr. Lord my local member of parliament.

Page 11.



I received a reply to the letter above from the Department of the Environment. The reply stated that the council should judge their decision as to the services that they provided on service as well as cost.

I spoke to my eldest Daughter about the alleged Fiddle, she used to work for the Council, she replied if there is a fiddle at the swimming pools, that will go right to the top dad. By the top I assumed that she meant executive level.


I used the Crown Pools indoor pool in the winter. One evening after I had finished my swim I noticed that the foyer was unattended, I queried this with a member of staff, he stated that the managers where upstairs counting the cash. I also realized that the automated computerized receipt giving cash accounting system that was installed when Crown Pools opened in 1984 had now been removed, antiquated tills operated by managers was now the norm, no receipts given to patrons.

A female friend of mine used the Crown pools swimming pool with her little boy, the boy slipped over and hit his head. In his mothers estimation the boy needed medical treatment, there was none offered. At the Broom Hill pool all minor accidents where now being recorded. I knew every person at the council wanted the Broom Hill pool closed, more accidents recorded at Broom Hill would make the older pool appear more dangerous. A cash fiddle would make the pool appear less used. Poor recorded attendance figures at the older Broom Hill pool would ensure it's closure.

30 05 93. The Broom Hill pool opened. I went as usual to the Broom Hill Swimming pool, I spoke to some of the divers that were there, my concerns where the cash fiddle, the female cashier that had been at the pool for about ten years had left in the previous year, the manager now operated the till, no receipts were given to patrons. In all the other sports venues in East Anglia that I used there was always receipts issued to patrons. The fellow divers agreed that there could be a serious cash fiddle.

The five grouped diving boards were dangerous, the top diving board, a flat diving platform five metres high above the ground had been painted over with a slippery sealant. Children and divers were slipping over on this platform and near the stair ways. The minuscule fitting of none slip material on the diving boards was in a poor state of repair. The none slip pads that was on the stair treads were very poor, some of the pads were missing, also some of the wooden stair treads were worn, and were very thin. Children and divers where slipping on the stair ways, below them was a hard concrete base. These incidents where very dangerous. I brought this to the pool attendants attention.

Page 12.

All artistic diving was still banned at the Broom Hill pool, I created an artistic dive from the top five metre diving board, as I surfaced a pool attendant blew his whistle, I thought I recognized the man as one of the pool attendants from the year previous that had intimidated me and other patrons. I swore at him and carried on diving. The new manager that I did not know came to see me, he told me to stop artistic diving or he would have me ejected, I carried on diving. The police arrived, we discussed the situation, I told the police that the manager had refused to give me his name, he was a public servant.

The police asked the manager to state his name. The manager stated that his name was Steven Huntley. I complained to the police officers about the stopping of the artistic diving, I explained that it was safe to artistic dive, there where not many people in the pool. I explained that I was harassed after the publication of a safety matter by me in the local newspapers the previous year. I complained about the dangerous diving boards. I was told the management wanted me to leave the pool, if I did not agree then I would be arrested, I was escorted off the premises by PC Lewis and PC Smith of the Suffolk Constabulary.

I returned the next day to use the pool I was informed that I was now banned from the premises, I was told not to return. 02 06 93. I wrote to the Chief Executive at Ipswich Borough Council a Mr. James Hehir reference Fiddle 12.txt asking for my use of the Broom Hill Swimming Pool to be reinstated, the following points where raised in the letter,

1. All of the event of 1992 as described in previous text.

2. The fact that the diving boards had been painted with a slippery sealant, I had fell over and witnessed others doing the same. The diving boards were dangerous.

3. That I suspected a gate cash fiddle.

4. That I suspected a gate cash fiddle at the main Crown Pools swimming pool in Ipswich.

Page 13.

5. There was a reference to the meeting with Joe Orr and John Ward at the councils offices the previous year, and that the pool had now opened again in 1993 with the diving boards dangerous.

6. I enclosed the book Surrogate Daughter that outlined in detail all of the previous years event, and stated that this book would eventually be published.

7. I detailed the fact that the sun bathing terraces had not been water pressure cleaned, dirt was being collected on skin and clothes.

8. I enclosed details of the child's accident that resulted in a fractured skull.

9. I enclosed the fact that the accident was recorded in the accident book at the Broom Hill pool.

10. I enclosed a drawing showing the hand rail extensions that where required to stop people falling off the sides of the high diving boards to the concrete pool side below.

11. I complained that artistic diving was not allowed at Broom Hill, but still allowed at all the other diving facilities in East Anglia.

12. I suggested that Hehir used the commercial arm of M15 to remove the corruption in his council.

I never did receive a reply to my letter or to the safety points as listed above that where highlighted.

05 06 93 I wrote to John Ward overall swimming pools manager at the Crown Pools Swimming pools complex in Ipswich. Reference Fiddle14.txt. The letter illustrates my poor mental state brought about by the whole saga. The letter is published below.


DATED 05 06 93


Dear John, Just a reappraisal of the situation myself V yourself and Broom Hill swimming pool. Just a recap in case you have forgotten events last year, ( crass management ). The diving boards where made available for use to the public in a very dangerous condition.

Page 14.

A piece of rotten wood broke away from the west facing edge of the five metre diving platform under the weight of the man attempting a dive, fortunately the man was not injured or killed, I have his name and address as a witness, he is not very credible, the pool keeps these people occupied.

The cafeteria was abysmal and unusable by patrons and staff, and presented danger to the youngsters who could not afford the food, all covered in previous correspondence. The chemical store under the complex was left unlocked, some of the patrons entered the area, fortunately they where not killed by misuse of the chemicals, the store should have been secure.

The receipt system for patrons cash and the recording thereof with the poor visibility of the cash visual indicator together with the omission of an audio tone for cash registration and no automatic receipt given was not professional enough for such a major venue.

All of the above I put up with as I like a quiet life, and generally do not make waves apart from diving and swimming. However, the last straw was that the pool was allowed to go black, an algae growth that is chemically controlled. The whole of the diving area was black as was about thirty percent of the swimming area ( large pool ).

This was so dangerous, and as no action was taken by your staff, I had no alternative than to call in the press, this happening as you are well aware was published in the local newspapers. Artistic diving has been allowed at the pool for the fifteen years that I have used it, somersault, back dives, etc. This artistic diving stopped within a day of the newspaper article as retribution, victimization, and has not been reinstated this year, further victimization.

I went against the wishes of your manger and staff and decided to do some artistic diving, as you are well aware the police where called and I was told to leave, this I perceived was to my advantage, PC Smith and PC Lewis attended and I agreeably left witnessed also by your supervisor Mr. Steve Huntley. There where less than one hundred patrons in the pool at the time, safe to dive.

The police officers where informed as to the fact as for my ejection, dually recorded by two very credible witnesses. Prior to the police arrival I was abusive to two of your pool attendants.

Page 15.

I cannot even consider calling these two people lifeguards, as these two persons where at the pool last year, and as a consequence I have no respect for their behavior in allowing such danger in 1992 to the general public.

As you are aware I cannot gain entry back into the pool at the moment until I receive a letter from yourself, I have not checked the legality of this, in that I have used the pool for fifteen years almost daily in the open season without an incident or complaint, or disagreement with staff or managers, until last year.

Steven Huntley will not let me in to the pool without your authority. My character, like yours was un-blemeshed until I fell in love with a young woman principally a surrogate daughter, the circumstances after the pool closed where quite unbelievable.

The happening is now the subject of a book, Surrogate Daughter, The prodigy, to the legacy. The prodigy and the legacy are of course a truth projection, all you can leave behind you is the truth. The book is a detailed account of the love quickly, mutually, generated between myself and the young woman.

The book centers around Broom Hill Swimming Pool, and finishes with a scientific analysis of the brain algorithms ( truth tables ) that brought us together. There is also a full definition of the behavioral patterns and thought calculation. Also graphs of all behavioral program, and estimated weighted percentages of the elements of the truth tables, much of this on my part was subconscious program, waiting to be activated.

There was a court case, no doubt you are aware, and the judge suggested that I stay away from swimming pools. Had the judge been fully appraised of the facts pertinent to the running of the swimming pool I use the most, Broom Hill, and the previous and current danger to the public, and my care and concern, He would have ordered me to use the pool, to constantly access and monitor the safety aspect and care from the management ( yourself ) to the public.

If you remember our meeting at Civic drive last year with yourself and Joe Orr present, the following was discussed, the danger of the diving boards hand rails, and the fact they only protect along eighty points of the board, together with the information that a child fell of the side of the four metre board, hit the two metre board and then hit the ground causing head injuries two years ago as recorded in the accident book at Broom Hill.

Page 16.

You both stated this dangerous situation would be addressed, this has not happened, this is further criminal neglect in that the diving boards have been opened to the public again and this week, the public has been predominately children. Yourself and Jo Orr are in this instance criminally negligent.

The woodwork around the East facing end of the three metre diving board was very rotten, and I suggested all the woodwork needs replacing, this has not happened, hopefully nobody falls through the woodwork, hopefully you have pressure readings and full certification for the whole structure carried out by someone qualified, with the art.

Please see attached drawing extracted from Surrogate Daughter, and is part of the extensive council file with recommendations. I am familiar with most diving venues in East Anglia. There are no diving restrictions and somersault diving is allowed at the following pools, I checked Thursday 03 06 93.

Norwich. St. Augustines, 0603 620164 5 metre restricted if the pool is very busy, integrated length lanes. Bedford. Robinson Centre. 0234 212479 5 metre All diving allowed head first entry. Chelmsford. Riverside. Boards out of action, being repaired. Whitham. Bramston. Legal depth problem. Suspended moving floor. Colchester. 1 metre legal requirement, problem, forward divers can hit a boom. Luton. 0582 20621 5 metre Wardown leisure centre, no restrictions. Southend, 0702 464445 5 metre no restrictions.

I have all the necessary witnesses to alleged intimidation, and victimization and turn all the relevant documentation over to my solicitor for his perusal to pending prosecution against individuals, there will be no out of court settlements.

Diving at Broom Hill needs to be at own risk, many other sports venues do this, roller, skating particularly, parents must be present at young age ? whatever. It must be reasonable to do artistic diving any time the schools are in use, with the last hour of the day, any day allowed for the progression of the art.

The only other un-professionalism under your control is that the sunbathing terraces have not been pressure jetted and are very dirty, the dirt comes off on to clothing and skin. With the cheap cafeteria, you will be attracting classier older people before the school holidays, good revenue.

The top five metre board is very slippery and a child fell over near the stairway. Clean terraces will increase revenue, I would imagine your paranoid concern. Artistic diving also increases revenue with people participating as well as spectating.

Page 17.

I will hand all my paper work over to a solicitor for his perusal to consider possible prosecution for vindictiveness, victimization, there may possibly be the mechanism for prosecution for under utilization of a major sports venue. All sports venues like to increase their offer of sports.


There was an accident at the pool two years ago where a child fell of the side of the four metre fixed platform board hitting the two metre fixed platform board and then falling to the concrete hard surface below causing skull and facial injuries. ( This is recorded in the accident book. )

( All the rail protection along the sides of the boards need extending westward by one metre to effect safety barrier.) This can be simply arranged with lightweight aluminum tubing affixed with lightweight clamps as shown in the attached drawing.

The problem of the side safety barriers on the diving boards as discussed with Joe Orr and John Ward at the meeting in September 1992 should have been addressed by the time the pool opens. A simple barrier as shown below can be fixed in place with extruded aluminum fifty millimeter tubing clamped as shown at positions A to D. A gradual bend through one hundred and eighty degrees forming a semi-circle, can be effected in the western direction.

             xxxxxxxxxxAxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxBx                     x
             x         x                     x                      x
   WEST      x         x                     x                      x
             x         xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
             xxxxxxxxxxCxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxDx                     x
                       x                     x                      x
                       x                     x                      x
                       x                     x                      x
                       x                     x                      x
                       x                     x                      x
                       x                     x                      x
                       x                     x                      x
                       x                     x                      x
                       x                     x                      x



Mr. John Ward Manager Crown Pools / Broom Hill pools Ipswich.

Mr. Steve Huntley, broom hill, for his own protection, supervisors are always the fall guys ? I saw the last one go down.

Other perceived interested parties Mr. Kevin Williams head teacher Westbourne high school. Danger ! Please circulate to other schools.

My solicitor, Name withheld.

I am,


Page 18.


I received a reply from John Ward, I had also been in telephone conversation with him. Our letters crossed in the post, I received John Wards letter 06 06 93. John ward was adamant that the artistic diving would not be resumed, he told me that there had been changes in the safety brief by the Health and Safety Executive, the ruling safety body for England, this was now law that artistic diving was banned in swimming pools such as the type of the Broom Hill pool. I was instructed in that I could use the Broom Hill pool as long as I carried out the instructions of the lifeguards.

Note. The diving restrictions where not law, artistic diving restrictions where not recommended by H.S.E. / Sport England until 1999.

I telephoned Steven Huntley the manager of the Broom Hill pool, and I asked him if I could artistic dive at the Broom Hill pool, Huntley said that the children copied artistic diving, and this was dangerous. I pointed out to Huntley that the children where at school for the next six weeks during the day, I asked if I and the other divers could artistic dive when the children where not at the pool. Huntley's reply was no to this reasonable request.

I used the pool and continuously complained to Huntley about the dangerous state of the diving boards and the poor cash recording apparatus. One of the divers at the pool told me that the gate cash recording till was often switched off, The money was just thrown in the open till drawer. I questioned one of the lifeguards about this matter, he replied that the till interfered at times with their mobile phones, this is why it was sometimes switched off. I thought that this statement was dry humour and an insult to my intelligence.

In conversation with the life guards I found out that the head lifeguard was a man called Peter Smith, Peter agreed with me that the diving boards where dangerous and he was very concerned about this, Peter stated that his hands where tied, there was nothing he could do to improve the safety of the diving boards. This safety area was managements concern and was under the control of John Ward.

Page 19.

I had great respect for Peter Smith, there where six lifeguards including himself. Four lifeguards where placed around the large water tank, one lifeguard was placed around the small children's tank. These lifeguards where rotated every fifteen minutes so that they obtained a fifteen minute break every hour and fifteen minutes. Peter had instructed the lifeguards not to talk to patrons when they where working, their attention was to be continuously on the pools. Peter was at the pool in 1993 and 1994, this was the only time period that such professional care for the general public was ever in place.

I wrote to five bodies in June 1993 about the poor state of the safety of the diving boards and the overall public harassment.

1. Fiddle 16. To John Ward Swimming pools manager I.B.C.

2. Fiddle 17. To Joe Orr Corporate director I.B.C.

3. Fiddle 18. To Mr. Lord Conservative M.P. for Suffolk.

4. Fiddle 19. To Mr. Hamonton Bland Amateur Swimming Association pool consultant.

5. Fiddle 20. To Mr. Hamonton Bland Amateur Swimming Association pool consultant.

I did not receive replies from the two high ranking Ipswich Borough Council officers. Mr. Lord wrote and stated that as I lived in Ipswich I had to communicate with the Ipswich M.P. Mr. Jamie Cann, Mr. Lord had sent my letter to Jamie Cann. Mr. Hamonton Bland was not in a position to help either, his help had to be commissioned by I.B.C.

I continuously complained to Steven Huntley the manager of the Broom Hill pool about the poor deteriorating state of the grouped diving boards.

About this time Steven Huntley began to harass me, other divers where doing simple artistic dives. Steven Huntley stood on the pool side and watched every dive that I did. This was dangerous for me, you need absolute concentration when high board diving. I copied the simple artistic dive that I had seen others do, Steven Huntley blew his whistle and beckoned for me to go and see him, " straight dives only he said," I complained that others were doing such simple dives, Huntley said " we have different rules for you Tony, you follow our rules or you can leave the pool." I conformed to Huntley's wishes, he still watched every dive that I did.

Page 20.

11 07 93 Fiddle 23. I wrote to Steven Huntley at the Broom Hill pool. I sent a copy to James He,hir the Chief Executive of I.B.C., I asked for a receipt. I raised the following points,

1. I complained about my harassment.

2. I complained about the tills being switched off some of the time highlighting the humour of the radio transmitters interfering with the tills.

3. I complained about the poor deteriorating state of the diving boards, quoting that a few hundred pounds would fix them.

4. I asked for a letter explaining why freestyle diving could not be allowed in the last hour of the day when the pool was hardly used.

I never received a reply from Steven Huntley or James Hehir.

I telephoned John Ward the overall pools manager, amongst all of the complaints, I stated that I was very concerned at the diving boards that where deteriorating quickly. I asked John Ward if the Broom Hill pool was supervised by the relevant safety inspectorates ? Ward replied yes to this question.

14 07 93. Fiddle25.txt. I wrote to Catherine Lister a reporter with the News Of The World newspaper, we had conversed on the telephone, I had outlined the whole sorry saga to Catherine, I now waited for further instruction from the News Of The World.

End July 1993. By the end of July I was getting angered at my harassment by Steven Huntley, I did some artistic diving and I was banned from the Broom Hill pool, this was what Huntley, the management of I.B.C. to the chief executive wanted. I received a ban letter. I was not allowed in to the Broom Hill pool,

07 08 93 Saturday. Went to the Broom Hill swimming pool, to see if the dangerous state of the diving boards had been rectified and to do a protest dive against my ban for allegedly diving in a dangerous manner, and allegedly threatening to attack the management, presumably by telephone or mental telepathy. I also wanted to see if there had been any accidents of patrons through the poor state of the diving boards.

As I entered the arena, one of the pool attendants said that I was not allowed in, I had already paid, the attendant added you have had a letter, I replied I have not seen any letter. I laughed and then said, " I know you lot are on the fiddle, you know that I know this, this is the reason for keeping me out, as well as the fact the management run a dangerous swimming pool. I proceeded to dive off the diving boards, I was told that the police had been called and was also told this by one of the staff, I am friendly with most of the staff, one of the lifeguards said " we have been told to keep you out Tony, we don,t want to lose our jobs." The police arrived, I was asked to leave, my entrance fee was refunded by Steven Huntley the manager, I said if you are not charging me, I will see you tomorrow.

Page 21.

I explained some of the problems to the two police officers, they said if I wanted to protest, to use my local M.P. Jamie Cann, I explained that this course was futile, he was I.B.C. collusive, I left the pool.

08 08 93 Sunday. I went to Ipswich police station to talk to an officer about the suspected cash fiddle at the pool, possibly pools, and other venues. I saw D.C. Amos, we talked about forty five minutes, he said there was little he could do without definite proof.

I left the police station and went to the pool. I sat outside for about thirty minutes to see if I could see any people that I knew, to see if there had been any recent accidents pertinent to the diving boards, Steven Huntley arrived, presumably one of the staff had telephoned him to say that I was outside the pool. I asked a few people that where leaving the pool as to how many numbers where in the pool the replies varied from fifty to a hundred people using the pool. Huntley remained in the pool entrance, I wanted to have a really good look at the diving boards, to see the current deteriorated state, I had not thoroughly looked the day before.

I climbed over the perimeter fence on the Southern side, as I jumped to the ground I saw Steven Huntley coming towards me. I said " Hello Steven " I have been coming here for twenty years and you crooked lot are not going to keep me out. Huntley did not ask for an entrance fee, I walked passed him, he said " you know what I am going to do," and walked off. I proceeded to walk to the pool side, and walked in an easterly direction along the pool side to the diving boards. I passed an attendant that I did not know, he said why do you keep coming here, I replied " the pool is dangerous and I know you lot are on the fiddle, I am not being dictated to by a lot of crooks. I have come here as always to practice my dives and I will do so.

I spoke to other lifeguards that I know, I apologized, and hoped my actions would not cause them trouble. I looked around the pool, there where about forty patrons in the area. I proceeded to walk up the steps of the boards, I did some of my dives and inspected all of the boards that had deteriorated to a very poor condition, and in my estimation, these boards where very unsafe, and not suitable for the public to use. The steps, where there was no non slip surface, where very slippery, I was alarmed, particularly as a high percentage of youngsters say ninety percent of usage use this diving structure with a concrete floor to fall on.

Page 22.

As I carried on diving Huntley stood by the diving structure, I complained bitterly about the state of the diving boards that was a management responsibility. I stated that I had seen children slip on the diving boards and down the stair ways, I had seen these children hurt, the diving boards where very dangerous, a child could be seriously hurt. I said to Huntley, " when the police arrive get them to arrest me, get this in to court, I wanted the whole harassing saga recorded in court with the assumption that the local news paper would publish the case. I was aware of two police officers on the pool side, and one of the officers spoke to me and asked me what the situation was. I explained that I was being victimized by the pools management and outlined the situation. I pointed to the diving boards stairways stating they where in very poor condition, this was apparent. Huntley said to the police officer, " this bloke is always coming here and complaining that the diving boards are unsafe. "

The police officer then said, " that from the information given to him and for my action in the past, further information had been given to him, he was going to arrest me and take me to the police station. Would I please accompany him and his fellow officer to the police station. " The officer then placed his index finger and thumb in a circle around my wrist as a handcuff, and said, " we have a policy in Suffolk of firm but friendly, " and then proceeded to lead me to the car, I was amused by the humour, I was escort driven to the police station, not much was said in the car.

We arrived in the police station, I was searched, personal effects removed and placed in an envelope and then booked in, and led to a cell. At no time whilst in the sight of the police officers at the pool or in their charge did I show any sign of emotion or anger, or agitation. I was asked if I wanted to make a phone call, I explained there was no point, I live alone, I would not be missed for a day or two. After about forty minutes I was asked if I wanted a communication with my solicitor, I explained, my solicitor Eric Blakey had not been well, and I did not want to disturb him on a Sunday, a duty solicitor would do.

Within a few minutes I spoke to a duty solicitor by phone, he had spoken to the police officer and confirmed that there was no aggression, I re-confirmed this, the solicitor stated that I seemed calm. The solicitor asked me if I was all right, I said that I was OK. I outlined the circumstance, the solicitor then asked to speak again with the arresting officer. Within a few minutes the arresting officer asked if I would agree to a taped interview, I agreed to this. We proceeded to an interview room where the taped interview took place. The taped interview outlined the whole saga.

Page 23.

At no time that I was in the police station was there any unpleasantness from any of the officers, the body search was carried out in a professional manner and was not provocative or intimidating. After the taped interview, I left the police station. The arresting officer P.C. Mark Boost 381 came outside the police station with me, we talked for a while, mark seemed sympathetic to the situation, I said goodbye, and I thanked him for his pleasantness, we then shook hands, he wished me all the best, I then left the area. I went to the Broom Hill Swimming pool to collect my bicycle, it was secured to the perimeter fence, both tyres where deflated, I pushed the bike past the entrance to the pool and past Steven Huntley who was standing in the entrance smirking at me, this action did not bother me, neither did the deflated tyres. When I arrived home I was in a part tearful mood at the whole event, this presumably was shock, I was surprised that I had been arrested, I had panicked, and in a poor mental state lied over the ban letter, and receipt of the letter had been acknowledged in correspondence. I was not happy with the whole event.

The following week I spoke again with D.C. Amos by telephone, he stated that he had been to the Broom Hill pool with officers to question the management and staff about the alleged cash fiddle. D.C. Amos stated there had been no disclosure, ( no confession ). There could be no police prosecution.

I was giving considerable thought to the Broom Hill Swimming pool diving boards, I began to think, realize that the boards where in such a poor state that these diving boards could not be supervised by the Health and Safety Executive, this is the supervisory safety body for England. I inquired at the H.S.E. office in Chelmsford, they told me that control for the Ipswich Swimming pools, the office was in Pottergate Norwich, The responsible officer was the principle, a Mr. John Claxton.

I was able to speak to John Claxton on the telephone, John stated that he was familiar with the Ipswich Pools, but had never heard of the Broom Hill swimming pool. I told John Claxton that the Broom Hill pool was a fifty by twenty five metres large tank pool with a fifteen foot deep end and there where five grouped diving boards from one metre height to five metres height, I stated that there was also a youngsters paddling pool, I stated that this is a large swimming pool complex. I outlined to John Claxton, the poor state of the diving boards and the difficulties that I had encountered at the pool to make it safe.

Page 24.

I told John Claxton that I was a registered Amateur Swimming Association diving instructor, and that I had never seen such dangerous diving boards in many of the pools that I had visited in East Anglia. I told John Claxton of the saga with John Ward the swimming pools manager and I.B.C. John Claxton said that he knew John Ward, they had sat on swimming pool safety committee meetings. I suggested that I sent John Claxton a letter outlining my concerns and the difficulties, John Claxton agreed that this was the best course of action.

12 08 93 Fiddle29. To John Claxton. The following points where raised in this letter,

1. I was very concerned at the safety at the Broom Hill pool.

2. That John Ward was corrupt in all aspects of the running of Ipswich Swimming pools.

3. The desire of I.B.C. to close the Broom Hill pool.

4. I realized the pool could not be H.S.E. supervised, my reason for contacting the H.S.E.

5. The side hand rails do not extend on the diving boards in line with the pool side.

6. There are no treads on the stair ways including the top diving platform.

7. All of the treads are worn and are slippery.

8. The rear half of the top platform is very slippery when wet.

9. Is there now a recommendation for soft material at the bottom of the almost vertical stair ways ?

Note. The following people are aware of my concerns, this is covered in receipted correspondence. James He,Hir chief executive. Joe Orr, recreation executive. John Ward, swimming pools general manager. David Read, manager. Michael Walker, manager, safety officer, as stated to me. Steven Huntley, manager. Peter the chief lifeguard at Broom Hill is aware and has read letters.

I stated that I am friendly with all the lifeguards, But at loggerheads with all the management. I have presently been banned from the pool for allegedly using abusive and threatening behavior. I will presently organize a body of organized people, the friends of Broom Hill, to act as a safety and promotional body with an active interest in the pools safety and continuance.

I am,



Page 25.

20 August 1993. I received a letter from John Claxton stating that he had inspected the Broom Hill pool on Wednesday 18 August, and that he had issued a remedial notice to correct the following,

1. There needs to be adequate hand railing provided.

2. Non-slip surfaces must be applied to the full length of the static diving boards, and on the stair treads.

3. There are other matters concerning the diving boards which require attention, I have served an Improvement notice on Ipswich Borough Council, requiring them to effect action.

I spoke to John Claxton when he returned from his annual holiday 14th September 1993. We discussed his work, and I thanked him for making the Broom Hill swimming pool safer, and I stated that I looked forward to an even safer pool in the 1994 season after all of the modifications had been made.

I had been in further communication with the News Of The World regards further action against I.B.C. The news of the world where made aware of the remedial notice confirming my fears. The News of The World wanted me to do some nude artistic diving to promote the article to negate I.B.C. The news of the world wanted photographs of the diving boards, we discussed the similarity of the scaffold-ed diving boards and a building site where I.B.C. Building inspectors would close a building site down if there where such apparent dangers. The News of the World Newspaper was very interested in promoting a publication.

I now realized that any news publication was Sub Judicial to the pending court case, The news of the world agreed this, there would now not be any supportive national news coverage. This was now a further disappointment to me. On the positive side I now had three safety items in my favour to take to court. 1. The 1992 local news paper article, Murky pool danger, and 2. The H.S.E. Remedial notice served on I.B.C. and 3. The photographs of the disgusting state of the diving boards that where mostly used by children. I felt that Steven Huntley and I.B.C. where going to be destroyed in court, I was happy with this evidence, I felt that there would be good local news coverage, and If I could raise the money, sue I.B.C. officers for their harassment of me.

Page 26.

I wrote to Jamie Cann the collusive I.B.C. M.P. About my ban and the circumstances, the reply letter stated that Cann could not help until after the court case.

03 09 93. I spoke to Mike Tracey a news editor at the local newspaper, the Evening Star, about the whole Broom Hill saga, I also wrote to him, re, Fiddle41.txt. He was not interested in a publication.

I circulated a leaflet about the whole saga, I put one thousand leaflets on cars in car parks near the council offices, I called for a meeting to be held outside I.B.C. Head office in Civic Drive Ipswich on the 3rd day of September 1993. Only three people turned up, I spoke to them briefly, and then left the area. There where more police there than interested parties.

I received a letter from a Mrs. P. Morron, 03 Sept 93 The senior solicitor for Ipswich Borough Council, concerning the meeting.

The points of interest are,

1. That I defamed hard working I.B.C. officers that carry out their duties fairly and efficiently.

2. The contents of my leaflet where scurrilous and defamatory.

3. The protest must be carried out peacefully and within the law.

4. The councils auditors and district auditors monitor the Broom Hill swimming pool.

5. I was urged not to repeat the statements pertinent to alleged cash fiddling.

I was concerned that Ipswich Borough council would now remove the diving boards at Broom Hill, so I wrote to, The Amateur Swimming Association, and The Sports Council.

I had several meetings with Eric Blakey my solicitor regards the now pending court case before the end of 1993. Eric questioned me continuously as to had I been abusive to Ipswich Borough Council officers. I finally admitted that I could have called Steven Huntley a wanker in heated safety fault and intimidation discussion. Eric immediately said, " you will have to plead guilty in this case." Eric had asked for pertinent letters regards my safety concerns at the Broom Hill pool. I asked to sight the Steven Huntley police statement. Eric asked, " what would I wear at court for the case ? " I replied that I would wear nice sports clothes, a sports track suit and white trainers, we agreed that this attire was suitable.

Page 27.

There where several lies in Steven Huntleys statement.

1. That artistic Diving had been banned for years at Broom Hill.

2. That I had been threatening to staff at Broom Hill.

3. That I wrote abusive threatening and strange letters to council officers at Broom Hill, Crown Pools, and I.B.C. H.Q.


The swimming pool case was to be heard on Friday 14th January 1994. I had been in communication with an Evening star newspaper reporter, Chris Pryke, he said that he was very interested in the case, I gave him all the details, Chris stated that he would attend the court on the day of the case.


I was punctual in arriving at court, Chris Pryke the news reporter did not turn up, Eric, my solicitor stated that, " I should have used his news reporter, we would have got a publication." We entered the court to submit my plea of guilty and the mitigation. Eric wanted the whole safety saga recorded.

Eric stated the whole event to the Judges, he stated my credentials as a certified Amateur Swimming Association diving instructor, and passed the judges the ten disgusting photographs of the diving boards, the Judges went off to a side room to discuss the event and to look at the photographs. The Judges returned, and Eric started to read my written mitigation to the court. The Judges looked concerned and not very happy with what they had just heard and seen.


The difficulties in relation to Broom Hill pool started in July 1992. My first complaint was about the diving board at the pool when it opened for public use in June of 1992. I consider that these diving boards were in a dangerous condition. These diving boards were repaired because of my complaints and the repairs were completed on the 10th of August 1992.

Page 28.

I considered that the food in the cafeteria was of poor quality and was over priced and not of the standard and reasonably cheap prices which had been available in previous years. I wrote and complained about that to the Borough Council.

The chlorine and other chemicals that was stored at the pool for use in the pool was not in my view kept under strict enough regulations because children could gain access to the store where these chemicals where kept and that of course would be a dangerous matter as far as they where concerned. Under previous management there had been no question of children or youths being able to obtain access to this store. I therefore complained verbally to the council pools supervisor.

Between 15 July and 8 August 1992 because the pool was not being treated properly so far as the chemicals where concerned the area of the pool by the diving board went black and a third of the swimming area of the pool went black. I spoke to the management on site about this matter and complained to David Trevellion ( leisure manager ) at Civic Drive about this and as there was no improvement, I called in the press to see the position. After the press had seen the swimming pool they wrote an article in the Evening Star on the 6 August 1992. This article was very critical of the Borough Council and I now produce a copy of that article.

Because of the publication of that article people where banned from using the pool for artistic diving and there would have been between 6 and 20 who would want to undertake this sort of sport on poor weather days and up to 300 people on a fine day. This artistic diving was banned until the end of the season that is until the 8th of September 1992. During this period of time until October 1992 I wrote quite a number of letters to swimming associations and others who would be interested in the ban which had been imposed.

Round about the 10th or 12th of August 1992 I was practicing a simple piked seat dive from the top board that was fifteen feet from the water. This consists of putting your head forward and leaning over and diving down in the correct manner and it could be dangerous because you wouldn't necessarily see who was beneath you. At that time however there was nobody in the pool in the deep tank area where I was diving. I was just entering the water when I heard the whistle go, as I surfaced a new attendant I had not seen before beckoned me to go and see him he exclaimed " that is a banned dive if you do that again you will have to get out ". I then criticized him in round terms for banning artistic diving. I then left the pool.

Page 29.

The pool opened again on Sunday the 29th of May 1993. All artistic diving had been banned and was not allowed. The excuse that was offered was that the children had been copying the artistic diving and could be injured. On the opening of the pool in 1993 I noticed that the platform of the top diving board and other diving platforms had been painted over with a red sealant which became slippery when wet and the children had been slipping off this and hurting themselves. I told the staff and Manager Steven Huntley that this was very dangerous. However no notice was taken of me no action was taken by management to make the diving boards safe.

Steven Huntley the manager banned me from going to the pool shortly after it opened in 1993 and I also had a letter from the manager of Ipswich swimming pools John Ward. This banned me from the complex because of using allegedly abusive behavior. I then threatened to sue the pools management or the Ipswich Borough Council and I wrote various letters to them. After a week or two weeks I was allowed back at Broom Hill swimming pool. I went along with a witness to the pool about fourteen days after it opened and was allowed in then. I complained to the Borough Council about banning artistic diving and apparently keeping perhaps 200 children per day out of the pool and I felt they where trying to run down the pool and close it.

Up to the period of mid July of 1993 I was still banned from doing artistic diving allegedly because it was now said to be dangerous for children who would copy me and others and they could be hurt. At a time when there where no children in the pool and before the children had their summer holiday I was still banned from artistic diving in to the pool and this could not have been for any other reason other than vindictiveness on the part of the management. In a telephone conversation with John Ward in June of 1993 he told me that he was going to start a diving club at the pool. He said it would definitely start in 1993 but it never did. I complained about them not bringing back the diving. I complained about the state of the diving boards themselves that they were very slippery and that the treads were worn, I complained about the rails not being sufficiently extended past the pool side " that they could kill somebody ".

After I had been banned from the pool I found out the safety body for swimming pools was the Health And Safety Executive based at Norwich and Chelmsford. Their swimming pools inspector who was a Mr. John Claxton was surprised, he had never heard of Broom Hill swimming pool. This Mr. Claxton went to the pool inspected it and the diving boards. After doing so he served an improvement notice on the Borough Council dealing with about seven points, five of which I had already raised unsuccessfully with the managers of the pool. This remedial order requires the council to do certain work within a statutory period. So far as I am aware all of this work has not been carried out.

Page 30.

08 08 93. I climbed over the fence at Broom Hill swimming pool to have a look at it to see if it was safe. Steven Huntley saw me as I jumped over the fence and said " you know what I am now going to do ", and he walked away. I took my trousers off I had my bathing trunks underneath I walked up on to the diving platform and checked all the diving boards by diving in. They where unsafe. I didn't go through the normal entrance because I knew Mr. Huntley came over and I probably did use some abusive language to him but I indicated to him that the diving boards were still in a dangerous condition and that he had deliberately stopped artistic diving. I may have called him a wanker which in my determination of this slang terminology is a person who projects untruth. The persons who where nearby and who could hear what I said were five or six pool attendants who are friendly with me. There were also people nearby who could have heard what I was saying. I was probably angry at the time and was shouting at him mainly because children had been diving off the boards and the boards were very dangerous.

The police officer in this case was PC Boost. PC Boost said to me after he had come over towards me " Huntley has complained that you are always coming here complaining about the state of the diving boards ". I accepted that was so. My complaints were subsequently justified by the action which was taken and the notice which was served on the Borough Council. There is one thing which I want to say that Peter Smith the head life guard was very much concerned that artistic diving had been stopped. His reason for the concern was there were people who were back at night time climbing over the fence and doing artistic diving from the top boards which were still then in a dangerous condition. Peter came back voluntarily at night to make certain nobody was hurt.

Before I was banned whenever I came to the pool Steven Huntley would watch my every dive and ban even the simplest dives. When I complained he merely said " we have different rules here for you Tony ". Mr. Hehir, chief executive Mr. Steven Huntley were all written to before I was banned and told that the diving boards were dangerous with illustrated drawings. No notice was taken of these letters. There was a meeting at the Borough Council offices in September 1992 arranged by me to discuss the dangers of the boards and other problems at Broom Hill with Joe Orr leisure director present with John Ward pools general manager. The safety problems where never addressed.

In 1992 David Read the Broom Hill Manager for fifteen years who I had a very good relationship with was not often at the pool. Andy was supervisor. After 10 August the new supervisor that enforced the no artistic diving was Mr. Michael Walker he introduced himself as " an A.S.A. registered diving instructor of high esteem with A.S.A. swimming pools safety qualifications. Prior to the pool opening in 1993 I did a survey, I chatted with some of the local residents near the pool. The feedback obtained was that they where pleased the pool was there " it keeps down the street crime and shop crime in the town we like to see the kids going to the pool ". I am now by registered qualification the most qualified swimming pool safety officer in the locality, and I cannot gain access to any of the three local swimming pools.

Page 31.

JUDGMENT 14 01 93.

It was ordered that I be bound over to keep the peace in the sum of One Hundred Pounds Sterling. The fines where imposed in keeping with my income. I felt that the fine had been set prior to the court case, I was not happy with this. Because of my low income, I unhappily paid this fine at ten pounds per month for ten months, I grudged every visit to the courts payment office.

I was not happy with Eric Blakey, He could see that I.B.C. had harassed me over the serious public safety issue. The public safety issue in my mind was the priority. I felt that Eric could have made an exception and not forced the case to a plea of guilty, I could have brought witnesses to the court that knew that there was harassment, we could have won this case. I.B.C. had now won a further point to keep me out of the Broom Hill pool. My action and hostility towards I.B.C. was the direct product of their un-professionalism and harassment, I had been mentally destabilized through the concern for public safety and the managements harassment.

Just after the court case I heard there had been a pertinent article in the Evening Star News Paper, I researched the small news article that had been published by Chris Pryke prior to the case.



Broom Hill pool, which is set to reopen for the season.


SAFETY problems at an Ipswich Swimming centre should be ironed out by the time it reopens this summer.

Page 32.

A Health And Safety Executive officer visited Broom Hill pool last August after a complaint about dangerous facilities there.

The inspector found there where inadequate hand railings, and that none slip surfaces needed to be provided on the diving boards and on the steps leading up to them.

Recommendations where made about safety improvements at the pool and all the necessary work should have been completed by the time it reopens in May.

John Claxton principal inspector of factories for the H.S.E. said some of the improvements had already been made. " Part of them where carried out the following day or within a couple of days of the inspection, " he said.

The only outstanding matter was the fitting of more adequate hand railing, but special permission had been given to allow more time for the work to be done. " The improvement notice has been extended to permit the engineering work to take place, " he went on.

" When I hear from the borough Council, or when I'm told the work has taken place, whichever comes first, then I will revisit for another inspection." Said Mr. Claxton. John Ward, swimming centres manager for the council, said: " The H.S.E. appreciate the fact that the pool is closed across the winter. "

" The work that had been needed was fairly minor, like new step treads, " he added. " It's not serious stuff at all. If it where, they would have closed the pool down. "

The council was originally given until November to complete the work but that had been extended because the pool was closed until May. End Article.

I discussed the case with Eric Blakey when it had finished and Eric stated that he was pleased that the Broom Hill swimming pool was safer, he further stated " usually somebody is killed before remedial action is taken, fortunately, this did not happen," I agreed this wholeheartedly with Eric.

I wrote to Eric Blakey after the court case, I thanked Eric for representing me, I asked Eric to apply to Ipswich Borough Council for my permission to use the Broom Hill Pool, this was a mistake. I.B.C. banned me from their sports centres for life.

06 November 1994. A young boy died in the Crown pools swimming pool, if there was any neglect by lifeguards or management, this would have been well covered up.

10 03 94. I wrote to the two local television stations for the East Anglian news region regards the Broom Hill pool soon opening with diving boards that hopefully had been improved by H.S.E. intervention, I inclosed copies of the disgusting dangerous photographs of the diving boards, and the fact that an H.S.E. remedial order had been served on the Ipswich Borough Council. I was hoping for television coverage when the pool opened. The television companies where not interested.

17 03 94. I received a letter from Eric Blakey pertinent to my application to use Ipswich Swimming pools. Eric informed me that I had been banned from all the Ipswich Swimming pools, Sports centres, children's play areas, for sending the Chief Executive of I.B.C. the book Surrogate Daughter in June 1993. The book was now legally listed as a pornographic book, I had sent the council pornographic material. The ban had been imposed by a leisure services committee chaired by a Mrs. Shiela Bagulay, who was aware of who I was, and the damage that I had done to the councils credibility by local news paper publications. No material had been placed in front of this committee pertinent to my safety publications, and interest in this area, and my harassment by I.B.C. officers. This was a Kangaroo court, and judgment.

Page 33.

The ban letter dated 16 03 94 from the head of Legal Services a Mr. John Googridge, who had obviously read the book Surrogate Daughter, saw the intimidation / harassment of the public and of the author in the book by I.B.C. officers, and Goodridge knew of the newspaper safety publication and H.S.E. remedial order, The points raised for the ban and comments where,

1. That I had harassed a school girl at Broom Hill, fined thirty pounds towards costs, and I had received a two year conditional discharge.

2. That for the second incident at Broom Hill, for threatening a manager, I had received a fine for committing a breach of the peace.

3. There where threats of violence to council staff.

4. There was a recent incident at a roller skating rink, I was found guilty of a breach of the peace, and bound over to keep the peace for a year.

5. That I passed to the council material of a pornographic nature, the material refers to the sexual fantasies of your client at a leisure facility.

6. Your Client visualizes the anatomy of girls that he sees at the pool and also refers to an incident in a park.

7. If your Client infringes any of the Bye-laws pertinent to parks or play areas, the Council will obtain an injunction prohibiting your client from using such facilities.


Authors notes 1. The harassment case, I fell in love with Holly the Subject of my book Surrogate Daughter. Holly told a lot of silly none malicious lies, that corrupted my brain, I also saw Holly in danger late at night, I wrote to the head teacher at Holly's school stating my love for her, and to keep her out of danger, I also added a silly sexual remark, this landed me in court. This is why the judgment was so minor. 2. The incident referred to in a park, was Holliwells park was in the book Surrogate Daughter, I was offered sex by a thirteen year old child prostitute, the girl was attractive to me, I refused her offer, this girl, and Holly, and other attractive under legal consent age young woman, children, that offered me sex made me fantasy masturbate at home.

The incident on the roller skating rink. I was friendly with a girl called Jemma Revell. In conversation Jemma stated that she was a Sociology student I discussed the book Surrogate Daughter with Jemma, I wanted Jemma to help me write a foreword for the book. I took the book to the roller skating rink and gave the book to gemma in front of her boyfriend. Gemma assured me that she was eighteen years of age. Gemma was sixteen years old, her parents objected to me giving Jemma the book, this landed me in court again. No fine bound over to keep the peace.

Sports venues where never used by me for sexual gratification purposes, the offers of sex by pretty / attractive under age pubescent girls / children turned me on causing fantasy. This sexual offer event is a serious danger area for unattached, single, friendly, witty, good art projected, father figure sportsmen, that mix with youngsters. The reason for sending James Hehir the Surrogate Daughter Book, was the book highlighted the harassment of patrons by his council officers, and highlighted the swimming pool dangers.

18 03 94. I wrote to John Goodridge the councils solicitor ref, Fiddle55.txt. I pointed out to Goodridge that the purpose of sending the chief executive the book Surrogate Daughter was for the council to act on the allegation of the harassment of the general public, and address the safety concerns. I did not receive a reply. The safety concerns were not addressed. The book, Surrogate Daughter.

Page 34.

25 03 94. I wrote To James He,hir chief executive I.B.C. the letter reflects my poor mental state brought about by the ban letter.

06 04 94. I wrote to James He-hir again, there was no reply to my two letters.

About this time I was getting feedback from a friend that knew John Ward, the overall Swimming Pools Manager. The feedback was that John Ward had beaten his wife, the friend stated that there was a newspaper article, I researched this information.

15 04 94. An Ipswich Evening Star publication.

Husband incensed after hearing giggles in bathroom.

Wife Punched in

boyfriend fracas.

By Richard Smith.

An Irate husband smashed his way in to a house and attacked his wife while trying to approach her boyfriend, a court has heard. Deben Magistrates where told that John Ward was incensed when he heard his two sons had been left with neighbours while his wife XXXXXXXX spent the night at another mans house. He watched the couple leave a pub and followed them to an address in High Road, Trimley St. Mary. There he heard a lot of giggling coming from the bathroom and broke his way in to the property where he found XXXXX XXXXXX in the bath. Prosecutor David Tayler said in court yesterday: " The defendant started an altercation with Mr. XXXXXX. Mrs. Ward attempted to get in between the two men but she was punched to the face, fell back and hit her head against a wall.

" She tried to part the men but was punched again. She was punched three times in the face and ended up with severe swelling and bruising to the left eye, swelling and bruising to the back of her head, and bruising to the legs and arms." Louise Smith said in mitigation that, " Mrs. ward was hit by punches aimed at Mr. XXXXXX during an incident in which her husband had lost control of his Emotions. The couple had separated in August after a 15 year marriage and they where reconciled in December. " Unfortunately the reconciliation did not succeed and on February the 21, at the request of Mrs. Ward, he moved out. He was extremely upset that things had not succeeded and he later learnt there was a third party involved. He confronted his wife, but she denied there was any body else involved. But the children said that they where spending nights at neighbours and not at home with their mother. He came to Felixtowe to watch his boys play football and they said they would not be spending the night at home because their mother was going to the pub." Said Mrs. Smith.

Page 35.


John Ward: aged 37. Charge: Causing Actual Bodily Harm.


Plea: Guilty. Fined: 400 Pounds. Ordered to pay 200 Pounds compensation to his wife.

Authors Note. John Ward showed amazing paternalism towards his children, but was not concerned about the safety of the children at the Broom Hill Swimming pool. I felt that there was a stigma against the children at the Broom Hill pool, the children that use the Broom Hill pool are mostly off the council estates, I feel that these children are looked down upon by Ipswich Borough Council officials.

There was of course no publication of the above court case in the Ipswich Wangle, the Ipswich Borough Council propaganda news paper, this bilge that pours through the letter boxes on to the floors of the Ipswich tax payers.

Note. The Broom Hill pool was closed in 1991 because I.B.C. were rate capped by the then Conservative Government. This was the only cut back that I.B.C. made, this was political to blame the conservatives to gain labour votes. I.B.C. did not care whether the youngsters off the council estates enjoyed their summer holiday at the Broom Hill pool.

09 05 94. I wrote to D.C. Amos again about the un-professionalism of I.B.C. swimming pools, sports centres, other leisure centres that I.B.C. controlled, in that the cash recording apparatus was still through very antiquated tills, there was no reply.

I was very disappointed and unhappy with the council ban, the ban also made me very angry, I wrote to several organizations regards this ban including the sports minister, this was futile. The use of the Broom Hill swimming pool was my summer holiday, I loved the place and the people. This pool for many people is also the only summer holiday they get. The pool use fitted in with my work, I used to work in the mornings, use the pool in the afternoons, and work again at night. Banned from the pool, this was a great loss to me. I was very angry at the victimization and harassment from a very collusive oppressive council.

20 05 94. I went to the Broom Hill Swimming pool, this is about a week before the opening of the pool for the summer season, none of the major remedial work ordered by the H.S.E. had been carried out. I was concerned at this. I went again to the pool soon after it was opened, some of the remedial work had been carried out, but the hand rails, the most alarming aspect, this aspect of the remedial work had not been affected. I wrote to John Claxton H.S.E. Norwich, and the Ipswich Evening Star news paper.

Page 36.

28 05 94. I went to the Broom Hill pool when it opened, I saw the manager Steven Huntley, I asked if I could use the pool, he replied no, he was ordered to keep me out of the pool. He said," if I entered the pool, he would get the police to remove me. " I went to Crown Pools to use the pool there, and to ask for permission to use the Broom Hill pool, The overall swimming pools management are in the Crown Pools building, I was told, " leave the building, or the police would be called to remove me. " I left the building.

29 05 94. I went to the Broom Hill pool, I handed out leaflets to patrons as they entered the pool, I also repeated this exercise later in the week at the pool, I posted the leaflets through letter boxes in the area around the pool. A week later I handed out leaflets to children at the near by school. The management of the Broom Hill pool could see me doing this leaflet distribution and they knew the content of the leaflets, the main point raised in the leaflet was the possible cash fiddle, I asked for people to make sure that the tills where switched on and to make sure that they received a receipt. I also stated that if there was a cash fiddle this was a mechanism to record low entries at the pool so I.B.C. had an excuse to close the pool. I asked for people to attend the pool for a meeting about this matter and the stopping of the artistic diving, very few people turned up. The local news paper did not attend.

09 06 94. An article appeared in the Ipswich Evening Star news paper.

Pool's diving area

finally vouched safe.

Check comes week after season starts.

Swimmers have been using diving boards at an open air pool before they where given a clean bill of health by a safety expert. The Broom Hill pool in Ipswich has been open since May 29 and work has been carried out to make diving equipment safe following a complaint. The Health and Safety Executive (H.S.E.) wanted to send an officer to check the work before the opening date, but was only able to turn up on Tuesday this week. Last year the H.S.E. served an improvement notice on the Ipswich Council owned pool, requiring safety work on the boards. The inspector found there where inadequate hand railings, and that none slip surfaces needed to be provided on the diving boards and the steps leading up to them.

Page 37.

John Claxton of the H.S.E. said he was satisfied with the diving area after his visit. " Ipswich Borough Council contacted me to arrange a visit before it opened but that could not be done at that time. I'm satisfied they have done everything that was asked for. They have fully complied with the notice," he said. " The diving board is certainly not brilliant and the only way to totally improve it is by scrapping it and starting again - but that would probably mean no board at all," he said. A council spokesman said: " Before the pool opened on May 29th we got in touch with the H.S.E. and they where satisfied we had done the work. Tuesday's visit was just a rubber stamping exercise.

16 06 94. I wrote to the District Auditors Commission London, the District Auditors Commission is the regulatory accounting body for public services in Great Britain. I outlined my concerns for the cash accounting program, antiquated tills, at all I.B.C. sports venues, and outlined my dealings with I.B.C. officers concerning this matter.

I was becoming very alarmed that the diving boards hand rails still did not extend to the pool side, This was the killer if a person fell off the side of the boards and hit the concrete pool side below. This was my primary concern for calling in the H.S.E.

16 06 94. I wrote to H.S.E. Principal Mr. J.D. Rimington C.B. the director general of the Health and Safety Executive in London. I complained that the diving boards at the Broom Hill pool where still unsafe. There where gaps in the hand railing of about two feet in length where a person could still fall twelve feet and hit the pool side below. I could not see how this current situation complied with H.S.E. regulations. I complained at the lack of professionalism on behalf of the H.S.E. I complained that John Claxton H.S.E. Inspector was sympathetic to I.B.C. stating there was little cash to spend on the pool, and that John Claxton had sat on a safety committee with John Ward, there could be collusion.

05 07 94. I received a letter from the H.S.E. Director General.

Dear Mr. Johns.

Thank you for your letter about the safety of the public at the Broom Hill Swimming pool, Sherrington Road, Ipswich.

Page 38.

I know that you have previously drawn this matter to attention of H.S.E.'s East Anglia Area Office. One of our Inspectors, Mr. John Claxton, subsequently visited the pool to investigate and established that your concerns where justified. As a result Mr. Claxton served an improvement notice on Ipswich Borough Council requiring remedial work to be undertaken in respect of the safety of the diving facility. The original expiry date of the Notice was 14 November 1993, but at the council's request the Inspector agreed to extend this until May this year which coincided with the pool re-opening on the Bank Holiday. It was reasonable to allow this extension as the pool was closed during the period of the Improvement Notice and there was therefore no question of a continuing risk to the public.

Mr. Claxton visited the pool on 7 June and saw that all the requirements of the Improvement notice had been complied with. In particular, new ladders, additional hand railing, and side fencing had been provided and all surfaces had been covered with a none slip material.

You express doubts about the safety of the configuration of the three static diving boards. In the opinion of the pool's management, any risk resulting from the relative position of the boards is very low and H.S.E. has no information to the contrary in in relation to such facilities. However we have requested the pool management to monitor activity at the static diving boards with a view to assessing the risks in practice - as is of course their duty under current regulations - and letting us know of any difficulties. H.S.E. has no record of an incident at the pool in 1990 involving a fall by a child who received a fractured skull. The pools managers have also confirmed that they have no record of such an incident.

I share your concern that swimming pools are safe for visiting members of the public; I think we have responded properly and professionally to your complaint, and you can congratulate yourself on a significant improvement in safety standards at the Broom Hill pool as a result of your representations to us.

SIGNED J.D RIMMINGTON director General H.S.E.

I had spoken to David Read the manager at the Broom Hill pool in 1992. David told me that a child had received a fractured skull in 1990, and that this accident was recorded in the accident book at Broom Hill. This matter was also discussed in the meeting with John Ward and Joe Orr in 1992. This matter was recorded in the copy of the book Surrogate Daughter that I sent the chief executive of I.B.C. and presumably read by Goodridge the head of legal services. I felt that the recorded accident data had been removed from the Broom Hill pools accident book by council officers as this was a prosecutable offence for not reporting the accident to the Health and Safety Executive at the time.

Page 39.

I was disappointed that safety for the general public at I.B.C. facilities was not something that I.B.C. where interested in. I.B.C. hierarchical management are the publicly appointed lifeguards for Ipswich. I had never received a letter of thanks from any person at I.B.C. for making the Broom Hill swimming pool safe, I thought that this was rather unusual. I would not have minded so much about the ban if I had been invited to be one of the safety consultants for the Broom Hill pool, and dangers remedied. This never happened. I now realised that I.B.C. management to Chief Executive where very corrupt, and concerned about the publication of the book, Surrogate Daughter that highlighted public safety and harassment concerns. I.B.C. where not worried about the public's safety, they where concerned at publication and prosecution for harassment.

06 07 94. I wrote to the Evening Star News Paper about my safety concerns at the Broom Hill Pool, I never received a reply.

About this time I spoke to John Claxton H.S.E. Norwich on the telephone about the ensuing safety problem with the diving boards hand rails at the Broom Hill pool. I told John that I had photographed the unsafe aspect of the diving boards, I would send him the photographs. John Stated that he would follow up my concerns if the photographs and my complaint constituted a safety concern.

12 07 94. John Claxton H.S.E. Principal Inspector went to the Broom Hill pool again to investigate my concerns. I wrote and thanked John Claxton for re-inspecting the diving boards at Broom Hill. I thanked John Claxton for his telephone call 08 07 94 stating that he had been to the Broom Hill pool that day and I.B.C. are at last going to address this serious diving board safety hand rail problem at the Broom Hill pool before the pool gets high volume use by children in the coming school holiday period. I.B.C. had agreed with John Claxton to do this extra safety remedial work.

I thanked John Claxton for his interest, he asked me to ring him straight away if there was in my estimation further unsafely aspects for the pool, John outlined a few safety things to watch for including lots of children standing on the stair ways and the diving platforms. I was to ring him straight away if the pool was dangerous, and he said that he would quickly attend to sort out the problems. I stated in my letter that to inspect the whole of the pool was a mammoth task, diving boards where not John's profession, I was not surprised that John had missed part of this, the hand rail extension safety issue.

02 07 94 I wrote to John Ward Swimming pools manager with copies to the following,

Page 40.

1. To Peter Smith head lifeguard at Broom Hill.

2. To Steven Huntly Broom Hill pools supervisor.

3. To Joe Orr Leisure Services director I.B.C.

4. To James He-hir Chief Executive I.B.C.

5. To John Claxton H.S.E. Principal Norwich.

The following points where recorded. That,

1. There needs to be thin gym mats at the bottom of the almost vertical stair ways, to protect a falling person.

2. That the banning of artistic diving had considerably sped up the through traffic usage off the diving boards, and this was dangerous.

3. That the above was a ploy if a serious accident happened to remove the diving boards, effectively closing the pool.

24 07 94. The Schools children's holiday started, I climbed over the fence at Broom Hill to inspect the diving boards after business hours. The additional safety remedial work had not been carried out as agreed by Ipswich Borough Council.

26 07 94. I telephoned John Claxton. I told him the remedial work that he had recently asked Ipswich borough Council to do had not been attended to. John Claxton Informed me that the responsibility for the Broom Hill pool had been moved to the H.S.E. office in Chelmsford, He could not help me any more. I was surprised at this statement, I thanked John Claxton for his help and terminated the conversation.

26 07 94. I spoke to a Mr. R.N. Parkes the principal Inspector at the H.S.E.'S regional office in Chelmsford, I outlined the details of the current safety problems at the Broom Hill pool and H.S.E. John Claxtons interest and recommendations to I.B.C. officers at the pool.

04 08 94. I received a letter from R.N Parkes H.S.E. Chelmsford. The letter stated that John Claxton no longer had responsibility for the Broom Hill pool, H.S.E. Chelmsford was now in control of safety for Broom Hill. Parkes stated that I wanted a spot check for the pool before it closed to remedy the problems. Parks regretted that a spot check would not take place because of the current officers work load, but my interest would certainly be borne in mind the next time the pool is inspected.

Page 41.

05 08 94. I wrote to R.N. Parks. Thanked him for his letter and recorded the following points.

1. The additional barriers on the diving boards where not in place for the high volume use of children that where now using the pool, I.B.C. had promised John Claxton that this problem would be addressed by the time the pool was high volume used by youngsters.

2. That the H.S.E. where responsible and answerable to the courts if a person was killed.

3. That I wanted the boards closed as dangerous by the H.S.E.

4. I enclosed a photograph of the diving board dangers.

5. I enclosed relevant correspondence with I.B.C. officers.

I did not receive a reply to my letter to R.N. Parkes.

10 08 94. I wrote to the Zurich Municipal Insurance Company at Farnborough Hampshire. This company is the insurer for the Broom Hill pool. I sent a computer disk of all the letters and photographs relevant to the safety issues.

20 08 94. I received a reply from the Zurich Municipal Insurance company. They could not help to enforce the safety issue at the Broom Hill pool, they stated, that they where in commercial competition with other insurance companies and could not approach I.B.C. On this matter.

In August 1994. An article was published in the Ipswich Borough councils monthly news paper, The Ipswich Angle. There was a picture of children swimming under water at the Broom Hill pool. The following text accompanied the article. The summer sunshine has brought people out in their thousands to Broom Hill open air swimming pool. Just six weeks after it opened more than eight thousand had turned up for a dip. This is well up on last year when just over ten thousand attended over the whole summer. The pool opens until the sixth of September.

The published recorded attendance figures for the Broom Hill pool for 1993 to me seemed very low. My leaflet distribution when the pool opened in 1994, seems to have increased the cash flow.

15 08 94. Fiddle 85.TXT. I wrote to Jamie Cann the I.B.C. Collusive M.P. For Ipswich. I outlined the current safety problems.

Page 42.

I received a letter from Jamie Cann. M.P. 15 September 1994, Cann had received a reply from Joe Orr Corporate Director Leisure for I.B.C. and that as far as Joe Orr was concerned the facilities at the Broom Hill pool where passed as safe for the public to use.

15 08 94. Fiddle86.TXT. I wrote to Mr. D.M. Smith, Chief Building control officer at I.B.C. The points that I raised in the letter where,

1. The trap, safety concern of the diving boards.

2. That Mr. Smiths business was the inspection of walk ways, could he help with the problems at Broom Hill ?

3. There was a similarity of a building site walk way where a person could fall twelve feet off scaffolding and be killed.

4. I enclosed all relevant photographs.

I received a reply from D.M. Smith, 23 August 1994, in Mr. Smiths letter he stated,

1. The building regulations are pertinent to new buildings only.

2. As the diving board structure is sound, we are unable to take action under the Building act 1984.

3. The relevant safety body is the H.S.E.

Footnote to the letter. Thank you for your concern relating to this matter, unfortunately in this instance I am unable to act under the legislation that is available to me. Please find enclosed your photographs of the diving board platform, so that you may forward them to anyone else able to pursue your case under different legislation.

Authors note. I felt that Mr. Smith head of building control I.B.C. was very concerned at the photographic evidence. He was very concerned for patrons safety at the Broom Hill pool, unfortunately there was no legal mechanism he could use to correct the problem. Mr. Smith was the only person at I.B.C. I had found that was concerned with public safety.

15 08 94. Fiddle87.TXT. I again wrote to Mr. R.N. Parks H.S.E. Chelmsford asking him to protect the public by closing the high diving boards at the Broom Hill pool. There was no reply, the boards remained in public use in the children's summer holiday.

Page 43.

16 08 94. I sent recorded delivery letters to seven I.B.C. officers, outlining the safety concern at Broom Hill, and that an H.S.E. officer had recommended the problem be addressed, I.B.C. officers had not acted on the H.S.E. safety recommendation. I asked for the diving boards to be closed. I sent these letters in case a person was killed, then the officers concerned could be prosecuted for manslaughter through the criminal courts. The letters where sent to,

1. Mr. Colin Grogan, safety officer for the Broom Hill pool, based at Crown Pools Ipswich.

2. Mr. John Ward, swimming pool manager.

3. Mr. James He-Hir chief Executive I.B.C.

4. Mr. Steven Huntley Broom Hill pools supervisor.

5. Mr. Joe Orr Leisure Executive.

6. Mrs. Shiela Bagulay chairperson I.B.C. leisure.

7. Mr. Michael Walker, Safety officer, Crown Pools.

28 08 94. Fiddle95.TXT. I wrote to the Evening Star news paper regards the safety problem, I enclosed the evidence, the photographs. I stated that I wanted to handcuff, my self to the diving boards structure as a protest against the current safety problem that had not been addressed as a publicity stunt, there was no reply.

28 08 94. Fiddle96.TXT I wrote to the The Charter Mark, The Cabinet Office London, stating that I.B.C. had sent them biased information to receive a leisure Charter Mark award. I sent a file of the whole safety saga, I wanted the I.B.C. Leisure Charter Mark award removed, the Charter Mark was not removed. The Broom Hill pool closed for the end of the summer season on the sixth day of September 1994.


In 1995. I approached three solicitors to try and sue Ipswich Borough Council, the result was that solicitors are reluctant to sue a council because the council's resources are so great.

17 03 95. Fiddle9500.TXT I wrote to the councils Ombudsman office about my dealings with I.B.C. There where several letters of communication, I enclosed all the evidence for the harassment. The Ombudsman office could not effect a claim against I.B.C.

Page 44.

20 04 95. Fiddle9506.TXT. I wrote to James He-hir the chief executive of I.B.C. I raised the following points,

1. Why was he not concerned about public safety and harassment of the general public ?

2. Why was there no inquiry when I started to send him letters concerning safety and harassment ?

3. Why have I never received a letter of thanks for making the Broom Hill swimming pool safe ?

4. Did he write to the Audit Commission stating concerns for the cash accounting mechanism at I.B.C. sports venues ?

5. That my mental state and work has been impaired by my continuous concerns for public safety and harassment by I.B.C. over the last thirty six months.

Copies to Social Services and the Ombudsman office.

I never received a reply.

27 05 95. The Broom Hill pool opened for the summer season, I went to the pool, there was a female cashier, I had not seen before, I assumed that she was the manager, I paid my entrance fee and walked in to the pool and started swimming. I pool attendant that knew me and knew of the saga beckoned for me to go and see him. He stated that I was banned from the pool, I asked him if I could use the pool ? He stated that in correspondence from myself to the pools management that he had read, that I had stated that the pool attendants for Ipswich swimming pools where brain dead, and should not be allowed near a swimming pool. I told him this was so, and of the improvements that I had made to the pool, the attendants could have followed the same course, I had made significant improvements to the safety standards at the pool.

The attendant said that he was not happy with my negative statements regards Ipswich pool attendants, I was to leave the pool or he would see the manager, I was told to leave the pool by Stephen Huntley, I left the pool. I was not happy with the antiquated till, it was not professional enough. I had also not been given a till receipt at the gate.

29 05 95. Fiddle9512.TXT. I wrote to Mr. Steve Brown, The Audit Commission, the councils regulatory accounting body,

Page 45.

1. I enclosed the Ipswich Angle article, the figures of low attendance of ten thousand for 1993 as published in the Ipswich Angle.

2. I enclosed photographs showing the size of the complex.

3. I stated that the pool entertains up to two thousand patrons on a hot day.

4. I enclosed a computer disk of correspondence.

5. I enclosed news paper articles.

6. I asked the question, can you monitor the cash flow on hot days in the school summer holiday ?

In further communication with Steve Brown he stated that the Audit Commission did not give information to the general public as to their policing methods, Steve thanked me for the Information that I had sent him.

07 06 95. Fiddle9514.TXT. I wrote to the Editor of the News of The World, I outlined the safety saga to date. The News of the World at this time could not offer a publication.

25 07 95 The Schools summer holiday started for the children, I wrote to John Claxton H.S.E. Norwich, I hoped that John could put pressure on H.S.E. Chelmsford to address the still apparent serious safety problem with the diving boards at the Broom Hill pool. I received a letter from John Claxton in early August 1995. I now publish this letter,

Dear Mr. Johns.


Thank you for your letter 25 July 1995. The Group in which I am currently based does not have responsibility for Ipswich Borough Council. The current controlling Group is headed by Robert Parkes based at H.S.E.'S Chelmsford office.

When I last visited the pool to check on the Improvement Notice I served, I was satisfied that the notice had been complied with. There was a small section of one of the middle boards where both I.B.C. staff and I agreed that hand railing should be provided. This was not part of the enforcement notice. It was agreed that I.B.C. would monitor the diving boards and implement any further measures they felt necessary.

Page 46.

I have copied this letter to Robert Parkes for his information and to consider the other matters raised in your letter.

Yours Sincerely.

John Claxton. H.M. Inspector of Health And Safety.

28 07 95. A full page article with pictures appeared in the Evening Star news paper promoting the Broom Hill pool. The weather was very hot, the Broom Hill pool was in very high volume use by the youngsters. The attendance figures for the previous year where published at thirty thousand entrants. Pool supervisor Steve Huntley stated, " about one thousand people are using the pool every day, I wouldn't be surprised if we get more people than last year."

I was checking the pool about three times per week, I was climbing over the perimeter fence at night to inspect the pool, any dangers to the public I wanted to bring to the H.S.E.'S attention. One evening I noticed there where three large openings cut in to the chain link perimeter fence, I checked three days later and the easy access openings where still there. I saw one of the patrons of the pool in Ipswich Town, he knew that I was banned from the pool, we talked for a while, he said, " you should use the pool, walk through the fence, the management are not bothered. " I stated that, " I would be spotted and thrown out." He replied, " come tonight, there are loads of people using the pool at night, there was about three hundred people in the pool last night, they came after eleven P.M. from the pubs and clubs, there where about thirty people queuing to use the boards in the dark last night, most of them where pissed ( Intoxicated ) it's good fun going off the diving boards in the dark."

I thought about the boys statements for most of the day, I thought, a lot of people using the pool in the dark, intoxicated, using street drugs, the management must be finding rubbish that such a large volume of people would leave behind. It is very dangerous to use a swimming pool intoxicated in the dark, I was surprised that a member of the public had not been drowned. I was very alarmed at these thoughts. The picture that I was getting was that a drowned person found by management was what the management wanted, all I.B.C. management wanted the pool closed.

I could imagine the official I.B.C. statement for the press. " We cannot police this perimeter fence, it is always being breached, we check and repair it daily, we think the pool should be closed." I knew that the easy access to the pool was keeping down recorded entrants at the gate, I considered also, was the Audit Commission monitoring the gate cash flow ? was this the reason for the current easy access for patrons. I was very mentally disturbed by this new event. For speed I telephoned the H.S.E. Chelmsford office, I outlined this new event, and asked the H.S.E. to send an officer to the Broom Hill pool and under the factories act, could they make the perimeter fence secure. I thereafter checked the perimeter fence twice a week, and nothing changed, the same three parts of the fence was such that easy access for patrons could be obtained day or night. This went on until about mid August, one evening I felt that I was observed as I checked the pool, within a couple of days the fence was repaired. The H.S.E. Chelmsford office had not attended the pool, the weather started to get cold, the pool was not so used so much.

Page 47.

03 08 95. I wrote to the Ipswich Evening Star News Paper, I enclosed a copy of the John Claxtons public safety concern letter, and that the Broom Hill pool was in high volume use by children. There was no news publication for this safety matter by the Evening Star News Paper.

07 08 95. Fiddle9518.TXT. I wrote to John Ward Swimming Pools manager at Crown pools,

1. I complained about the poor state of the perimeter fence at the Broom Hill pool, allowing between two hundred and eight hundred people daily free entry to the pool.

2. I stated that the perimeter fence was deliberately left in a poor state to keep down recorded pool entrants numbers to help close the Broom Hill pool.

3. I stated that 1992 and 1993 had similar weather, yet there was a considerable difference in the recorded entrants at the Broom Hill pool.

4. I stated the perimeter fence at the Broom Hill pool needed to be kept in good repair.

I signed this letter Anthony Johns. Patron lifeguard Ipswich Swimming pools. I never received a reply.

04 09 95. I wrote a chronicle of the events at Broom Hill for 1995, I sent this chronicle to the manager of Crown Pools, stating that I had sent copies to all of the council officers that had responsibility for the Broom Hill pool. I also sent a copy to Jamie Cann, M.P. for Ipswich. I wanted the perimeter fence at Broom Hill kept secure.

07 08 95 I sent a copy of the 1995 chronicle to, The Editor, The Evening Star News Paper.

Page 48.

08 08 95. I sent a copy of the 1995 chronicle to, The Chief Superintendent Suffolk Constabulary.

08 08 95. I sent a copy of the 1995 chronicle to the Audit Commission.

08 08 95. I received a letter from H.S.E. Chelmsford stating that they had received the correspondence from John Claxton, Mr. Parks who was dealing with matter is on holiday until 14 August 1995. If you require to communicate further, please write to Mr. Parks at the address below. In mid August I used the Broom Hill pool, I was not challenged at the gate, the diving board safety problem had not been addressed, I was asked by Huntly to leave the pool, I refused to leave.

The police arrived, I spoke to them, and I showed them the news paper publications and the H.S.E. commendation letter, I told the police that I had never used any sports or public park facility for sexual gratification purposes, I stated the ban letter was part rubbish. I.B.C. management wanted me out of the pool because it was dangerous and I thought that they where crooked. The police seemed sympathetic, however, they stated that they had to follow the managements wishes, I was to leave the pool, I thanked them for their interest, and I left the pool.

I had noticed the phenominal amount of rubbish that had appeared along the pathways and in the gutters along the roads near the pool. This rubbish used to be cleared up by a few children that were offered a free pass to use the pool for the work they did in keeping the area tidy. I knew this would annoy the residents. It appeared to me that IBC were annoying the residents near the pool to create negative feelings for the pool in the area.

09 08 1995. An article appeared in the Evening Star News Paper.

Pool is always causing

problems for residents.

25 08 95. In an article in the Evening Star News Paper, I.B.C. stated that thirty thousand recorded visitors had used the Broom Hill pool in eleven weeks in 1995. I personally thought the usage was sixty to eighty thousand people.

07 09 95. The Broom Hill pool closed for the summer season.

Page 49.

October. 1995. I was informed by an agent that John Ward had left Crown Pools in April 1995 to take up a pools management job out of the county. I imagined that John Ward had been given excellent references for his departure from I.B.C. there being no mention of his bad safety record, or criminal activity. I would think James He-Hir, the Chief Executive of I.B.C. had said or passed a quiet word to John Ward that the sooner that he left I.B.C. the better for all concerned. Goodbye, John Ward !!! John's departure from I.B.C. was not published in the Council or the local news papers. In the time period of September to Christmas 1995, I worked on several projects, some audio, some electronic, I was also trying to publish the poetry (C) Child Abuse Total Misuse, and trying to find a publisher for the Book (C) Surrogate Daughter.


January. I was using the Neptune cafe at the Ipswich Dock regularly to eat lunch. I became friendly with Jason a boy who was an ex pupil of David Ball, a teacher at Coppleston high School Ipswich. Jason said Ball, also the Labour Party leader of Ipswich Borough Council was an idiot, he spent most of his time dancing around the class room telling the pupils how wonderful Ipswich Borough Council were, and of the magnificent things that the council did and that which the council was going to do. Jason stated that Ball had very good computer knowledge and was in charge of the computers, mainly computer servers at the school.

06 01 96. I decided to write a recorded delivery letter to Mr. David Ball, council leader, at the council offices, I enclosed a computer disk of files of all of the letters that I had sent in concern of swimming pool safety to various parties over the previous four years. The computer letter files where in the most common in use readable multi platform format for the time period. Included in the same computer text format, was the book Surrogate Daughter. I also enclosed photographs showing the past and present dangers at the Broom Hill pool. I also enclosed relevant news safety articles, It was quite a bundle.

The points raised in the printed letter that accompanied this bundle where,

1. I am turning to you to preserve life.

2. That the management of the Broom Hill pool had tried to kill a member of an unwary public to close the pool.

3. I.B.C. have wanted to close the pool for years.

Page 50.

4. I.B.C. are embarrassed by adverse safety publications at the Broom Hill pool.

5. I believed that a verbal order had been given by James He-hir the Chief Executive of I.B.C. to swimming pool management to take any action possible to close the Broom Hill pool.

6. I need access to the Broom Hill pool to monitor safety matters.

7. I think that you agree from the correspondence that the whole saga is appalling.

8. Will you please write to me within seven days with ideas or help to preserve life.

I never received a reply.

30 04 96. I wrote again to the editor of the Ipswich Evening Star news paper to see if they could address the safety problem at Broom Hill, there was no reply, there was no publication.

I was becoming very alarmed at the situation at Broom Hill, the pool would soon open, I had heard of an accident at Broom Hill the previous year, the child needed hospital treatment, details where sparse, I was becoming very concerned because of the diving boards danger that had not been addressed, a person could be killed. I was also very concerned at the perimeter fence issue. I was still using the Neptune Cafe on the dock daily, I discussed with Jason the on going I.B.C. saga, I asked Jason if he knew of a person of suitable authority at Copleston High School who could put pressure on David Ball to address the safety problems at the Broom Hill pool. Jason told me of a Mrs. Finbow. She was a Science and biology teacher, and most important, she was head of the parents teachers association at the school. I decided to write to Mrs. Finbow.

22 05 96. Fiddle9650.TXT. I sent recorded delivery a very similar bundle of documents that I had sent to Ball, support letter, and a computer disk to Mrs. Finbow, at the Copleston High School. I never heard from Mrs. Finbow, or David Ball. The main point I raised in the letter to Mrs. Finbow, was that some of the children at her school where going to be in danger when they used the Broom Hill pool, and the pool was soon to open for the summer season.

Here are printed extracts from the accompanying printed letter Fiddle9650.TXT sent to Mrs. Finbow.

Can you please set up a Meeting Between P.T.A. officials, Social Services, I.B.C. and college union representatives and myself to See if we can stop the possible scenario of a deliberate attempt to kill a patron at Broom Hill Swimming pool in 1996 to close this pool, that seems to have been the pattern in 1995. Mr. Ball is of course invited.

Page 51.

I need to see a P.T.A. rep at the pool to address and discuss safety matters, Particularly my safety plan and submissions to James Hehir in June 1993.

I have scrapped three electronics projects over concern for patrons safety at Broom Hill in the last four years, I lost four months work in 1995, writing letters to agencies pertinent to safety concern at Broom Hill, and that which appeared to be the deliberate attempt by management to kill a person in the pool after business hours by leaving the perimeter fence breached, in a poor state, allowing easy access.

Will you ask Mr. Ball why he felt no concern for his pupils / students safety at this major sports venue by not replying to my letter and allegations and my telephone call to I.B.C. ?

Hoping you can be of some assistance, I am,



Amateur Swimming Association diving instructor. Reg 1407.

As can be seen from the prior extracts of correspondence, the Broom Hill pool saga, safety and harassment, had kept me mentally destabilized, particularly in the summer seasons of previous years. It should have been automatic for I.B.C. to address safety problems. Any safety concerns that I brought to managements attention at other East Anglian and Suffolk sports venues that I used, any problems where quickly addressed. The Broom Hill pool was about to open for the summer season, I was becoming very alarmed for the safety of patrons. Ball and Finbow had not responded to my safety concerns, this was disappointing to me and very alarming.

In May 1996, I was pressing on with several projects. I had funded the upgrading of both my computing machines, I had purchased an advanced version of Layo, a computer aided printed circuit board designing program that I like. I was getting on with a computer plug in card electronics design that I wanted to try to market in the Autumn, I needed a software designer to design the software for this product. I had several other projects that I was working on including trying to publish the poetry (C) Child Abuse Total Misuse, and the book (C) Surrogate Daughter. I discussed these matters with my eldest daughter, I said that I would soon advertise for a science based girlfriend with compatible brain program, I wanted the love of a slightly younger compatible brain program partner, things where going well, I stated that, " something is going to go wrong, things are going to well.

Page 52.

I was slowly becoming more aggravated by the fact that Broom Hill Swimming pool was about to open, there where several safety matters that needed addressing, I felt because of the previous track record of the proprietors of this pool, Ipswich Borough Council that they, ( the council ), where trying to bring about the closure of this pool by the killing of a patron to do this. I wanted to go and see the Head of I.B.C. James Hehir at his home at Cornard, near Sudbury Suffolk, about this matter, all other communications had proved futile. I did not have the means of transport to do this. Hehir was aware of the factual account, of harassment and safety, in the book Surrogate Daughter, and he had engineered my ban from all Ipswich Borough Councils premises by the setting up of the Kangaroo court, I was thinking of these matters, together with the alarm of the current safety issues, I was becoming very angered.

29 05 96. I was becoming very alarmed at the safety faults on the diving boards, the pool opened for public use in three days time, the use would be by mostly unwary children, a child could still fall off the diving boards and be killed. The pool diving boards would be in high volume use by youngsters in the coming week.

Below is a picture of my main concern, the picture is a view to the tiled poolside from the four metre diving board, this is a twelve foot drop to the poolside. A child had fell off this board receiving a broken collar bone and a fractured skull. This board was very dangerous, safety protection rails needed fitting.

David Ball, the councils leaders home address had been published in the councils news paper, I decided to go and see David Ball at his home about my safety concerns. I decided to go and see David Ball at his home early the next day before he went to work.

30 05 96. I left my house at 8 AM, David Ball lives only a half mile from my house in Cliff Lane. In an aggravated state of mind I went to see David Ball at his home address on route to my eldest Daughters house to look after my Grandchildren for the morning, there was no premeditation for violence, there was no intention for violence, I did not want this. I just wanted to use the Broom Hill pool and to make sure that it was safe with good cash and / or receipt, accounting or patronage count.

At 8-10 AM I knocked on David Balls front door. Ball came bouncing down the stairs opened his front door and in a flamboyant exclamation said "good morning, David Ball, can I help you?" I sternly stated that I was Anthony Johns, and that I had written to him concerning patrons safety, and my intimidation by his councils officers, and that I wanted to use the Broom Hill swimming pool to ensure that the pool was safe for the public to use. I did not want to pay entry fees as I had already increased the gate revenue considerably through representations to the audit commission, the local press, and leaflet distribution: and I was going to increase this gate revenue even further. I then added that I was sure that the management of the pool where trying to bring about the assumed accidental death of a patron at night by leaving the perimeter fence breached for this purpose.

Page 53.

David Ball then stated that he was aware of this. Within one second I became extremely angered towards David Ball because he was obviously not doing anything to correct this very dangerous to the general public situation, he appeared to be party to this dangerous situation. I hit David Ball hard in the chest, he went back, as he was going back, I hit him again, he fell back on to the bottom of the stairs, I then shouted very loud to him pointing to him, gesticulating with my fist shouting, "if anybody dies in that swimming pool, I will fuck your head up until the blood runs out of your ears. "I further shouted in absolute anger," that If anybody dies in that pool and the management has anything to do with it, I will throw a petrol bomb straight through your front door you fucking scum bag. " I then further added, " ring me, and I will see you, but not at I.B.C. - H.Q. " I said, "I would see him in the park or at his house. I also stated that there would be no violence if the pool was safe, I told him again to ring me." I then left, the anger quickly rescinded as fast as it had appeared. I did not want to see David Ball at I.B.C. H.Q. I had become very alarmed at his statement, I was afraid that Ball would get the security guard at I.B.C. to arrest me on some trumped up charge of threats of violence, I had not forgotten the aggressive intimidation from pool attendant at the Broom Hill pool in 1992. I had information of a steroid induced aggressive nature with another one of the pool attendants at the I.B.C controlled Crown Pools

I left on my bicycle, cycled one mile to my eldest daughters, I was slightly angered at the situation but proceeded to look after and play games with my grandchildren until 12 AM. I had no intention of throwing a petrol bomb through David Ball's front door, this could destroy innocents. I had just lost it with Ball, his disclosure, I was very angry at the time, psychopathic, I just wanted to get this silly swimming pool situation sorted out. I expected David Ball to telephone me, and he would be responsible for safety at the pool, a communication link through me to address the problems.

I left my eldest daughters, and I arrived at my home at 1 PM to be informed by my neighbour that two aggressive police officers had been to the house, they had knocked so loud, she thought that they would break the glass in the back door. One officer shouted to her, " where is he ? " my neighbour told the officer that she had no idea where I was, the officers then left. I went in to the house, I thought about this unexpected situation for some time, the officers returned banging on the door, I waited until they left and realised that I would need to get to the police station as soon as possible to avoid the possibility of officers stating that I had resisted arrest, a further offense.


Authors note. Up until the point David Ball disclosed that he knew I.B.C. management where trying to kill an unwary member of the public at the Broom Hill pool, although I was aggravated at I.B.C's lack of safety concern, I was quite mentally stable. Throughout one's life there is mental de:stability, this de:stability is caused by brain differential program, ( arguments ), accident causing injury, divorce, bereavement, etc. Therefore, most people are mental it is just the percentage on the day that varies. I became very concerned at this new event, and in my estimation for the whole of the time period from mid day 30 05 96 until the Summer of 2001, I was mentally negated. Harassment of me continued after the court case to stop publication of this book, and the harassment although lessor still ensues to date, October 2002. I have been more mentally negated for the whole of this period mostly with depression than is normal for me. During this whole time period there was no delusion, and no schizophrenia.

Page 54.


Upon entering Civic Drive police station, I told the desk sergeant who I was and my address and that two police officers had been to see at my home address earlier that day, I further asked the police officer if he could explain what the cause of the visit to my house would be ? He said that he would make further inquiries. I was soon joined by two police officers, I was informed that a warrant was in force for my arrest, and that I was under arrest to help the police with their inquiries in to an incident that had happened earlier that day. I was asked to accompany the officers to the secure area of the police station for questioning about this incident, and I was booked in by the custody sergeant. All personal affects where handed over apart from the journals in my possession that I had asked to keep together with my spectacles for reading same.

After a while I was joined by W.P.C. 926 Humphries, and after some bantering and a ritual of a guru with a rule book I was told that a tape recorded statement in Suffolk was mandatory. I asked to see the duty solicitor. I was informed that the Duty Solicitor was a Mr. Ian Duckworth ( Partner, Graham and Oldham Solicitors). After about half an hour I was introduced to Ian Duckworth aged about thirty, Ian seemed very efficient in the opening conversation and I proceeded to outline the whole saga of the swimming pool and the respective dealings with I.B.C. over the four year period pertinent to the whole event. I said that I now wanted to trap Ball in to a court case that he could not escape, so the whole saga would be published, and that I wanted to make a disclosure to the fact that the common assault did take place.

Ian Duckworth went and saw W.P.C. Humphries and said that we where ready to make the tape recorded disclosure. Ian came back for me and we went to another room for the interview. Myself, W.P.C. Humphries and Ian Duckworth where present for this interview. W.P.C. Humphries outlined all the details and the procedure for this interview, and we then proceeded with the interview. I then placed enough evidence on tape to bring a prosecution for the matter of the common assault, I felt I had to bring this whole saga before the courts and in to public domain to bring to public notice this whole serious swimming pool safety, and as I now knew, the attempted murder of an innocent patron event. W.P.C. Humphries said to a colleague, " they won't like this one," referring to Ipswich Borough Council. Photography and fingerprinting then took place, and I was then returned to the cell.

Page 55.

About half an hour later W.P.C. Humphries 926 came to my cell and I was told that I could accompany her to the warrant officers desk to collect my personal effects as I was not being detained any longer, I was not going to be remanded in prison to await trial for the offense. At the warrant officers desk papers where then issued to me, the content of the papers was explained. I was told that I was bailed to appear at the Ipswich Magistrates Court at Civic Drive Ipswich the next month, the court appearance time and date was set at 09-45 AM 26 June 1996. I was told that I was not being remanded, that I would be released immediately, but that I was restricted to certain bail conditions. These restrictions where explained to me and pointed out on the Bail conditions notice.

The restrictions where, that I was not to enter Cliff Lane, the road where David Ball lives, and, I was not to communicate directly or indirectly with Mr. or Mrs. David Ball. There where five documents handed to me, the pertinent details where explained to me in detail. I was given the bundle of computer generated papers to take home with me. I was given my personal effects, and cash back, I thanked the police officers and left the warrant office to go outside the building with W.P.C. Humphries. W.P.C. 926. Humphries I think seemed sympathetic to my cause, I think that she liked me because I had won a contest with the stupid cretin Ball.

Ball was not liked by most people in this town, Ball was making it his personal crusade to close Ipswich Airport to please his masters James He-hir etc. Ball was puppet to these people, local people did not want this airport closed. The airport is a status symbol for the town, the commercial development of this airport had been restricted by I.B.C. Local people knew that a well run correctly developed small commercial airport would be good for Ipswich. All that Ipswich now wanted was a University, University status, and a commercial airport, this would make Ipswich more equal to Norwich, Cambridge, Colchester, the three other well developed areas in East Anglia. W.P.C. Humphries 926, escorted me out of the police station. I thanked her for the professionalism shown by herself and her colleagues, this was absolute. We shook hands as I left, I liked her, very professional.

31 05 96. I now knew that this court case with Ball and the prior recorded event, letters, news paper publications would enable me to write another book, this would be book four. I copied the documents that where issued to me on my computer to publish in the book, I had to put on hold all prior projects, I wanted to publish the book just after the court case. I was extremely angry, psychopathic, that all of my prior projects where now dead, this new event had killed these projects. I wanted to start the electronics business. I now publish the documents that where handed to me at the police station.

Page 56.



  1.\    Form 842 (1)   The  form  pertinent to the  use of the taped  

                         SUFFOLK CONSTABULARY.                         

                  NOTICE TO A PERSON WHOSE INTERVIEW                   

                        HAS BEEN TAPE RECORDED.                        

     This Notice explains how the tape recording will be used and how
     you or your solicitor will be provided with a copy of the tape if
     you are charged or later informed that you will be prosecuted.

     The interview has been recorded on tape. One of these tapes / sets
     of tapes has been sealed in your presence and will be kept
     securely in case it is needed in court. The other will be a
     working copy to which the police may listen. Both sets of tapes
     are protected against tampering.

     If you are charged or later informed that you are to be prosecuted
     a copy of the tape will be supplied to you or your solicitor as
     soon as it is practicable if you so require it. A notice will
     accompany the tape.

     If you have a solicitor, a copy of the tape can be sent to him or
     her to assist in the preparation of your defense before the case
     comes to trial. If you do not have a solicitor, you should think
     about whether you should seek one. If you do not intend to appoint
     a solicitor, a copy of the tape can be sent to you.

     You may chose not to receive a copy of the tape(s). This does not
     prevent you or your solicitor from requesting a copy at a later
     date. If you do not have a solicitor at this time but intend to
     seek one later, he or she can ask the police to provide a copy of
     the tape(s). Requests for second or subsequent copies of the tape
     may be subject to a charge.

     If you or your solicitor requires a copy of a tape, you should
     apply in writing to: The tape Librarian, Administrative Support
     Unit, Ipswich Police Station Civic Drive Ipswich. Suffolk IP1 1PE.

Page 57.

     I requested a copy of the tape, and this copy tape arrived a month
     later through the post.



       SUFFOLK CONSTABULARY.                                           


     BAIL ( And / or, Appropriate adult etc.

     You have been released on bail with one or more conditions. The
     details are set out in the form given to you at the police station
     where the bail was granted. The bail act 1976 makes provisions for
     the conditions of your bail to be varied. To do this you must make
     a formal request either to the custody officer at the station
     where the bail was granted, or to a Magistrates' Court. This
     notice summarizes what you need to do and what might happen if you
     decide to make such a request.


     You may apply ONLY to the Magistrate's Court to which you are
     under a duty to surrender to custody on the date and time
     specified when you where granted bail. If a court is not
     specified, you must apply to a court covering the area in which
     the police station where the bail was granted is situated. The
     court staff will assist you and explain what you must do and the
     procedures. Once a court have heard an application police will not
     be able to vary your bail and further requests can only be dealt
     with by the court.

     officer will not be able to consider your request if a court have
     heard an application.

     1. You may make the request,  ONLY AT THE POLICE STATION WHERE YOU
                                           WHERE GRANTED BAIL.         

     2. You must speak to the custody officer who granted you bail or
        or any other custody officer at the station. The officer will
        attend to you as soon as practicable but at busy times you will
        have to wait.

Page 58.


        (i)  he / she must verify the current terms of your bail and
        confirm your identity. You should bring the form you where
        given when you where previously released and preferably some
        other form of identity, particularly if the custody officer
        who dealt with you previously is not available.

        (ii) if you are aged under seventeen or suffering from a mental
        disorder or mental handicap, you should arrange for an
        appropriate adult to attend to assist you to make the request.

        (iii) ( CUSTODY OFFICER TO EXPLAIN ) If you cannot read or have
        difficulty in understanding English, an interpreter or other
        responsible person may also be needed to assist.

        (iv) if a surety was required when you where granted bail ( the
        details will be shown on the form you where given ), then
        he / she must attend with you. You are responsible for
        arranging this.

     4. When making your request, you must tell the custody officer -

        (i)     which conditions you are asking to be varied,          

        (ii)    what changes are you asking for, and                   

        (iii)   give your reasons for wanting the change(s)            

     5. The custody officer will normally check your reasons. He / she
        may ask to see any original letter or other document which
        you have and which supports your request. If you have one, you
        should bring it with you. In some cases the officer may want
        to speak directly to someone who can vouch for what you say.
        This may entail explaining your position to them. This will
        only be done if you agree to the information being given.
        If you do agree police cannot accept responsibility for how
        this might effect you. Please consider this aspect carefully.

     6. Having considered your request, the custody officer will
        either decide that the conditions of your bail should remain
        unchanged - or

Page 59.

        (i) that one or more of the current conditions shall be
        cancelled or varied - and / or

        (ii) that additional conditions should be imposed.             

     7. You will be given a form setting out your request and the
        custody officer's decision. If the conditions are varied or
        additional ones are imposed, the reasons will be shown, You
        will be asked to sign this form when making your request and
        to acknowledge the terms and conditions of your bail.



         The details of Charge 1. and 2. appear in the Indictment.     
                      This is further on in the book.                  


         No relevant details to disclose.                              


  5.\    SUFFOLK CONSTABULARY                   DETAINEE COPY.         
         BAIL TO COURT / POLICE STATION.                               

     Police Station   IPSWICH.               Custody No IPS/96/6919    

     Station Code,    IPS.                   Title  Mr.                 

     Detainee Copy    JOHNS.                                           

     Forenamed.       ANTHONY.                                             

     Address.           34 BISHOPS HILL IPSWICH SUFFOLK. IP3 8EN.      

     PLACE SHOWN BELOW.                                                

     APPEAR AT IPSWICH MAGISTRATES COURT.                              
     CIVIC DRIVE IPSWICH.                                            

Page 60.

     AT 09-45     ON 27 06 96.                                         
     --------     ------------                                         

     OFFICER IN CASE PC/3/PITCHER.                                     


  6.\    SUFFOLK CONSTABULARY                                          
         DETAINEE COPY.                                                

                           MAGISTRATES COURTS.                         

                     ADVANCED INFORMATION  RULES 1985


     All communications to be addressed to the crown prosecution
     service ( see Below.)

     RULE 3 NOTICE TO THE ACCUSED                Custody No Ips/96/6919
                                                   Crime No  Ip/96/5730
     To  MR. ANTHONY JOHNS.              

     Of  34 BISHOPS HILL


                                 Page XX.


     Court at which due to appear            IPSWICH MAGISTRATES
     Date of court hearing                   27 06 96.

     You should read this notice carefully and if you are represented
     by a solicitor or intend to consult one you should show it to him
     at once.

     The offense(s) with which you are charged is of a sort that may be
     tried by a Magistrates Court or a Crown court. Accordingly, under
     rule 4 of the above rules, you are, or a person representing you
     is, entitled to be asked to be furnished with advance information
     about the evidence upon which the prosecutor proposes to rely in
     the proceedings. If you wish to obtain advance information you or
     your representative must make the request BEFORE the magistrates
     court begins to consider whether you are to be tried by that court
     or by the crown court or, if you are a juvenile, before you are
     asked to plead. You or your representative should make your
     request before the court hearing takes place.  

Page 61.

     Rule 4 requires the prosecutor to respond to a properly made
     request for advance information by furnishing the accused or his
     representative, as soon as practicable, with EITHER a copy of
     those parts of every witness statement which deal with facts and
     matters of which he proposes to adduce evidence in the proceedings
     OR a summary of those facts and matters. The prosecutor has also
     to supply a copy of any document on which he is to rely which is
     referred to in the statement or summary or to give information
     which would enable the accused or his representative to inspect
     the document or a copy of it. The prosecutor may withhold
     disclosure of any particular fact or matter if he is of the
     opinion that it's disclosure might lead to the course of justice
     being interfered with.

     If you wish to ask for advance information you should apply to the
     following address

     Crown Prosecution Service
     Saxon House
     1 Cromwell Square
     Ip1 1ts.

     Date Served/               Signed

     Sent by post               Name

     To prevent unnecessary delay your request should be at the
     earliest opportunity.


                                 Page XX.

  7.\    SUFFOLK CONSTABULARY                                COPY      
         BAIL TO COURT                                       ----      


     Police Station   IPSWICH.               Custody No IPS/96/6919    

     Station Code,    IPS.                   Title  Mr.                 

Page 62.

     Detainee Copy    JOHNS.                                           

     Forenamed.       ANTHONY.                                 

     Address.         34 BISHOPS HILL IPSWICH SUFFOLK. IP3 8EN.        

     I understand that I have been granted bail in criminal proceedings
     [ subject to the conditions set out below ] in accordance with the
     bail act 1976 and I am under a duty to surrender to custody at,


     CIVIC DRIVE IPSWICH   AT 09-45 ON 27/06/96

     CONDITIONS:   Witness ban,  Location ban

     See conditions attached

     I understand that bail is granted subject to the above conditions,
     and that if I fail to comply with any of the above conditions I
     may be liable to arrest.  I have also been informed that if I wish
     the conditions to be varied , I may  apply to either the police
     station or Magistrates Court specified above, stating my reasons.

     Detainee signature ________________     Date         Time         

     Appropriate Adult  ________________     Date         Time         

     I hereby certify that I granted bail as above :

     (1)  under the provisions of s.38 (1) of police and criminal      
          evidence act 1984:

     (2)  pursuant to the warrant dated        issued by               

     (3)  variation under the provision of s.30 of the criminal justice
          & public order act 1994 and supplied a copy of this record to
          the person bailed.

     Officer____________________________     Date         Time         

                                  Page XX.


         =====================================                ----     

Page 63.

     Police Station   IPSWICH.               Custody No IPS/96/6919    

     Station Code,    IPS.                   Title  Mr.                 

     Detainee Copy    JOHNS.                                           

     Forenamed.        ANTHONY.                                 

     Address.         34 BISHOPS HILL IPSWICH SUFFOLK. IP3 8EN.        

     The following conditions of bail are imposed because they appear
     necessary to prevent the above named person from :                


     2.  TO PREVENT INTERFERENCE WITH WITNESSES.                       

     For the following reasons :                                       


     Conditions of bail imposed :                                      

     Witness Ban.                                                      


     Location Ban.                                                     

     NOT TO ENTER CLIFF LANE IPSWICH.                                  


Since the incident at David Balls house and his entrapment in to a court case for public examination, I have been extremely psychopathic but not delusory. This was the most psychopathic state that I had ever encountered, For about five days after the assault on David Ball I could produce brain imagery of pouring petrol over Ball whilst he was screaming as he was in flames. This was killing him. This I did laying in bed and I could produce this imagery again and again even with my eyes open. Ball had delayed / stopped my electronics art business projection, this had made me extremely psychopathic. After about a week the hate level rescinded to a lower expected level as I was aware that Ball and this crooked council will be destroyed in the forthcoming court case, this is what I wanted, destroy these crooks. Save Broom Hill and Ipswich Airport.

Page 64.

To produce repetitive brain imagery of killing because of severe mental impairment / destruction, is caused by your personal determination of a negative input, your calculation of a very negative input. This manufactured imagery eventuality, gradually, overwrites the negative fault program by equalization. You gradually destroy the negative fault by killing it. From the day that I went in to this psychopathic rage every person I saw or spoke to, or even my grandchildren, as I faced these people, I could see superimposed upon my sight brain manufactured imagery of my hands still, ( not moving ) placed alongside their necks in a ready to grip them state for a strangle hold. I also at this time had the thought repetition of the single word kill at least every five to ten seconds, this would ensue for all of the period that I would talk to that person. As this event was happening I was aware of the cause of this mental state and exactly what it was, that it was just extreme psychopathy, in this case for me, very extreme, I just kept ignoring it, dismissing it. I knew exactly what it was, extreme psychopathy. This was by far the worst psychopathic rage in my life.

The reason for this level of rage was that all of my projects where halted, these projects where about to come to fruition, I could see myself becoming self sufficient. 1. The major electronics project that I was working on, this was a daughter board project, a plug in board product for P.C. type computers. 2. The Valfet Audio Power Amplifier book project. 3. Other electronic projects programmed for the end of the summer. Other summed causes for the rage were 4. David Ball admitting the knowledge of the attempted killing by I.B.C. officers. 5. My inability to see for myself to monitor the Broom Hill Swimming Pool. 6. My concern for patrons safety with the statement from David Ball. 7. The inability to achieve another objective, this was to make the pool safe for use by the patrons. 8. Another court case, this one with a possible custodial sentence. 9. The major electronics project could be developed by competitors, I would lose the competitive edge. I would lose this and the four months I had just spent working hard on it 10. I had also just got back in to reading science from early May 1996, this science reading was now very much more difficult to read and retain. 11. I now realised that the happy summer that I had looked forward too could not be achieved, I had wanted to take my grandchildren and my mother for happy summer days out. 12. I.B.C. had again negated my mental state destroying my project work, this had happened before.

All of this can be looked upon in that I could not achieve any of my objectives, all these being to establish me and make me self sufficient and in doing so as always this helping me and others. Within about a week of hitting Ball the rage had rescinded to a lessor level, the killing him imagery and other brain imagery had all gone. The thought repetition of killing was lessor, and becoming lessor, however, I was left still very angry indeed. This had followed the same pattern as with Holly in 1993 ( Surrogate Daughter ) when I produced the brain imagery in the psychopathic rage mode of killing her, drowning her and strangling her to rescind the mode, this mode was caused by the loss of my credibility and electronics projects, and also when Holly had destroyed the best ever mental state that I had ever achieved. NOTE. The psychopathy level in 1996, I have personally estimated this new psychopathic rage at 20 points higher than the Holly 1993 level.

I told my eldest daughter Sadie that I could see hands round necks including hers but that the hatred and the need to kill was aimed at David Ball, I would not hurt her or any other members of the family or public. My eldest daughter did not show any concern, and did not appear worried. We carried on as normal. Sadie still supported me after this.

Page 65.

                3RD QUARTER 1995 TO THE 3RD QUARTER 1996.                 
                        LEVELS OF ANGER PSYCHOPATHY.                      
           (         1995        ) (              1996               )    
   -----                                                ..                
   11.0  I                                             .  . .             
   10.0  I                                             .   . .            
    9.0  I                                             .      .           
    8.0  I                                             .       ...        
    7.0  I                                             .          ...     
    6.0  I      .                                      .             .    
    5.0  I     . .                                     .              ... 
    4.0  I     . .                                     .                  
    3.0  I     . .    .                              ...                  
    2.0  I     .  .  . .                         . .                      
    1.0  I     .   . .  .........................                         
    0.0  I .....    .                                                     

My psychopathy, anger, is my personal estimation, this can only be so because all of ones mental states are a personal psychological impression assessment evaluation. The first rise in the graph, August 1995 was the first bout of anger, ( there was no corresponding brain imagery to destroy my personal determination of a fault at this level of anger for me. ) This first rise in the graph was caused by the inability to effect another remedial notice from the H.S.E. against I.B.C. because of the dangerous perimeter fence at the Broom Hill pool that I felt was deliberately left open / cut open, to bring about the death of a late night reveler, swimmer. The dip in the graph in September 1995, was brought about by the positive writing of the poetry (C) Child Abuse Total Misuse. Thereafter, the slight anger ensued over the winter period as I was writing an article for the New Scientist Journal, and working on other projects as well. The New Scientist article was not suitable for that Journal and was rejected.

Page 66.

In March - April 1996 the projects that I was working on were going well, and I was pleased that at last I seemed to be getting somewhere. However the anger was rising in May 1996, the pool was soon opening, I absolutely felt that the management had tried to kill a member of the public the year before to close the pool, plus the diving boards where still dangerous. I was also becoming aggravated and very concerned at this. In the period early April to end May 1996, I would wake up and very soon be very angry. In early June 1996 I went to the highest level of psychopathy ever recorded in my life because of the David Ball disclosure event to me that he knew of the severe I.B.C. management fault, and had not, or was not prepared to correct this situation.

The highest level of psychopathy is shown by the sharp rise to the top of the graph in the period of the 4th of June to mid July. This psychopathy was accompanied by extreme pressure, my brain seemed to expand when I was very angry exerting extreme pressure against the skull. The only way that I could clear this rage when it was at it,s worst at the end of the day was to go over Holliwells Park at the rear of my house, and to read and then to lay on the grass on my back looking at the various birds, mostly swallows, swifts, flying, playing in the thermals. This helped reduce the anger and the cranial pressure, I like this park very much, it is naturally laid out to be very scenic. The rage in most of this time period to mid July had now returned to James Hehir the chief executive that had engineered my ban from I.B.C. sports centres, this vindictive uncaring for public safety, a crook, had been causing the anger since the summer of 1995. All I could think about was killing James Hehir.

In the time period at the end of June to mid July 1996, you will see another peak in the graph. In this time period the psychopathy again rose, making this curve rise even more. This was the awareness of my negated mental state stopping project work, and the inability to do anything about this. My sleep was reduced to about four hours per night, and I was very angry, very angry particularly after awaking and in the early and late evenings and at night prior to going to sleep. The anger was targeted at James Hehir who I now realised had been the cause of all of the blocking mechanisms for the safety at the Broom Hill pool and I felt that he was definitely colluding, if not the instigator of the attempts to murder a person or people at the pool to close it. I wanted more than anything to go out to the house of James Hehir at Great Cornard near Sudbury, I had kept his address on file for four years, and I wanted more than anything to kill Hehir. I could have easily gone to his house in this for the first time unusual for me mental state, and smashed his head in with a hammer and not for the rest of my life felt any level of remorse. What a transformation / adaptation for me since the perfect happy caring mental state that was so in the early summer of 1992.

Page 67.

I was concerned that I was going to become absolutely uncontrollably psychopathic. When I went over Holliwells Park in this mode, this did not help. I did not want to go to the mental hospital for help, I did not want any mental record for this time period being brought up in court. This current mental impairment had been brought about only by this Ball disclosure event.

Authors Note. In the study of the flight of the birds in Holliwells Park, I realised that at some time there will be a science video documentary pertinent to the evolution patterns of planes and Swift and Swallow birds in the physical adaptable appearance and flight evolved now to the perfected streamlined types of bird and fighter aeroplane of today, there must be many parallels in the evolutionary process analysis. Swift's and Swallow's parallel many patterns of modern fighter planes in tight turning and general flight and overall appearance on a scale of say 1:20,000. I would like to see the video produced, and I would enjoy watching it.

There are further pattern parallels in that in the summer, in the evenings most birds fly and plane in gaming play and enjoyment that parallels human behavior in gaming, enjoyment of some sports. There is a parallel here in my own evolved pattern in play as I roller skate, I weave to and fro in play and continuously plane on edges fast in paralleled flight in control, in enjoyment.


I liked Ian Duckworth as a solicitor, and had he not have been connected with a large law firm effecting all sorts of varied business I would have been pleased to retain him for this case. My concern would have been with any solicitor in such a position that with many connected partners and departments, some very hierarchical controlling partners as well, this could bring about the possibility that a telephone call from I.B.C. to one of the hierarchy of the firm could bring about a lot of work for the firm if they ill advised me. I could not discount this scenario, although I thought this very unlikely. I decided to discharge Ian Duckworth for this reason, and this reason alone. I wrote to Ian explaining this, and thanked him for his professionalism to date. I did not feel like using Eric Blakey again, I was unhappy that he had forced me to plead guilty in the January 1994 Court case that concerned I.B.C. this case I could have won, this case was most part instrumental in allowing I.B.C. to affect their ban of me from their sports venues.

I was speaking to Jason at the Neptune Cafe, Jason knew of a criminal law only solicitor, Jason stated that this solicitor was very good, he would appoint the right barrister for the job, the solicitor was very good in this respect. The solicitors name was Charle's Riddleston. I was still concerned at using a solicitor in Ipswich, you never know who is sleeping with who, and in to which areas all the links run. I went to the reception at Ipswich Magistrates court and made further inquiries as to Charle's Riddleston's worth. The court official said that they had sorted out all of the bad solicitors, all of their solicitors where good. They stated that Charle's Riddleston was very good.

Page 68.


The first meeting with Charle's Riddleston followed the same course as with Ian Duckworth. The full saga of the swimming pool together with the none response from the I.B.C. management was discussed. We had to banter hypothetically around scenarios pertinent to my guilt for the crimes to arrive at that what I wanted to achieve. Charle's Riddleston said that he would take the case. I left some copy letters that I had sent to I.B.C. for Charle's to view. I could not disclose the full details to Charle's Riddleston of that which happened when I called to see David Ball at his home address when the offences took place, solicitors are duty bound to disclose any information given to them pertinent to guilt. Also, if I made it apparent that I was using legal aid money incorrectly I.E. to bring a court case to Crown Court even with the purpose to save life and expose a corrupt council, with good evidence to this end, this is not the purpose of the legal aid's brief to support this.



I entered the Court building a process now familiar to me. I spoke to a clerk at reception to see if I was correctly listed, I was, I booked myself in. My Solicitor Charle's Riddleston soon arrived. We spoke briefly of the hearing soon to be heard, and I waited to be called. Charle's proceeded to keep going in to the court and returning to me, and going in to the solicitors room, this is a separate meeting room for solicitors to discuss their business and for mutual conversation, refreshment and recreation. I was eventually called to the court, Charle's was already in the court, he said that he would be there. I entered the room, I was shown where to stand in front of the judges. I was asked to state my name and address, this I did. The prosecutor then read out the charges, In that I had gone to Mr. David Balls house at Cliff lane Ipswich. Mr. Ball was the leader of the Labour controlled Ipswich Borough Council, and the charges where as follows,

Page 69.

     COUNT 1 IS,     NO   1       Crime no:        IP/96/5730          



     COUNT 2 IS,    NO   2       Crime no:         IP/96/5729          



I was asked how I would plead to the above charges, I pleaded not guilty to both charges to ensure that the matter would finally go to magistrates or to High Court level for mutual cross examination with my positive evidence to destroy this crooked council. I had already stated that this was what I wanted to do at a prior meeting with my solicitor. The prosecutors at the Ipswich Courts are aware of my struggle with Ipswich Borough Council because of previous court appearances pertinent to my concern for swimming pool safety and intimidation from I.B.C. and I.B.C.'s lack of care for patrons, and the alleged cash fiddle.


The prosecutor then said that this matter was a very protracted one between myself and Ipswich Borough Council. I had not gone to see Mr. Ball tooled up as such to harm him, and he did not consider that I had gone there to harm Ball. There was an unexpected very heated exchange between Johns and Ball and the offences where alleged to have been committed. Although It is alleged that Mr. Johns. Threatened to throw a petrol bomb through Mr. Balls front door, the prosecution could not see that this constituted a direct threat to Mr. Balls life. The fact of the matter was that if such a bomb attack was carried out it was more likely to damage property than to kill. The prosecutor asked that in view of this, would the court consider that a lessor charge could be enabled to satisfy the circumstance, that a bomb could cause property damage only and that the threat was not a direct threat to kill.

The prosecutor then stated that I had satisfied the bail conditions so far. Would the Judges also consider this ? At this point the Judges stated that they would retire for consideration. The Judges returned after about ten minutes. They stated that they agreed that there was no direct threat, or threats made to take life, the lessor charge could be brought before the courts. The bail conditions would not be changed. The hearing was concluded upon the arrangement of another court date appearance, this next court appearance was set for the 17 July 1996.

Page 70.

I had a further appointment with my solicitor Charle's Riddleston, Charle's did not think the case would go to Crown Court, he felt the case would be contained at the Magistrates Court level, Charle's thought the court case would be held in September. I was pleased with this statement, I wanted to get the case over with and get on with my life promoting my electronics business. I wanted to get a meeting outside the Broom Hill pool highlighting the matters that had happened since 1992. I decided on another leaflet campaign to bring about a meeting on Sunday 14th July 1996 at the Broom Hill pool. Jason offered to post leaflets through letter boxes close to where David Ball lived including his immediate neighbours. I posted leaflets through letter boxes near the Broom Hill pool. I also handed out leaflets to school children, at near by schools, I asked if they had an interest in the pool before giving children the leaflets.





In 1995. The management of Broom Hill Swimming pool tried to murder an unknown innocent at the pool. This situation was engineered by the management of this pool by leaving the perimeter fence breached for easy access for youngsters in the evening and at night for adults after they had left the clubs and pubs. There was a dual purpose to this, I had asked the Audit Commission to investigate that which appeared to be a serious cash fiddle at this pool. The fence was left for easy access to reduce recorded entrants whilst this investigation was taking place. The fence was left breached by the management from the 15th July to 8th August.

This was one of the hottest and busiest periods at the Broom Hill Swimming pool. This action was also taken by I.B.C. to annoy many local residents to bring opposition to close this pool. Up to 150 people were using the pool at night. The police were at Broom Hill nearly every night. The H.S.E. where very busy and I could not get them to the pool in time to issue a remedial notice. I had a meeting with Ipswich police in August 1995 about this matter. On the 30 MAY, 96. After letters and telephone calls to I.B.C. also to David Ball and after two attempts to publish the above, I went to see the head of Ipswich Borough Council Mr. David Ball at his home address at Cliff lane Ipswich about this matter. Ball admitted the knowledge of the attempted murder by management to close Broom Hill, Because of this disclosure I have been charged with common assault and the threat to kill David Ball at his home address.

Page 71.

In 1991, pool closed, rate cap, Public support reopened the pool in 1992. Correspondence started the 2nd July 92, to John Ward the then overall swimming pools manager, re, 1. The very dangerous diving boards, no structural survey, boards rotten, ( the top board was taken out of use just after the pool opened for the summer season. ) 2. Patrons entered unlocked underground chemical store, they were banned. 3. Disgusting and expensive cafeteria, a safety aspect. 4. The cash recording apparatus was very suspect, you could not see the recording display, no receipts given, no audible acknowledgment of cash transaction, no armbands issued. The till was sometimes switched off. 5. The pool was allowed to turn black, no chemical treatment caused an algae growth, I called in the local press, an article was published. 6. Intimidation to all diving patrons, staff stopped all diving for a few days.

I.B.C. then introduced limited diving use upon the orders of John Ward and Joe Orr. This intimidation was implemented by the appearance of a new supervisor, Michael Walker. In 1993, 1. When the pool opened, the sunbathing areas at Broom Hill were filthy, the terraces had not been pressure jet cleaned. I wrote to I.B.C, the problem was addressed. 2. Patrons were again stopped from doing artistic diving, ( this practice prior to my calling in of the press had been allowed at the pool since it had opened sixty years ago.) 3. The diving Boards were extremely dangerous, after many letters to I.B.C. I called in the H.S.E, a remedial notice was served on I.B.C. to correct these very dangerous diving boards, another article appeared in the press. 4. I was abusive to Huntley, this cretinous manager because of his intimidation of me and of patrons, and because of his absolute ability to supervise an unbelievably dangerous swimming pool. The police where called, I was arrested and charged and fined œ100 for being abusive. 5. Jamie Cann MP. ( MP For HIMSELF,) ex council leader for 20 years was written to and he was not interested in preserving his constituents lives.

In 1992, 1993, 1994, 1995, no easy rider tickets where recorded, this keeps down recorded entrants. Any crooked dirty trick to close this pool !!! Goodbye Broom Hill, Goodbye Airport !!! Ipswich is now not sign posted as you leave London. Hehir, Cann and Ball are killing this town, The spirit of Ipswich dives out of planes, dives off diving boards, Suckling Airways was the best deal that this town had seen. Say œ80,000 in back handers for the airport land, say œ20,000 in back handers for Broom Hill, that's œ33K each to three crooked scum bags for selling the heritage of this town, two unusual facilities that could attract undergraduates to Ipswich when we get to full university status. Any of the pool attendants, " do not refer to these dummies as lifeguards," they could have called in the press or the H.S.E. anonymously when the pool was dangerous in 92, 93, 95.

Page 72.

In 1995 they left the pool every night with the fence open for three weeks, more scum. I look forward to seeing you at Broom Hill, I am Anthony Johns, ASA registered diving instructor, diving expert, and expert diving safety officer, proven track record. I used Broom Hill for 18 years before being banned from all I.B.C. sports centres in 1994. This was the same year that I received a commendation from the Director General of the H.S.E. for making Broom Hill swimming pool safe. Also in 1994, the H.S.E. made a verbal recommendation to I.B.C. management that the hand rails were to be extended on the diving boards, This work was never carried out. You can still fall 12 feet and hit the pool side and be killed. John Ward left I.B.C. four months after a boy died in crown pools. Do not communicate with David Ball about this leaflet, this is contrary to my bail conditions. I.B.C. = The Ipswich Mafia. I.B.C. control most of the cash collection in this town, the buses the car parks, the leisure centres.

14 07 96 I went to the Broom Hill swimming pool at 11 AM, I walked up Sherrington Road, I rather expected to see a large crowd of people outside the pool, this was not so. Steven Huntley the supervisor was outside the pool, as I approached him he growled, " did you put out these leaflets," showing me a leaflet, Huntley stated the leaflets had caused him a lot of trouble, I said that I was happy with this. This displeased Huntley. I then stated there is not enough people here for a meeting, disappointed, I turned and walked away, I returned home.

15 07 96 I went and saw a young social worker, at the Ipswich social services office, Tower St. Ipswich. I handed her and others including the manager copies of the leaf96 leaflet. I asked her office to communicate with me about the Broom Hill swimming pool. I stated that I was very concerned about the management of this pool. Social Services did not communicate with me



I entered the court building, all that happened upon entering this court building is similar to as stated before. I entered the court, the prosecutor read out the reduced charges. It was again stated that I had satisfied the bail conditions. The Judges left the court to confer. When they returned, they then stated that the bail condition restrictions would be rescinded. Would the court clerk set a date for the next court appearance. This next date was set for 28 August 1996.

Page 73.

19 07 96. I went to see my G.P. about my psychopathy brought about by David Ball stating he knew that I.B.C. where trying to kill a member of the public to close the Broom Hill pool, this event had also stopped all of my prior project work, this had added to the anger. I explained that I had since the Ball event had experienced whilst awake visions of pouring petrol over David Ball, this was killing him. I explained that for a time I could see my hands around peoples necks although my hands where physically at my side. I explained that these visions where rescinding and that these visions of killing Ball where bringing down the level of psychopathy. I explained that I did not want to physically hurt David Ball. I explained that at the end of every current day pressure would build up in my head so much that my head felt psychologically rock hard. All I could do to relieve the pressure, was to go over Holliwells park and lay down looking at the sky, this was relaxing. I further stated that I would not harm anybody, this Ball disclosure event had just screwed my head right up. I found it very difficult to comprehend the killing of an innocent to close a swimming pool. My G.P. stated that as the overall condition was rescinding, there was very little that he could do to help, however, if the condition worsened, then I was to immediately go and see him.



I entered the court building. I was booked in and saw my solicitor, Charle's Riddleston. We had a chat, we discussed the hearing this day and the scenario of the case going to Crown Court for public examination. Charle's then stated that If it goes to the next stage for Crown Court examination this would be decided today. If matters take this course, next would be the committal proceedings held at the Crown Court building at a date set today. Charle's then stated that we would need to consider a Barrister, did I have anybody in mind ? I said that the criminal law was not my business, I had no reference for a Barrister and this was Charle's decision for this appointment and that I felt sure that his choice of a person that he had a reference for would be the correct procedure. I said that I would be happy with his choice for a Barrister, Charle's said that he had a Barrister in mind if the Barrister would agree to take the job on.

Page 74.

Charle's stated that if the case went to Crown Court, then at the committal proceeding, this was the time to plead guilty to the lessor charge because to do so at this stage was the correct time as far as sentencing was concerned. If I pleaded guilty at this stage there would be a lessor sentence passed down to me. I then stated my concern, that If I pleaded guilty at this stage, could the second charge be dropped, and I would not get David Ball to cross examination and his crooked local governments destruction, my objective, with the evidence that I had. Charle's stated that it was very unlikely at this stage that the more serious charge would be dropped. He thought it very unlikely that the Crown Prosecution Service would stop this case being brought because of the assumed bias that would be deduced of some collusion and support from the C.P.S. for I.B.C. The Crown Prosecution Service would not want this scenario. I felt a bit uncertain to this arrangement but agreed to proceed on this basis.

We finished the conversation with Charle's Riddleston asking me my views on rapists that inflict severe psychological damage upon their victims. We referred to a recent case where the rapist had psychologically raped the victim again in court by making her relive the ordeal in infinite detail. I stated that I felt such rapists should be introduced to Mr. Scalpel. I then waited to be called to court. I entered the court, the prosecutor read out the charges. He then went on to say that he hoped the matter could be contained at this Magistrates Court level. General background was then discussed. Mr. and Mrs. David Ball where at this hearing to be recognized by the court as witnesses for the forthcoming trial. The Judges then stated that because Mr. Ball was a public figure, the head of Ipswich Borough Council that this matter would have to be examined at Crown Court level. Committal proceedings would take place for the full Crown Court, Court Case appearance and the date was then set for this Crown Court committal hearing for the 27th of September 1996.

I had a letter from Charle's Riddleston 11 09 96. Stating that he had been able to get the Queens Counsel that he wanted. This was a Mr. Rupert Overbury of 5 Kings Bench Walk, Temple London EC4. Charle's also stated that he had played the police interview cassette tape and apart from one minor detail there where no problems. Charle's also stated that If Counsel or Himself thought the playing of the tape would be useful in court, the tape could be played. In a further letter Charle's stated that a conference had been set up between myself, himself and Mr. Rupert Overbury at Charle's office in Ipswich on Tuesday 24th September 1996.

I arrived punctually to the meeting at Charle's Riddleston's office on the 24th. Charle's introduced me to Mr. Rupert Overbury and we began the meeting. The full scenario was discussed, the photographic, newspaper, H.S.E. my diving instructor credentials evidence was mentioned together with the fact that 170 letters had been sent by me in four years to ten different agencies pertinent to this swimming pool safety business. Many of these letters had been signed for or sent by me via recorded delivery mail. I stated that I also had a commendation from the H.S.E. for making this swimming pool safe. I had also distributed on three occasions leaflets to the public to bring about public awareness to the problems.

Page 75.

Mr. Overbury recommended that I put all the letters that I had sent to I.B.C. on a computer disk for him to read, these letters to be copied from my data base, I said that I thought that there was one hundred of these letters. Mr. Overbury suggested that I highlighted ten or thereabouts of these letters, prioritized these letters to importance of the safety and harassment aspects. I was to let him have this data together with the other evidence. I would receive a letter itemizing the fact material that he needed. I stated that all the letters sent to I.B.C. where referenced fiddle and I showed Rupert Overbury a copy of one of the letters that I had sent. I also stated that I had sent a copy of the book Surrogate Daughter to the Chief Executive of I.B.C. this book contained safety details to be addressed, and harassment to the paying patrons of the Broom Hill pool, there was also reference in this book to my sexual fantasy of a fourteen year old girl that I had fell in love with at the Broom Hill pool. One of the graphs in this science book related to my orgasm repetition rate of fantasy of the young woman. I wanted to know if I was likely to be cross examined on this matter ? Mr. Overbury stated that he would object to such material being published in court.

Mr. Overbury stated that I had obviously been a thorn in the side of I.B.C. and he felt the court would agree that Mr. Ball had fabricated the story about the petrol bomb to get me away from his house and that David Ball had assumed that I would be locked up on remand unable to prepare a good defense, He thought that this would be a good defense. The meeting was concluded. I received a letter from Charle's Riddleston dated 26 09 96 with the required tasks set out for my attention.


At about mid Day on the 26th of September 1996, there was a knock on the back door, I went to see who it was, there where four men outside, they said that they where the police and that they had a warrant for execution to remove computers and peripherals and software under the obscene publications act. After positive identification, I let the plain closed police officers in to the house. They took about an hour to take possession of my two computers and peripherals and all the software and data disks. What a nice day !!! DC 832 Ford issued all the paper work, The warrant was issued by a Justice Of The Peace and authorized by a Detective Inspector Payne.

Page 76.

I had written to Nigel Pickover the Evening Star Newspapers editor, a very bitter letter highlighting my extreme annoyance that his paper had not been helpful in my opinion in publishing my safety concerns particularly the evidence from the H.S.E. that further remedial safety work was needed on the diving boards at at the Broom Hill pool. In a very poor mental state I had included other irrelevant text material. I had also threatened to sue the Evening Star for a false defamatory publication about the roller skating rink court case. I enclosed the controversial poetry, (C) Child abuse total misuse. This behavior highlights my very poor induced mental state. Nigel Pickover had turned the paper work over to the police, their visit was a result of this.

This event was unexpected and quite devastating for me, I did not have the cash for a replacement computer. I was writing the event for this book on computers, I was designing electronics on my computers, I do not have a television, I cannot survive without a computer. I needed also to prepare the work for the solicitor, and the pending court case. The police did not find my backup data and basic program disks that were hidden up in the house, and I had my data further backed up with a friend. Within a week, another friend lent me an old computer, this was suitable for the text work that I needed to do. In total, I lost about eight working days because of this event that caused me considerable new mental de:stability. The work required for me to do for Charle's Riddleston and Rupert Overbury was ready by 08 October 1996.

            -----------------------    -----------------------

     34 BISHOPS HILL            
     IPSWICH SUFFOLK            

     TEL O1473 281867

     DATED 08 10 96

     REF CH-03A.TXT

     32 QUEENS ST.
     IP1 1SS.

     TEL 230382 230386
     FAX 230382

     Dear Charle's,

     Apologies  for  not sending data earlier. The police raid and the
     removal of my computers and software has made life very
     difficult of late,  a friend has loaned me a computer.

Page 77.


     1.  There are 3 disks enclosed, One for yourself to file, Two for
         Mr. Overbury, all the disks are the same. Mr. Overbury gets
         two disks in case there is a disk fault, one as a spare.

         There are approximately 50 letters to I.B.C. on the disk, not
         100 as I first thought.

     2.  Pared down to 12 letters.

     3.  Four newspaper articles enclosed.

     4.  Two H.S.E. letters enclosed. 

     5.  Two leaflets enclosed.

     Re, 3.  The additional enclosed news article about John Ward
             Swimming pools manager. It was never publicized on the
     front page of the councils propaganda sheet the Ipswich Angle
     ( Wangle ), that John Ward their overall swimming pools manager
     had beat up his wife and was fined four hundred pounds for this.
     Can you mention this in court ? 

     Re 3.  See additional enclosed news article, June 09 1994. Pools
            Diving Area Finally Declared Safe. Useful ? Important last
            part, this ties up with the H.S.E. letter listed below.

     Re 4.  Additional H.S.E. letter, Aug 1995. This refers to the verbal
            recommendations to fit additional hand rails to the diving
            boards by the H.S.E. to make this part of the diving boards
            safe. This very necessary work was never carried out.

            I have enclosed an exact computer generated picture of
            the pool dark areas as they were in 1994. 15 / 20A.TXT.
            This caused me to call in the press, this may be useful ?

            I have enclosed a 1993 I.B.C. angle publication 12. Staying
            Cool In The Pool. The quoted figures are ridiculous, only
            ten thousand recorded at the gate entrants, users for a
            summer season. The pool gets 2000 users on a single hot
            day. This is the equivalent of five days use for a summer
            season. Ridiculous, This may be useful ?

Page 78.

     I have enclosed the photographs, Total 14 Exhibits. Please return
     with the enclosed paper work after the court, case, ignore the
     green labels on these photographs. Photographs 01 to 11 and 22
     where taken mid August 1993.  20 and 21  Where taken in early august
     1994. Note,  the refurbishment substantial improvements. Note, No
     additional hand rail improvements as verbally recommended by John
     Claxton the H.S.E. Inspector.

     The recorded delivery slips and receipts for all the  letters are
     with the police. I do not think these are relevant for this case.


     1.  Re, the data on the disks, 12 pared letters. The list of the
         dates and the safety, harassment, cash fiddle, intimidation
         points I highlight against each letter, are as follows,

     FIDDLE9201. 2nd July 1992. To John Ward, swimming pools manager.

     A.  No diving board structural survey.   B. Diving boards rotten.
     C.  Poor expensive cafeteria food, A safety matter.

     FIDDLE 3. 18th August 1992. Chief Executive James Heir, I.B.C.

     A.  Harassment, artistic diving stopped. B. Reference to the safe
         pool after bringing in the press. C. The list of artistic
         dives previously allowed.

     FIDDLE 4. 27th August 1992. Chief Executive James Heir, I.B.C.

     A.  Vindictiveness, harassment, by the stopping of the artistic
         diving and the relative loss of diving patrons and their gate
         revenue. B. References to the poor management of the pool.

     FIDDLE 12.  2nd July 1993.  Chief Executive James Heir, I.B.C.

     Note, This letter was sent only three days after the pool opened
           for the 1993 summer season.

     A.  All of the previous safety points where mentioned. B. The
         mention of the grouped diving boards that where painted with
     some slippery sealant, ( As slippery as ice when wet. ) People
     mainly youngsters where falling over and down the poor condition
     stairways. The overall condition of the diving apparatus was very
     alarming. C. The diagram was added for the diving boards hand
     rail, barrier extension safety, six weeks before the youngsters
     invade the pool. D. The reference to no other diving restrictions
     at other similar swimming pools. E. Pool weather surfaces dirty
     not professional, not pressure jetted. F. Note. This letter
     was prior to my calling in of the H.S.E. Inspector for swimming
     pools in this area, this Inspector that had no previous knowledge
     of the Broom Hill swimming pool complex.

Page 79.

     FIDDLE 14. 05 June 1993. To John Ward, swimming pools manager.

     Note, This letter was sent only six days after the pool opened
           for the 1993 summer season.

     A. All points as above.  B. Safety barrier diagram.

     FIDDLE 17. 15 June 1993.  Joe Orr Corporate Director For leisure.
                               I.B.C. Civic Drive Ipswich.             

     A.  All safety points. B. Reference to the dangerous plastic
         sheet / slide hanging from the 3 metre diving board that was
     still hanging 7 weeks later in August, see photograph exhibit 9.
     C. The  reference to the meeting in Joe Orrs office at I.B.C. HQ
     Civic drive just after the pool closed in 1992. This meeting,
     myself present + John ward and Joe Orr was set up at my request
     through the Broom Hill councilor. The meeting was futile, None
     of my safety recommendations where ever carried out.

     FIDDLE 23. 11 July 93.   Mr. Steven Huntley.  Manager  Broom Hill
                              Swimming Pool Ipswich Suffolk.

     A.  Reference to the gate cash fiddle. B. Harassment by Huntley.
     C.  Reference to dangerous traps on the diving boards. D. Ref, to
         the small amount of money needed to effect interim repairs to
         the diving boards. 

     FIDDLE 46. 01 Nov 1993. Mr. James He-hir, Chief Executive I.B.C. HQ.

     A. Reference to the sped up, increased speed of number of patrons
     through traffic being more dangerous with the stopping of the
     artistic diving. B. Reference to the clip on removable stair ways
     to be removed at the end of business to stop illegal night time
     usage, this removing the access to the diving boards at night,
     a very serious danger. C. Many simple safety measures in a
     complete safety program where recommended, these safety measures
     where never implemented.

Page 80.

     Fiddle 55. 18 March 1994.  John Goodridge, Head of legal services
                                I.B.C. HQ.

     A. Serious harassment. B. Cash Fiddling. C. Safety.

     Fiddle 59. 29 March 1993. The sports minister, Mr. Ian Sproat.

     Note.  You may wish to ask Mr. Ball, what was his councils
     reaction to this letter ?  You might want to write to the sports
     minister to see if he will disclose the correspondence.

     Fiddle 82. 12 July 1994.   MR. John Ward  General Swimming  pools
                                manager Crown pools Ipswich.

     A. Various safety points.  B. Reference to my concern that there
     where so many unsafely matters, the pattern looked as though I.B.C.
     where trying to kill a patron to close Broom Hill Swimming Pool.
     Copies where sent to Various I.B.C. officers and the H.S.E.
     Copies to,

     Peter Smith,    Head lifeguard Broom Hill.
     Steven Huntley, Supervisor/ manager Broom Hill.
     John Ward,      General Pools Manager.
     Joe Orr,        Leisure Services Executive.
     James He-hir,   I.B.C. Chief Executive.
     John Claxton,   H.S.E. Principal Norwich.

     Note.  Fiddle 86 - 94.  Same letters sent to all 9 I.B.C. officials
            about the serious danger at Broom Hill.                   

     Fiddle 118 07 August 1995. Mr. John Ward General swimming
     ( Fid9518 )                pools manager Crown Pools Ipswich.

     A.  Refers to the deliberate attempt to keep down gate revenue.
     B.  Refers to cash fiddle. C. Refers to my assessment of the
         deliberate attempt by the I.B.C. management to kill an after
         hours bather.

     Note.   Police 14 - 15 - 31. Are to Inspector Gooch.  Fiddle 31.
             Is to the arresting officer at Broom Hill Aug 1993. P.C.
             Mark Boost. May Be useful ?


Page 81.

     David Ball is a school teacher at Coppleston high school
     Coppleston Road Ipswich. He teaches a technical level of
     computing. He administers the file server for the school
     computers. What is his School salary ?  How much of his time is
     spent at school ? What is his I.B.C. salary ? How much of his time
     is spent there.

     SERIOUS NOTE. Many of his youngster / child pupils use Broom Hill
     swimming pool,  He is not concerned / was party to the possible
     death of one of his pupils.

     In early August 1993, I was arrested on the pool side for being
     abusive and threatening to Steven Huntley, the manager of the
     Broom Hill Swimming pool. I was very aggravated and angry at his
     refusal to get the dangerous diving boards and the other safety
     matters sorted out. Please refer to the photographs, these where
     recorded just after this event. Fined œ100:00P by Ipswich

     In mid August 1993, I called in the H.S.E. The H.S.E. issued a
     remedial notice to effect, repair, for most of the points that I
     had raised in the enclosed  correspondence. These where hand and
     safety rails to be fitted. The boards to be covered with none
     slip material. The stairways to be replaced and made none slip.

     You may also wish to write to I.B.C. to see if they will give you
     permission to obtain a copy of the H.S.E. remedial notice from the
     H.S.E. at Chelmsford. There are I feel some very interesting points
     to publish.


     Leaflet 1.  Meeting 13 Sept 1993.  This leaflet  was distributed,
                                        placed under windscreen wipers
                                        on cars, on all the car parks,
     many I.B.C. controlled car parks in the centre of Ipswich purely as
     a retributive agitation against I.B.C. Three people turned up at
     the meeting to equal the police officers present. There was no
     point in talking.  The leaflets certainly agitated I.B.C.

     Leaflet 2.  Meeting 08 July 1994.  This  leaflet  was distributed
                                        to people around the outside
                                        of the pool. I could not gain
     access to the pool. I could not contact many of the divers that
     had previously used the pool. Only about fifteen people attended,
     these where mostly youngsters, not artistic divers, I did not
     bother to call the press. There where a lot of Hierarchical I.B.C.
     members behind the closed main gates, they where very concerned.

     I Am,



Page 82.

Before the committal proceedings at the crown court, I received through the post the Indictment for the final appearance for the Crown Court case.




27 09 96. The objective of this hearing is to formally set the course for the final hearing. Pleas are asked for and recorded, and the trial appearance and date is set at this hearing.

This hearing was for 10 AM. 27 09 96. I arrived at the building. Security was tight compared with the magistrates courts. There was a metal detecting screen that you had to walk through for the detection of any metal objects hidden about the person. You where positively identified before you passed in to the building. 90 % of the people here where in dress suits or other formal attire. Presence, about 30 % Police officers 30 % Barristers 30% Group 4 security guards 5 % It was very apparent that this was a different ball game.

Mr. Rupert Overbury had arranged a fellow barrister to represent me at this hearing, this was of little consequence as the procedure this day was another formality. I spoke with the barrister in a private annexe room set aside for this purpose. We discussed today's hearing, it was agreed that I would plead guilty to the lessor charge, the court procedure was outlined. This meeting ended, we went outside to wait to be called. The barristers then talked about other prior famous court cases. I had some copies of New Scientist Journals, science books that I had taken to read, I read these, however I found it difficult to read, I was not in a good mental state. I spotted a Mr. Jamie Cann the local collusive unresponsive MP and his wife bench seated, I went and sat next to Mr. Cann and proceeded to read my science books. I introduced myself to him, shook hands, he then realised who I was and he appeared to be uncomfortable.

Page 83.

Eventually I moved away from him, I felt quite violent towards him. I noticed that barristers paired off and walked ritualistically too and fro backwards and forwards the length of the reception area, about twenty metres. These walking rituals I observed could last for up to twenty minutes in mutual conversation. Eventually I was called to court. As I entered the doorway I was searched by Group 4 security, My keys and any throwing objects where removed from my person. I was then told by the security officer to enter the court. I was told where to stand. I was asked to state my name and address and then the court prosecutor read out the charges for me to enter a plea, I was asked if I understood this, I replied yes. The charges where then stated I that I had gone to the house of the Ipswich Borough Labour council leader Mr. David Ball and that I had,

                        STATEMENT OF OFFENCE.                           

     Section 2 (a) of the criminal damage act 1971.

                        PARTICULARS OF OFFENCE.                        

     ANTHONY JOHNS on the 30th day of May 1996 without lawful excuse
     threatened  DAVID WILLIAM BALL that he would by throwing a
     petrol bomb through the door of DAVID WILLIAM BALL's home damage
     property belonging to DAVID WILLIAM BALL intending that the said
     DAVID WILLIAM BALL would fear that the said threat would be
     carried out.                                                      

             I was asked how I pleaded to the above offense,           

                         I replied NOT GUILTY.                         

     And, that in furtherance, a further charge,                        

                        STATEMENT OF OFFENCE.                          

     COMMON ASSAULT, contrary to
     Section 39 of the criminal justice act 1988.                      

                       PARTICULARS OF OFFENCE.                         

Page 84.

     ANTHONY JOHNS on the 30 day of may 1996 assaulted DAVID WILLIAM

             I was asked how I pleaded to the above offense,           

                          I replied  GUILTY.                           

Below is the INDICTMENT that I received before the first appearance described above in the crown court. Added to this are the witness statements and a tape synopses, ( relevant extracts from the tape recorded interview ).

                            FILE INDICT.TXT.                           

                           CROWN PROSECUTION                  37IP110896

                             THE INDICTMENT.                            

                  REGINA \ VERSUS ANTHONY JOHNS                         




     COUNT 1.

                        STATEMENT OF OFFENCE.                           

     Section 2 (a) of the criminal damage act 1971.

                        PARTICULARS OF OFFENCE.                         

     ANTHONY JOHNS on the 30th day of May 1996 without lawful excuse
     threatened  DAVID WILLIAM BALL that he would by throwing a petrol
     bomb through the door of DAVID WILLIAM BALL's home damage property
     belonging to DAVID WILLIAM BALL intending that the said DAVID
     WILLIAM BALL would fear that the said threat would be carried out.

Page 85.

     COUNT 2.
                        STATEMENT OF OFFENCE.                           

     COMMON ASSAULT, contrary to
     Section 39 of the criminal justice act 1988.                       

                       PARTICULARS OF OFFENCE.                          

     ANTHONY JOHNS on the 30 day of may 1996 assaulted DAVID WILLIAM BALL.

                WITNESSES.    COMMITTAL STATEMENTS.                     
                ----------    ---------------------                     

     1.  David William BALL                        30 05 96     1-2

     2.  Rebecca Jemima BALL.                      30 05 96     3-4

     3.  Deborough Jayne PITCHER                   19 06 96     5

     4.  Clare HUMPHREYS                           07 06 96     6

     5.  2nd statement of Clare HUMPHRIES          24 06 96     7

     6.  Linda Berry.

                          WITNESS STATEMENT (1.)                       

     Statement of DAVID WILLIAM BALL.

     Age Over 21.

     This statement ( consisting of three pages each signed by me ) is
     true to the best of my knowledge and belief and I make it knowing
     that, if it is tendered in evidence, I shall be liable to
     prosecution if I have willfully stated in it anything which I know
     to be false or do not believe to be true.

     Dated the 30 Day of May 1996.                                     
               --        ---------                                     

     Signature D W Ball                                                

Page 86.

     I am the above named person and I live at the address shown
     overleaf. I am the leader of Ipswich Borough Council. In the
     course of my duties with the council I have received
     correspondence from a person called Anthony Johns. The
     correspondence has been of a pornographic nature, and is also
     threatening and abusive. I am also aware that other council
     departments and council members have received similar
     correspondence from this man. This has gone on over a period of
     several years.

     This morning at about 8.10 AM I was at my home.  There was a quiet
     knock on the front door. I went to the door in my dressing gown
     and opened it. A man was standing there, he introduced himself
     as Anthony Johns and said that he would like a meeting with me. I
     instantly recognized the name and I told him that I would be
     happy to have a meeting with  him but it would have to be down at
     the council with officers of the  council. His reply was, " I am
     not going down there, they're a bunch of thugs." He then repeated
     his demands for a meeting saying he wanted it here at my home
     over the weekend.

     As we where talking I could  see that he was slowly becoming more
     tense. His lips and mouth where taught and there was dry spittle
     in his mouth. I again reiterated that any meeting would have to
     be down at the council. Johns then walked in to my house, he
     punched me to the chest area, I went backwards slightly and he
     punched me in the chest again. I had my arms spread, exposing
     my chest area to indicate I was not going to retaliate. After the
     second punch he retreated back out of the house and began to
     explain what his demands where. He was shouting loudly and
     pointing his finger. His demands were a free pass to broom hill
     swimming pool, that he had lost thousands of pounds due to the
     council and that he wanted the matter sorted out over the weekend.
     He said that if it was sorted out by my having a meeting at home
     with him there would be no violence.  He  went on to say that if
     there was any funny business, " I'll put a petrol bomb through
     your door. As he was saying this, he was backing away from my
     door. During the incident the whole implication was that if I
     complied with his demands there would be no violence but if I
     didn't there would be.

     As  I am aware of  previous correspondence from him I believe that
     He is a dangerous man and that he would harm members of my family
     or damage to my property. The comment about " funny business " I
     took to mean contacting the police or other council departments.

Page 87.

     I would describe Johns as male, white, approximately 38 years old.
     He was not very tall approximately 5'7" tall, stocky build. He
     was bald but had hair around the sides of his head which I believe
     was dark grey. He was wearing a yellow tee shirt and dark coloured

                        WITNESS STATEMENT. (2.)                        

     Statement of REBECCA JEMIMA BALL.                                 

     Age Over 21.

     This statement ( consisting of two  pages  each signed by  me ) is
     true to the best of my knowledge and belief and I make  it knowing
     that,  if  it  is  tendered  in  evidence,  I  shall be  liable to
     prosecution if I have willfully stated in it anything  which I know
     to be false or do not believe to be true.

     Dated the 30 Day of May 1996.                                     
               --        ---------                                     

     Signature Over 21                                                 

     I am the above named person, and I live at the address shown
     overleaf. I am a practicing G.P. and have been practicing for 16

     At about 8.10 am this morning I was at my home. I heard a knock at
     the front door. I said to my husband it must be the postman and my
     husband went to answer the door. I then got in to the shower and
     after a few minutes I could hear shouting voices from the front
     door. The voices where very loud as I could hear them above the
     noise of the shower.

     I went and stood on the landing. I saw my husband David standing
     with his back to the stairs, a man who I would describe as male,
     white, approximately 40 years, tanned complexion, stocky  build
     with a bald head and greying hair, wearing a yellow anorak with a
     white tee shirt underneath, this man was shouting loudly, pointing
     his finger at David. I heard him say that he wanted a meeting at
     the house and that there would be no violence. He started to talk
     about goings on at Broom Hill Pool, saying the attendants were
     useless and other things. I got the impression that he worked
     there. He said he had lost œ40,000 because of the council and
     because of them he was on the dole. The man was retreating away
     from David as he spoke but he suddenly came back in and
     reiterated his demand for a meeting. His behavior was aggressive
     and threatening. He then said words to the effect that he wouldn't
     vouch for the consequences if he didn't get what he wanted. I took
     this to be a threat towards my husband.  After saying this the man

Page 88.

     I have spoken to my husband and in view of what he told me and the
     mans behavior this morning I believe the man's statements to be
     deluded and his behavior psychotic. As a result of this I am
     extremely worried about what this man might do and take his
     threats very seriously.

                        WITNESS STATEMENT. (3.)                        

     Statement of DEBORAH JAYNE PITCHER. WPC 3                         

     Age Over 21.

     This statement ( consisting of one pages each signed by me ) is
     true to the best of my knowledge and belief and I make it knowing
     that, if it is tendered in evidence, I shall be liable to
     prosecution if I have willfully stated in it anything which I know
     to be false or do not believe to be true.

     Dated the 19 Day of June 1996.                                    
               --        ----------                                    

     Signature D J Pitcher.                                            

     At 3.30 PM on Thursday 30 May 1996 I was on duty in uniform at
     Ipswich police station when I attended the inquiry desk. There
     I spoke with a person I now know to be Anthony Johns Born
     12 02 46. I escorted Johns to the foyer, where I said to him,
     " I am arresting you on suspicion of threats to kill and common
     assault."  After caution he made no reply.

     I then escorted him to the cell block where he was documented by
     the custody officer and his detention authorized.

Page 89.

                        WITNESS STATEMENT. (4.)                        

     Statement of CLAIRE HUMPHRIES WPC 926                             

     Age Over 21.

     This statement ( consisting of one pages each signed by me ) is
     true to the best of my knowledge and belief and I make it knowing
     that, if it is tendered in evidence, I shall be liable to
     prosecution if I have willfully stated in it anything which I know
     to be false or do not believe to be true.

     Dated the 7 Day of June 1996.                                     
               -             -----                                     

     Signature C HUMPHRIES.                                            

     About  6 PM  on  Thursday  30  May  1996  I was on duty in uniform
     at  Ipswich  police station when I attended the cell block.  There
     I conducted a taped interview with the defendant  ANTHONY JOHNS
     also present was his solicitor MR. DUCKWORTH.  The interview
     was recorded on master tape no 135330,  Ref no IPS/96/6919. About
     6.22 PM the interview was concluded, Police exhibit CAH/1.

     About 7.11 PM I then charged JOHNS with two offences, he was
     bailed to attend Ipswich Magistrates Court on 27 6 96.

     At a later date a typed summary of the interview was made which I
     can produce as police exhibit CAH/1A

                        WITNESS STATEMENT. (5.)                        

     Statement of CLAIRE HUMPHRIES WPC 926                             

     Age Over 21.

     This statement ( consisting of one pages each signed by me ) is
     true to the best of my knowledge and belief and I make it knowing
     that, if it is tendered in evidence, I shall be liable to
     prosecution if I have willfully stated in it anything which I know
     to be false or do not believe to be true.

     On 30 May 1996 I interviewed Anthony Johns.

     The interview was tape recorded, ( Tape No 135330, which I produce
     as Exhibit cah\1  A  request  for  a  summary of  the tape(s)  was
     forwarded to the Tape Summarizing Section. 

Page 90.

     I received a summary ( Which I produce as Exhibit cah\1, of the
     interview which I have read and state that it is balanced,
     accurate and reliable summary of the interview.

     Dated the 24th Day of June 1996.                                  
               ----        ----------                                  

     Signature WPC 926 HUMPHRIES.                                      

                           CROWN PROSECUTION                 37IP110896

                       REGINA \ VERSUS ANTHONY JOHNS.                      


  1. Master tape no 135330-JOHNS CAH/I   Person producing: WPc  Hump-
                                         hries. Current location: DHQ.

  2. Summary of tape no 135330   CAH/1a  Person producing:  WPc  Hump-
                                         hries. Current location: File.


   Person Interviewed  Anthony Johns   Police Exhibit No CAH/1A            
   Place of interview  Police Station Ipswich      No of pages   6     
   Date of interview   30/05/96                   WPc 926 HUMPHREYS    
                       --------                   -----------------    
                                              Signature of interviewing
   Time commenced         6pm                 Officer Producing Exhibit
   Duration of interview  22 mins                Time concluded 6.22 PM
   Interviewing Officers  WPC 926 HUMPHREYS    Tape Ref No IPS//96/9619
   Other persons present  Mr. DUCKWORH ( solicitor )              135330

Page 91.

  Tape      Person                        Text                          
 counter   Speaking                                                     
                     After the usual introductions and procedures. JOHNS
                     was cautioned as per  CJPO 94  and  agreed  that he
                     understood.  JOHNS was  then  interviewed regarding
                     alleged offences of assault  and  threats  to kill.

  01.31              WPc HUMPHRIES reminded JOHNS of the reason  for his
                     arrest, that  being on  suspicion  of  assault  and
                     threats to kill  to David BALL  of  100 Cliff Lane,
                     Ipswich who is the head of Ipswich Borough Council.
                     JOHNS  agreed  that he had,  had  disputes with the
                     council  over  Broom  Hill  swimming  pool for some

  03.10    926     " Did you go round to Mr. BALL's home address today ?"

           JOHNS   " Yes I did "                                        

           926     " Of 100 Cliff Road, Cliff Lane "                    

           JOHNS   " That's right "                                     

           926     " How did you find out his home address ? "          

          JOHNS    " I've Had it on record for a long time, it was      
                         advertised in the Ipswich Angle "              

           926     " Ipswich ? "                                        

           JOHNS   " Angle "                                            

           926     " Angle ?"                                           

           JOHNS   " Yeah "                                             

  03.29    926     " Right, that's that "                               

           JOHNS   " Why Angle I call it ? "                            

           926     " Why Angle is it ? "                                

           JOHNS   " That's the one "                                   

Page 92.

           926     " I see, can you tell me why you went round his      
                         home address today ? "                         

           JOHNS   " I went to see Mr. BALL Principally about  the safety
                     of the  swimming pool,  It,s  an on going  saga and
                     it's very serious "                                

           926     " Right "                                            

           JOHNS   " And I went to see him about the fax last year,  the
                     correspondence  that  he's  received  erm  that the
                     perimeter fence was  left  breached  and  represen-
                     tation made to me,  from me to the council,  to the
                     police, I came in and saw inspector  GOOCH about it
                     and letters that I've  written  about it,  I'm very
                     serious, I,m very seriously  concerned  that  their
                     trying to,  that they're trying to  murder somebody
                     in the swimming pool and just close it "

  04.15              JOHNS explained that he went to BALLS address that
                     day to communicate with him over the dispute.     

  06:30    926     " When did you start getting a bit "                

           JOHNS   " Heated "                                          

           926     " A bit heated "                                    

           JOHNS   " When he admitted that he knew that it appears that
                     they  where  trying  to  kill  a  patron  in  this
                     swimming  pool  by the management,  that's what he
                     said "

           926     " How do you mean by he admitted, what did he say ?"

           JOHNS   " I said  that  the  security  obstacle  fencing was
                     breached last  year  and  it was deliberately left
                     open for three weeks in the hottest  part  of  the
                     summer, there where a lot of people using the pool
                     at night, the police where aware of it and through
                     representations made  me, erm  it  stopped they've
                     now got an alarm in that swimming pool ".

  07.05            " JOHNS  stated  that  he had got upset because BALL
                     had not communicated with him over the matter with
                     the with the breached fence.  JOHNS  admitted that
                     Mr. BALL had asked him to see him at his office and
                     not his home address.  He went on to state that he
                     would  not  go  to  the  council offices as he was
                     afraid that he would be assaulted.  When asked who
                     would assault him,  he  replied  that  a  security
                     officer might,  as he  had been intimidated in the

Page 93.

  09.51    926     " What  happened  this morning it came to an account
                     that you ended up  actually  physically assaulting
                     him "                                             

           JOHNS   " What's  a  physical assault ? I mean he has'nt got
                     any  red  marks on him,  I,m sure,  I mean there's
                     no damage to his person whatsoever "

           926     " Did you punch him ? "                             

           JOHNS   " No "                                              

           926     " In the chest ? "                                  

           JOHNS   " No pushed him "                                   

           926     " Do you deny punching Him ? "                      

           JOHNS   " I deny punching him, I pushed him "               

           926     " You pushed him ? "                                

           JOHNS   " Yeah "                                            

           926     " Why did you push him ? "                          

           JOHNS   " Because I got very angry when he admitted that "  

           926     " But You're inside his house though aren't you ? " 

           JOHNS   " I  know  i,m inside  his  house,  I,m  very  angry
                     that's  somebodies  going  to  die in that swimming
                     pool "

           926     " Did you have permission to go inside his house ? "

           JOHNS   " No I didn't "                                     

           926     " So he,s obviously, can you put yourself in his    
                         position at this stage "                      

Page 94.

           JOHNS   " Yes he didn't do anything to protect his family " 

           926     " You're obviously very angry, you know getting     
                         heated "

  10.28    JOHNS   " I,m angry because erm "                           

           926     " You've now come at him and pushed him away "      

           JOHNS   " Pardon "                                          

           926     " You've now come at him and pushed him away "      

           JOHNS   " Pardon "                                          

           926     " You've now come and pushed him away, You're inside
                         inside his house. " 

           JOHNS   " I held him,  I held  him  I  wanted to talk to the
                     man, he was getting on my nerves  I was talking to
                     him about  saving peoples lives and trying to stop
                     somebody being killed in the swimming pool.

           JOHNS   " Yeah "

           926     " And he really didn't care "                       

  10.55    JOHNS   " General discussion  regarding  verbal  and written
                     communications between JOHNS and BALL.            

  11.31    926     " Did you make any threats to him ? "               

           JOHNS   " No "                                              

           926     " Nothing  at  all  of  a, words similar "  that I'm
                     going  to  throw  a  petrol  bomb   through   your
                     House ? "                                         

           JOHNS   " No no "                                           

           926     " You deny saying that ? "                          

           JOHNS   " Yes "                                             

           926     " Did you say anything similar to that ? "          

Page 95.

           JOHNS   " no "

           926     " Because obviously he is making the allegation that
                     you,ve made a threat to his life "                

           JOHNS   " He,s was very frightened "                        

           926     " Mmmm "

           JOHNS   " He was very frightened indeed, but the real act of
                     terrorism  came from that management   I,m the one
                     that's been terrified that somebodies  going to die
                     in that swimming pool.

           926     " Do you "

  11.55    JOHNS   " In fact somebody  did die a year or two ago didn't
                     they "

           926     " Do  you  agree  your  behavior  in the  house was
                      abusive and threatening towards him ? "          

           JOHNS   " Oh yes definitely "                               

           926     " And threatening ? "                               

           JOHNS   " Threatening erm,  to  threaten  somebody  I  think
                     you've  really got to lift your fist up and I mean
                     that didn't happen I just held him "              

  12:14            " JOHNS  went  on  to  admit   his   behavior   was
                     threatening.  A   general   discussion   regarding
                     the  problems  at   the   swimming   pool.   JOHNS
                     admitted that he had demanded to sort the  problem
                     out with Mr. Ball.

  14.32            " JOHNS  stated  that  it  was  a  good  thing  that
                     everything had come to a head as it  would  now go
                     to court and perhaps a few lives  could  be saved.

  15:07            " WPc HUMPHRIES asked JOHNS if he was aware that Mrs.
                     BALL was upstairs in the house.  He stated that he
                     was not. The  officer  explained to JOHNS that Mrs.
                     BALL had  heard  everything  from upstairs and had
                     said  in  her  statement  that  his  behavior was
                     aggressive and threatening. JOHNS went on to state
                     that he had  not gone  to the house angry and that
                     there was not any premeditation to violence.

Page 96.

  17:06    926     " Mrs. Ball in her statement all right, overheard
                     you say words something similar that "             

           JOHNS   " Mmmm "

           926     " That,  that,  that  you  couldn't  vouch  for  any
                     consequences that would happen "                  

           JOHNS   " No "                                              

           926     " If he didn't comply with your demands.            

           JOHNS   " No, no Mr. BALL could  have  mentioned  that to her
                         and asked her to  say  that  and put it in her
                         statement couldn't he "                       

           926         " You think so "                                

  17.29    JOHNS       " Yeah "                                        

           926         " That's what you're saying "                   

           JOHNS       " Yeah "                                        

  17:40                  WPc HUMPHREYS  then  went  over  the  facts as
                         discussed in the interview, during which JOHNS
                         admitted pushing Mr. BALL,  But denied punching

  19.09                  Other matters where then discussed.           

  22.34                  JOHNS  was then asked if he wished  to  add or
                         clarify anything, but declined.               

  23.10                  Interview concluded at 6.22 pm.               



I was very concerned when I went to the police station, I had not expected David Ball to file a complaint. Ball must have had the knowledge that all the evidence would be presented in court, and that there was so much evidence that the Broom Hill pool was being managed dangerously. My conclusion was that Ball had filed a complaint because his wife was present. Whether Mrs. Ball overheard all or any of the heated conversation I will never know.

I did not want to admit to punching David Ball or to threatening to kill him, I was fully aware that as Ball was the Ipswich Borough Council labour party leader, a very high profile politician, that if I admitted what had happened: then I would have been remanded in prison to await trial. Police statements are often a lying competition, Ball had lied in his police statement 1. There was no threatening and abusive letters sent to the council. 2. I did not state they're a bunch of thugs. 3. No statement of funny business. 4. The only pornographic material ( Text ) was in the book Surrogate Daughter that I sent to James Hehir.

The book Surrogate Daughter was enclosed with the letter fiddle12.txt to James Hehir. This letter is referred to earlier in this book as one of the letters sent to I.B.C. These are the letters as listed as sent to my solicitor, re: the tasks Q.C. Mr. Overbury asked me to complete. I sent James HeHir this book because it highlighted the harassment of patrons by his crooked swimming pool management in 1992, this harassment enforced by the pool attendants at the Broom Hill pool. Also, in this adapting draft there was a list of safety points including a diagram for the diving boards adaptation. The diving board adaptation and many of the safety points where addressed nine weeks later by John Claxton an inspector of the Health and Safety Executive.

I was so mentally disturbed by the on going harassment, the dangers to the public: children being hurt, I quickly sent all the information to James Hehir. This was a cry for help, help chief: people could die here. Not for one moment did it occur to me that James Hehir would not support a public safety issue: and that he would ignore the harassment by his management of me. James Hehir is just a cheap crook, the same as his subordinate officers: uncaring for the people under his control, and supportive of public harassment! Resign Scum Bag.

Page 97.

I was not happy that I had upset G.P. Mrs. Ball, and obviously this had affected Mrs. Balls important work that day. I drafted out a letter to that effect, this letter was never sent to Mrs. Ball upon the advice of Mr. Charle's Riddleston my solicitor: as this letter could be determined as further harassment. I publicly apologize to Mrs. Ball now.

I lied in my police statement, I was concerned that if the police thought that I was violent and hit David Ball, that I could still go and hurt him or his family. I was very concerned that as David Ball was such a prominent local government figure, that I would be remanded in custody to await the trial. Fortunately for me this did not happen.

This was to be the court case of the decade, I had alerted the national press, David balls statement would invite hilarious laughter in the court when my Barrister asked David Ball to confirm that, " I went to the door in my dressing gown and opened it. " There would also have been much amusement to every letter referred to as fiddle, " I refer to letter fiddle59 Etc. This case would have saved the Broom Hill pool and Ipswich Airport. There would have been many resignations at I.B.C. including James Hehir the chief executive. The national press would have had a field day.

I realize that the foregoing text is not as fluid as it could be, this book is still being written from notes and needs further adaptation before paper production: if events take this course. This text is raw and has not been proof read prior to print. The following text is a very basic draft from notes, hurriedly put together, and needs a lot of work prior to paper publication.

From September 1996 my mental health started to deteriorate, I was hoping that this case would be over, I needed to clear this case to get on my life. I could not work, I wanted to start my electronics business, I could not do this, the pending court case was a negative priority. The removal of my computers by the police was quite unexpected and quite a set back. Unfortunately, things where going to get a lot worse. I was sliding down a negative slope with psychopathy: to severe nervous exhaustion.

07 11 1996 I was arrested at 8:30 AM by two police officers at my house and taken to Ipswich Police Station for questioning, I had telephoned I.B.C. about a domestic service problem, I had stated who I was, and that if they did not address the domestic service problem I would go to the head of leisures house and tip rubbish on her lawn. I also stated that I would be unpleasant to the head of leisure if this happened. Two I.B.C. officers had filed a complaint with the police stating that I had threatened to petrol bomb the house of Sheila Bagulay the then head of leisure. The two I.B.C. officers concerned where the Head of Benefits, a Mr. John Booty, Head Of Benefits and a Miss Freith a subordinate officer.

John Booty, Head Of Benefits.

Page 98.

I told the police these statements where untrue. It was obvious I.B.C. where trying to get me remanded in prison to be beaten by agents, brought up from the cells in to court for trial in a very negated poor mental state. Charle's Riddleston arrived after he had finished in court that afternoon, after a short discussion with the remand officer, I was told that I would be released. I was talked to very sternly by a police officer, he stated on no account at any time telephone Ipswich Borough Council, use a solicitor; get him to write on your behalf: never contact I.B.C. direct. I was glad to be released, I was very unhappy with the whole event; I thanked Charle's Riddleston for his support, and I thanked the police for their professionalism, including the politeness of the arresting officers, and for the nice meal: lunch and teas that they had given me.

I left the police station very unhappy, what was I.B.C. going to do next ? I felt the whole thing was engineered by James Hehir. The event had destabilized me further, I was becoming extremely paranoid, I thought, " what the hell is going to happen next ? " I was very concerned that the police where going to knock on my door to arrest me again on another false allegation, I was quite frightened, terrified.

The pressures on me where phenomenal, these pressures and the full account of my psychological adaptation in the period 30 May 1996 to the period April 2002 are chronicled in another book under construction, My adapting mental state was mostly written up in 1996 through to 2002. I was psychologically drained by October 1996. There was a lot of harassment by local agencies / agents that where negating my mental state. I was mentally exhausted and quite psychopathic: there was no delusion. I went and saw My G.P. I outlined my deteriorated mental state, I asked my G.P. if I could go in to a mental hospital for treatment for the nervous exhaustion, and for treatment for the psychopathy. This was agreed.

26 11 96. I was admitted voluntarily to St. Clements Mental hospital. I had outlined to my G.P. that I was so mentally impaired, and in his letter to the hospital Dr. Haas wrote that I wanted the mental hospital to kill me. Fortunately for me mental hospitals do not kill their patients. The drugs that were administered, and the change of the environment, away from the collusive I.B.C. agents harassment and the security of the mental hospital reduced the psychopathy and reduced the nervous exhaustion.

One of the doctors at the hospital was sympathetic to my battle with IBC in a consultants meeting she sided with me. Dr Byme The head consultant was not pleased and told her so. When in The hospital I talked about Hayley, how I had fell in love with her when she was aged 14. I stated that I still loved her. I further stated that the sexuality law was outdated it needed changing to age 14 permission. This conversation was in DR. Bymes report to go before the judge.

Note. In 1999 I was shown evidence that it was not good in many cases for a child to have sex with an older man. When the child is adult, this can cause long term depression. I then realised that the sexuality law in the United Kingdom is correct.

I was not allowed to use the library or the gymnasium in the St. Clements mental hospital. I needed something to occupy me, this caused me to pace up and down the long ward for hours at a time, television, the program content, communally watched by other patients: and the smoke filled recreation room did not interest me; prisoners often walk round in circles for hours to occupy their minds. Caged animals show similar mental symptoms of anxiety. This behavior was determined / assessed as psychopathic behavior, and in the report Dr. Byme Consultant psychiatrist sent Ipswich Crown Court he indicated that he did not have the legal powers to detain me, inferring otherwise that: he would have detained me.

Had I have been forcefully detained this action would have made me violent and psychopathic adding credence to the incorrect assessment. Under the proposed U.K. law I would have been detained for perhaps a very long time with the incorrect assessment and my adapted brain program / action. By the passing of time, the mental hospital would have claimed that they had cured me by drug administration: if I was ever to be released.


I appeared at Ipswich Crown Court to plead guilty to the lessor charge of common assault.

Page 99.

Whilst I was in the mental hospital, I had a telephone call from Charle's Riddleston, he stated that the Crown Prosecution Service where not pursuing the more serious charge, neither were the police, he was sorry I was not going to get my day in court and see David Ball's response to cross examination pertinent to his councils behavior, this telephone conversation was a further disappointment to me.

05 12 96. I discharged myself from the mental hospital against medical advice.


I did not make notes at the time or after this hearing, I was too ill.

I arrived at court punctually, at 1:30 PM. I saw my solicitor and Margaret his secretary, Mr. Rupert Overbury Q.C. arrived, He suggested that we had a chat. Mr. Overbury stated that he knew the Judge His Honour Judge Nicholas Beddard and that this Judge really does listen to what counsel has to say with interest, the Judge was a very fair and considerate man, I would get a considerate fair hearing.

I was shown the psychiatric report, this was very disappointing for me, the assessment for paranoid schizophrenia was incorrect, the basis for this assessment was that David Ball was not part of a plot to kill a member of the public to close the Broom Hill swimming pool. This was assessed as delusion. I was not happy with this psychiatric report. I did not state that the psychiatric report was incorrect, my mental health had deteriorated, this was very poor, I just wanted to get the hearing over with, and not go to prison !!! I just wanted to get the hell out of that building: and try to rebuild my life.



     The Pre Sentence Report ( P.S.R. ) details where, an obsession with
     swimming pool safety, concern of safety of individuals, concern
     over safety of young people. Seven major faults at swimming pool,
     H.S.E force in what you say - To keep appointment tomorrow at
     St. Clements mental hospital.  Negative P.S.R.  At end - remorse
     - not sorry about hitting Mr. Ball, but remorse regarding Mrs.

     Re:Instructions about chronology of events - latest instructions.
     All from Mr. John's letters Etc.
     Paranoia obsessive when being lied to esp. I.B.C.
     15 Years Diving Coach.
     Safety Concerns - I.B.C. harassed because of this - articles in
     Evening Star. Complaint to H.S.E.

Page 100.

     Mr. Johns produces press cuttings and letter of commendation.
     Letter from H.S.E. says work still not addressed.
     Explain to Judge - build up and explanation to hitting Mr. Ball.
     Asking Judge for conditional discharge - he might -.
     1. Defer Sentence - Mr. Johns would prefer to clear it today.
     2. Conditional Discharge - 2 years.

     Re: P.S.R. - not in a position to provide probation - risk of
     offending high.
     Re: Mitigation. - All points from Mr. Johns instructions,


The following is written up from memory, if a paper book is to be produced, the following needs further research and pertinent adaptation.

The prosecutor stood up and spoke to H.H. Judge Beddard. He stated that the defendant had written a book in 1993 that outlined his sexual fantasies, particularly a graph that the defendant had created that recorded his sexual fantasy for a fourteen year old girl. The prosecutor paused there, H.H. Judge Beddard seemed puzzled, and then after a short while he replied " Oh I see." H.H. Judge Beddard then stated that a court case was not in the public's interest. H.H. Judge Beddard then asked, was there a mitigation ?

Authors note. The graph is in a created science book titled Surrogate Daughter, This graph is one of fourteen graphs and ten tables with text that illustrate the adaptation from a extremely pristine brain to a seriously corrupted brain. This is a science book that illustrates all the modes of operation of a brain. This book can be down loaded free from the authors science site.

My Barrister Q.C. Mr. Rupert Overbury then stood up and spoke to H.H. Judge Beddard for the mitigation for the common assault charge, the scenario was outlined. Newspaper articles and H.S.E. letters where handed to H.H. Judge Beddard together with a leaflet of my electronic design capability for H.H.Judge Beddard to look at. H.H. Judge Beddard carefully looked at all of the material. After this my Barrister outlined the whole I.B.C. saga and explained my art as a qualified design engineer.

H.H Judge Beddard looked at the Pre Sentence Report, My Barrister was asked about remorse. My Barrister stated there was no remorse for hitting David Ball, but that I was very unhappy that I had upset G.P. Mrs. Ball, My Barrister explained that I had written a letter of apology to Mrs. Ball, this letter was not sent upon the advice of counsel.

H.H. Judge Beddard read the psychiatric report, H.H. Judge Beddard stated that he was concerned that I could go and see other Council employees, they had to be protected. H.H. Judge Beddard stated that he thought the way forward was a period of probation, I could be monitored in the former event, and I could be monitored in the respect of following the regime of the mental hospital pertinent to taking medication. I was asked if I would agree to this, I thought the alternative would be a prison sentence, I hastily agreed. H.H. Judge Beddard then stated that the threats to petrol bomb the leader of Ipswich Borough Councils house: would be placed and kept on record.

It was ordered that 1. That I adhere to the regime of the mental hospital with regular visits to the hospital. 2. I take the recommended medication. 3. A six month probation order was to be set up to police the above. I was asked if I fully understood this, I replied yes. There was no fine, and no payment of costs was asked for. I thanked H.H. Judge Beddard, the court proceedings ended. I was not happy, I was now labeled a schizophrenic, I knew that there had been no schizophrenia, I knew that I was now seriously mentally impaired, in my assessment, mentally ill / negated. The current mental problems were principally induced depression, and a low level of psychopathy and mental exhaustion. The absolute plus, was that I had not been given a custodial sentence.

Page 101.

Outside the court room I thanked Q.C. Rupert Overbury my Barrister for his help, and then Charle's and Margaret for their help, then I had a brief chat with the Courts probation officer. I returned home with my incorrect brand new incorrect label of paranoid schizophrenic.




1. This article outlined my paranoia for safety.

2. That I had bombarded I.B.C. with safety letters.

3. Johns told police that he believed the council was trying to kill someone at the pool.

4. Following a complaint to the H.S.E. Johns had received a letter congratulating him on drawing attention to them.


A week later I was introduced to Chris Schultz my probation officer at the Ipswich Probation Office, Chris is a fantastic man with a very good sense of Humour, we got on very well, Chris was sympathetic to my mental demise, and offered me good moral support.

In Chris Shultz office there were pictures on the walls of gunslinging cowboys and gangsters. Chris explained the pictures, all the guns were pointing towards the offender as he sat in the office chair. When Chris had a really bad person in his office he fantasized all the guns would shoot the bad man, killing him outright, I loved his humour." Thank's Chris. Love you lots. "

I did not take much of the medication, the mental hospital did not pick this up until almost the end of the probationary period. The probationary period ended August 1997. I complained to the mental hospital, that I did not agree with Dr. Bymes assessment. I was referred to the hospitals legal department, not very caring, typical: the hospital knew I had no funds to bring an action.

My computers were returned, collected by me from Ipswich Police Station in late February 1997, all the data was intact on the hard drives, and all the floppy disks were returned to me with data intact. There was no material on the computers that was considered obscene by the police, there was no prosecution under the Obscene Publications Act. There was no written or verbal apology.

Page 102.



David Ball the leader of Ipswich Borough resigns to take up a job as an adviser on aspects of policy to councils.


Pool at watershed as plug could be pulled.

The main points of the article were,

1. Subsidies equal eleven pounds fifty one pence per user.

2. In 1999 the pool cost over two hundred thousand pounds to run.

3. This year even fewer people used the pool.

4. Disabled access was raised as an issue.

Authors note. I find it amazing that this pool cost over two hundred thousand pounds to run, and that visitors to the pool are becoming lesser. The fiddled entrants figures have been calculated on fiddled cash figures only, I feel that swipe cards were not included.


In June 1998 I wrote to the sports council to see if there could be any cash that they could put up, lottery funded or otherwise, to keep the Broom Hill pool from closure. I had a reply on the 25th of June, unfortunately the reply was negative. There was no cash for projects like the Broom Hill Swimming pool.


I am a member of the 20th Century Society, this society tries to get buildings like the Broom Hill Swimming pool listed so they cannot be demolished. I sent the 20C Society details and photographs of the Broom Hill pool and it is now a grade two listed building, it cannot now be demolished, or the site redeveloped. This was an expected anticipated property deal to commerce that I.B.C. did not get. The pool will cost tax payers money: the pool has to be maintained as a listed building. The support walls beneath the grandstand will have to be reinforced, if the grandstand collapses this will collapse the southern high perimeter wall in to the walk way: this could kill a passing person. The pool has to be maintained, this will be expensive, the pool might as well be refurbished for public use.


Page 103.

The David Ball meeting and resultant court case has had a very detrimental affect upon my long term health. Severe anxiety problems appeared before the case. I was recovering from this, but in December 1997 my mother died before I had made a full recovery. A few weeks after my mother died a very severe anxiety problem appeared, this problem has rescinded to the year 2002, but unfortunately is still with me. I have been depressed by this whole event, depression is a serious problem for me, and I can only work about five hours per day before I get very tired and go to bed for a while to recover. I have good days and bad days, My mental health was very good before I met David Ball. I took the hospital prescribed medication to relieve stress in late 1997, I am still on this medication to date, I am addicted to it: I get very stressed if I stop the medication.


The author harassed the H.S.E. for three years, and under threats of publication that the requisite handrails at the Broom Hill pool had not been fitted by I.B.C. In 1999, the necessary handrails safety requirement was met, forced by the H.S.E. by the fitting of the necessary hand rails to the two - three - and - four metre diving boards at the Broom Hill Swimming pool by I.B.C. There where unsafe matters before 1999, and thereafter.

The Crown Prosecution Service and Ipswich police did not prosecute this petrol bomb threat case, I feel that the none prosecution of this case was part political to stop the publication of negative I.B.C. event. A major court case that would have been published in all the national newspapers could have caused rioting in the streets. Lack of publication has enabled this town to keep another one of it's dirty little secrets:

Until Now !!!

In late October 2002, I conferred with a criminal law solicitor, my concern was that the disclosure in this book, " that I threatened to petrol bomb David Balls house, and I wanted David Ball to fear that I would kill him if a person died by neglect in the Broom Hill pool ". Would the Crown Prosecution Service prosecute me for this disclosure of this criminal act ? The criminal law solicitor thought such action by the C.P.S. was very unlikely, I had been a model citizen since 1996.

Page 104.

Reference Letters And Pictures Section.

A specimen letter is published below, this is one of the 140 letters sent out to various organizations to make the Broomhill swimming pool safe. The letter is sent to James Hehir the chief executive of Ipswich Borough Council. This was one of the specimen letters to be used in the Crown Court case.

     A.W.JOHNS                               copy paper saves trees   
     34 BISHOPS HILL                             use paper twice if   
     IPSWICH SUFFOLK                                 possible         

     TEL O473 281867

     DATED 02 06 93

     REF FIDDLE 12



     Dear Sir,  I have used the broom hill swimming pool in Ipswich for
     approximately  fifteen years without incident.  Last year  I  sus-
     pected  there was a gate cash fiddle but was not  concerned  about
     this, I like a quiet life.

     The  swimming boards where used by patrons.  As a patron stood  on
     the edge of the top board a large piece of rotten wood fell  away,
     fortunately  the individual was not injured or killed.  The  board
     remained  unused until I complained to John Ward your crown  pools

     The board was fixed by the first week in august and used until  it
     became cold a week later, and was subsequently hardly used. During
     the open season a number of patrons entered the chemical store un-
     der the complex, again a management problem the,  the store should
     have been secure.

     The cafeteria was very poor,  highlighted in correspondence,  this
     problem has been addressed. The last straw was the pool blacked up
     over all the diving pit and one third of the swimming area, I com-
     plained,  and as the pool was busy with no action taken after  the
     complaint, I had no alternative than to call in the press or a po-
     lice safety officer.

     After  this  all diving was curtailed to simplistic dives,  I  was
     also intimidated by a thug, covered by correspondence.  There  has
     always  been set times for artistic diving at this pool  and  this
     year all diving has been curtailed to very simplistic nature. This
     is retaliatory action.

     On Monday the Thirty first of May 1993 I decided to do some artis-
     tic diving I was told by the staff and management to stop,  I car-
     ried on,  I was told to leave,  I needed the incident recorded  by
     credible witnesses, I suggested that the manager called the police
     to ask me to leave. Manager, ( Steve Huntley ) 

     Pc  Smith and Pc Lewis of Suffolk constabulary attended and I  was
     asked to leave the premises, I explained what had happened,  there
     is  a  notice in the entrance this year that states  you  have  to
     follow the wishes of the management or leave.

     I needed to know, and have such incident recorded pertinent to ar-
     tistic  diving.  This is a major sports venue,  and these are  the
     only  diving boards within thirty miles,  there needs to be  times
     allowed for such diving,  this needs to be late in the day as  al-
     ways has been, preferably the last hour. 

     I  am  a qualified diving instructor A.S.A.  registered  and  have
     taught many people to dive over the years.  I think diving at this
     facility,  as  many others needs to be at ones own risk  with  ad-
     equate  pool attendants control over numbers of people allowed  on

     I use crown Pools regularly,  the cash recording mechanism is very
     suspect,  and particularly the fact that the staff at night  share
     the counting of the takings, leaving the foyer unattended. Profes-
     sional collection and accounting services need to be used.  I am a
     qualified electronics engineer, electronics designer, Hi-Fi design
     consultant, and now an authority on brain program analysis.

     There was,  and there may still be a home office interest in me in
     that I wrote a book pbfel  still to be published,  copy  enclosed,
     on my personally installed brain program since birth and this  and
     some  bizarre  theories are my donation to science of  a  personal
     brain program, I have enclosed a disc copy.

     I  fell in love for the first time with a fourteen year old  young
     woman,  principally a surrogate daughter, this is now  a  possible
     stand alone book,  there is an indication of alleged local council
     corruption  and incompetence and a lot of garbage to  be  possibly
     omitted from the final draft.

     The book,  Surrogate  Daughter,  The Prodigy to the Legacy,   cen-
     tres  around Broom Hill Swimming Pool,  all the  scientific  brain
     analysis is included in the text, and is donated to science.  Disc
     copies  supplied,  Hbooka.txt   Hbookb.txt.  The  young  woman  is
     named, and this at this time must be treated in confidence.

     There  is  insulting reference to individuals in this  draft,  but
     this  was expected to be omitted by the publisher before  publica-
     tion, this was written in destabilized brain mood, please treat as
     such, in that it would not have been brought to your attention, if
     it where not for recent events at Broom Hill Swimming Pool. 

     I have no respect for your swimming pool staff,  some of the  mem-
     bers from last year are in the current team at broom hill,  I have
     no respect for John Ward and his partner in alleged crime Jo, Orr.
     In  a meeting at civic drive after the pool closed last  year  Joe
     orr lied, or was ignorant of a particular situation, this resulted
     in a letter from myself to 10 downing street to find the truth. 

     This is covered in the council report, in the Surrogate  Daughter
     discs supplied, also covered is that both men where alarmed that a
     child  fell  of the side of the four metre board  at  broom  hill,
     hitting the two metre board and then the ground receiving a  skull

     This incident is recorded in the accident book, I hope it does not
     go  missing.  Both men assured me that this problem would  be  ad-
     dressed by the time the pool opens, this is not so and the  boards
     are dangerous and a child could be killed.  See attached drawings,
     and  comments on disc Hbookb.txt.  This drawn  remedy  could  have
     been worked out by a five year old.

     The woodwork around the three metre board was very rotten,  I hope
     this has been replaced, and the board not closed for repair, there
     has been adequate time to get the pool ready,  I and others pay to
     use all the boards.

     I  will write to all sports bodies to try to get  artistic  diving
     reinstated,  I have had to open my fiddle file again and of course
     all correspondence will bear this reference. I have a lot of names
     and addresses of witnesses of all happenings at Broom Hill.

     The only notes of unprofessionalism this year are,   a till is not
     really  suitable  for gate receipts, the diving  boards  as  afore-
     mentioned,  the sunbathing terraces have not been  water  pressure
     cleaned,  the dirt comes off on to clothing and skin and is awful,
     the  top five metre board is very slippery along half it,s  length
     and near the stairway.  I saw a child slip over near the stairway.
     I have not thoroughly checked the boards yet.

     I am familiar with most diving venues in east anglia.

     There are no diving restrictions and somersault diving is  allowed
     at the following pools, I checked today.

     Norwich.  St Augustines,  0603 620164  5 metre restricted  if  the
     pool is very busy,  integrated length lanes.    Bedford.  Robinson
     Centre. 0234 212479   5 metre All diving allowed head first entry.   
     Chelmsford.  Riverside.  Boards  out of  action,  being  repaired.     
     Whitham.  Bramston.  Legal depth problem.  Suspended moving floor.    
     Colchester.  1 metre legal req, problem,  forward divers  can  hit
     boom.   Luton. 0582 20621   5 metre Wardown leisure centre, no re-
     strictions.    Southend, 0702 464445  5 metre no restrictions.

     I  would like to use the pool this week weather  permitting,  will
     you  please telephone me or send letter of permit.  I have  dupli-
     cated the safety barrier drawing,  so these can be in place quick
     to preserve life.


            TONY JOHNS
















             xxxxxxxxxxAxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxBx                     x
             x         x                     x                      x
   WEST      x         x                     x                      x
             x         xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
             xxxxxxxxxxCxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxDx                     x
                       x                     x                      x
                       x                     x                      x
                       x                     x                      x
                       x                     x                      x
                       x                     x                      x
                       x                     x                      x
                       x                     x                      x
                       x                     x                      x
                       x                     x                      x

Knowing Ipswich Borough Council wanted to close the Broomhill pool, and probably quickly demolish it, I was in communication with the Sports Council and many other organizations including the C20 ( 20th Century Society ), between 1998 and 1999. This C20 society gets preservation orders on outstanding 20th Century Architecture that in refurbishment is not only outstanding, but also such property: when refurbished, to provide a useful purpose.

A grade2 preservation order was obtained after my support, sending photographs and drawings for the Broomhill pool to the C20 society. The preservation order was granted by The Department Of Culture Media And Sport on the 24 August 2001. I received a letter from the C20 society thanking me for all my help regarding research and information that allowed them to get this grade2 listing. The thank you letter was received from Eva Branscome 18 February 2002 with a copy of the listing. A copy of the letter from Eva Branscombe is published at the bottom of this page.

The Twentieth Century Society.

The letters To The 20C Society.

     letter 1.

     34 BISHOPS HILL            
     IPSWICH SUFFOLK            
     IP3 8EN.

     TEL O1473 423166
     FAX 01473 423868

     DATED 12 07 99
     REF C:\99\9923.TXT

     77 COWCROSS ST.
     EC1M 6EJ

     Dear Ms. Edwards,

     Thank you for your letter stating  your concern at the lack of
     response from the Ipswich Borough Council in respect  of  your
     representations made to IBC stating your interest in obtaining
     listed building consent for  the local  well  supported  Broom
     Hill Swimming Pool.

     IBC have been trying  to close  the Broom  Hill Pool for about
     Fifteen years, If it where not for a well published  rewarding
     for local people  campaign  ran by the  Ipswich  Evening  Star
     Newspaper  last year to keep the Broom Hill pool  open, I feel
     this  precious lido would  now be a  local building developers
     good fortune.

     I  enclose as  much newspaper  material as  I can to help you.
     If  you approach the Evening Star I feel sure that  they  will
     help you as much as they can to keep this much loved well used
     local asset.

     Good Luck with your honorable credit worthy cause, I am,


            TONY JOHNS

     I enclose some newspaper  cutting's  that may be of use to you.
     The Evening Star Newspaper can be contacted at 30  lower Brook
     St. Ipswich Suffolk.

     The pool was built in the early 1930,s   The pool is very
     unusual, hearsay, in that it is metric 50 metres by 25 metres,
     built for European competition.  If this  is so,  possibly the
     only lido in  the  country built as such.  If the Evening star
     cannot provide good photographs depicting architecture, please
     communicate with me and I will try to get these for you.

     letter 2.

     34 BISHOPS HILL            
     IPSWICH SUFFOLK            
     IP3 8EN.

     TEL O1473 423166
     FAX 01473 423868

     DATED 18 10 99
     REF C:\99\9936.TXT

     77 COWCROSS ST.
     EC1M 6EJ

     TEL 0171 2503857

     Dear Carolyne,

     Thank  you  for your  request for photographs of the Broom Hill
     swimming pool in Ipswich Suffolk. The architecture's best aspect
     features are from the inside of  the  pool.  Outside  is either
     woodland or built up covered. The photographs presented reflect

     As  highlighted  in  previous  correspondence  the pool is most
     unusual,  built  in  the  nineteen  thirties  with  metric tank
     dimensions,  possibly  the only lido  pool  in the country with
     this feature.

     I enclose a not to scale plan, plan view,  of  the pool I  hope
     that this will be useful to your committee.  The  arrows on the
     plan indicate concrete walk ways.  The  broken lines around the
     pools  water  tanks  areas  are  three foot steel fencing.  The
     broken lines  around the  exterior of the  drawing is  six foot
     steel mesh fencing. The exterior solid lines are walls.

     I hope  that the photographs and plans that I have prepared for
     your organization are useful to you,  wishing you every success
     with the listed building control.


            TONY JOHNS

     letter 3.

     34 BISHOPS HILL            
     IPSWICH SUFFOLK            
     IP3 8EN.

     TEL O1473 423166
     FAX 01473 423868

     DATED 23 10 99

     REF C:\99\9938.txt

     EC1M 6EJ

     TEL 0171 2503857



     Dear Mr. Senior,

     Thank you for your telephone call Friday 22nd, inquiring as to who
     the architects  were for the Broom Hill Swimming Pool in Ipswich.
     I telephoned  Ipswich Borough Council the proprietors of the pool,
     their planning dept. To old I was told, pool to old,  no records.

     I went to the Suffolk  County Council  local records  office today
     to research this,  they where very helpful.  The architect for the
     Broom  Hill  pool  was a  Mr. Birkin Hayward.  Birkin  also helped
     to compile and edit for  the  Suffolk County council  a dictionary
     of architects work 1800 - 1914.

     This  pictorial and  text publication was printed and published by
     Suffolk  County Council, Rope Walk Ipswich. Birkin could have been
     connected with the firm of Brown Hayward Kindred.

     I Hope that this information is of use to you. I am


            TONY JOHNS

     letter 4.

     C20 SOCIETY
     ECIM 6EJ

     IP3 8EN

     18TH FEBRUARY 2002.

     Dear Mr. Johns.

     Broomhill pool, Sherrington Road, Ipswich. Suffolk.

     The Twentieth Century Society is happy to announce the listing of
     the Broomhill pool at Grade 11 through the DCMS on 24 August 2001.
     Thank you for all your help regarding research and information. I
     have enclosed a copy of the listing details for your reference.
     The society depends on active members such as you as a source for
     crucial information regarding threatened buildings of our period.

     I am also enclosing some membership information for you and the
     other interested residents you may know. Although we receive a
     small grant from the Heritage Lottery Fund to enable us to
     continue our work, we are also heavily reliant on membership

     You may also like to know more about our history and activities:

     The Twentieth Century Society was founded in 1979 as the Thirties
     Society to protect British architecture and design after 1914.
     As a National Amenity Society, our conservation activity ranges
     through all types of building from telephone boxes and open air
     swimming pools to factories and banks and, of course domestic

     It includes buildings of quality in all the styles current since
     1914 - Classical, Neo-georgian, Neo-Tudor, Art Deco, and modern.
     Our advice is sought by local planning authorities, English
     Heritage and the Department Of Culture, Media and Sport (DCMS).
     The Society also answers inquiries from teachers, students and
     members of the public.

     From it's earliest years the society anticipated the need to
     protect buildings from after 1945, and it's campaign for official
     recognition of their historical importance led, for example, to
     the listing of the Royal Festival Hall and Coventry Cathedral.

     Many events are organized for members including visits, lectures,
     conferences and foreign tours. A sample copy of Previous Events
     programme is attached, together with a Membership Form. Further
     information can be found on our web site at

     Once again I would like to thank you for contacting us. It is
     often through interested members of the public that we are
     notified of such matters. I hope the above information is
     informative and look forward to welcoming you as a member of
     the 20th Century Society.

     Please stay in touch.

     Kind regards,

     Eva Branscome.

     Casework officer.

By 2012 there is now a considerable support group for the Broomhill pool, this is a registered charity,, Ipswich Borough council now support the pool, ( the pool is popular with local people that want to see the pool restored. IBC are working with the UK lottery organization to find funding for the pool restoration.

The author received a commendation from the H.S.E. Director General in London for making these diving boards safer for general public use.

Published below are letters that I received from the Health And Safety Executive in response to letters that I sent to the HSE regards the dangers at the Broomhill swimming pool that I observed between 1993 and 1999. When the pool was in use in the summers, I climbed over the perimeter fence early in the mornings before the pool opened twice a week to inspect the pool.


I wrote to the Director General in 1994, expressing concern that there was still a danger at the Broomhillpool. There was a small section of the four metre diving board that was still dangerous. A person could fall off this board and hit the pool side twelve feet below. This was where a child had fell in 1990 receiving a broken collar bone: and a fractured skull. You can see from the reply below the problem was not addressed.


I wrote to John Claxton HSE inspector at his Norwich Office in the summer of 1995 expressing my concern at the danger on the four metre diving board. The board was still dangerous. John Claxtons reply is published below.


I wrote to R.N. Parks at his Chelmsford office expressing my concerns at the still dangerous diving board. The reply is published below.


I wrote to Director General of the HSE again expressing my concerns at the still dangerous diving board. The reply is published below.


I wrote to R.N. Parks again at his Chelmsford office expressing my concerns that the still dangerous diving board had not been remedied. The reply is published below.


I wrote to the HSE again with several concerns pertinent to the BroomHill pool in 1999. The reply is published below.







I went to the Broomhill pool early in the morning shortly after the pool had been opened for the summer season. The fence had been fortified I had difficulty getting over the fence. I went in to the pool and inspected it. The four metre diving board danger had been rectified, there were new safety protection rails fitted that extended past the pool side. I was happy.

I was pleased the HSE had not only forced IBC to make the board safe, I was also pleased that the HSE were making unannounced visits. This would keep IBC on their toes regards safety. I never returned to the pool after this to check the pool, job done. The pool closed in 2002, and remains closed because of lack of funding to refurbish date 2012.

Below are published pictures of the Broomhill swimming pool, some of the pictures show the dangerous state of the diving boards in 1992 - 1993. There are heading descriptions with all the pictures


Below are published 28 .jpg images of photographs of the fantastic broomhill swimming pool in Ipswich. The pictures were taken in 1993. I climbed over the perimeter fence with a friend early on a mid summer morning to get these pictures. Some of the pictures were sent to the 20c society to get the pool listed. Some of the pictures show the dangerous state of the diving boards in 1992 - 1993. There are heading descriptions with all the pictures.



This view is North West, and displays part of the pool, the swimming area, and the western end of the sunbathing terraces.

This view is due west and shows the main swimming area and view towards the entrance and offices on Sherringtom Road.

This view again is due west and shows the poor state of the top diving board surface, the line in the centre of the board is weather deterioration.

This view is of the entrance to the sun bathing terraces from the changing room area. The Art Deco styling for this entrance is very nice. The boys changing room runs the length of the wall with a mural on it. The girls changing room runs the length of the nearest wall. The basket room can just be seen in the middle at the rear of the entrance between the two changing rooms.



This view is of the four grouped diving boards as viewed from North to South. The nearest board is the three metre spring board, the top of the stair way and the three metre board can be easily seen.

This South to North view is of the whole diving board structure showing all of the diving boards. Note the top five point one metre diving board is closed off, this board is dangerous.

This South to North view shows the stair ways leading up from the two metre static diving board to the static four and five point one metre high diving boards.

This North West to South East view clearly shows the blue one metre spring diving board, the steps leading to, and the three metre diving board is also displayed. The red and blue shuttered area on the back white wall is the cafeteria. To the sides of the cafeteria are the rounded Art Deco style windows. There is an abundance of trees around this swimming pool that add to the attraction.

This view is of the cafeteria, this cafeteria is built through the east facing wall of the pool. There is a large patio in front of this cafeteria. Note the rounded art deco style windows at the sides. When the pool is busy the cafeteria does good business.

This is another view of the cafeteria, this aspect shows the extent of the large patio. The doors on the left hand side of the cafeteria could easily be adapted with a ramp for disabled people access.

This is a south view across the pool to the large elevated seated public viewing gallery areas. The building in the middle at the top is the male / female toilets area.

This is a south west view from the four metre diving board showing the east end of the elevated seated public viewing gallery areas.

This North West view across the swimming pool area highlights the large western sunbathing area. To the right is the art deco style entrance from the male / female changing rooms to the sun bathing terraces and the pool. You will see the cone on the side of of the pool where the tiles are damaged, this dangerous area should have been repaired before the pool opened.

When you walk through the front entrance of the Broom Hill pool you can turn left or right taking you to the north or south perimeters of the pool. If you turn right to go to the viewing gallery / toilets, you will have to walk up a large stair way to get to the elevated viewing area. This stair way is in the photograph below.

This view is of the inside of the front entrance to the pool. To the right is the cashiers window, this is closed. The view through the wrought iron gates is to the main access road, this is Sherrington Road.

This view is of the toddlers / children's pool, this small pool is quite near the front entrance reception area.

If you turned left after entering the pool this is to the Northern side of the pool, this takes you along a path way to the basket room with a small lawn area to the left. The photograph below displays this path way to the basket room, the window / service hatch is the blue area in the middle of the far building. The basket room is a secure stand alone building adjacent to the girls changing room. The chain link perimeter fence that was left for easy access day or night for most years runs parallel to and the length of the path. This is set back out of sight to the left of the image.

This is the view through the entrance to the girls changing room at the Broom Hill pool, the individual changing cubicles with privacy doors can easily be determined. The pink decor is a nice feature adding quaintness to the room. The outside of the wall to the right of this room is the back wall of the pools easterly sun bathing terrace.

This is the view through the entrance to the boys changing room at the Broom Hill pool, the individual changing cubicles with privacy doors can easily be determined. Blue is for boys. The outside of the wall to the left of this room is the back wall of the pools westerly sun bathing terrace.

This view is of the inside of the gate entrance, the view is to the South West across a small lawn.

This view is of the whole front of the building, the photograph was taken in Sherrington Road. Always a back drop of nice trees, a nice feature. Note the rubbish in the gutter, this rubbish went all the way down the access road, this annoys the local residents, the management know this and could have easily addressed this problem.

The Dirty Images Section.

This section shows the images, pictures, that where taken in 1993. John Ward of I.B.C. assured the author that the Health And Safety Executive where supervising the Broom Hill pool, this was not the case. The Broom Hill swimming pool was being managed by the overall pools manager John Ward and the Broom Hill pools manager Steven Huntley.

The image below is of the diving boards, note the large black plastic sheet hanging from the three metre spring board. This thick plastic sheet, not as thick as the management, was a plastic slide that was not successful. This sheet was left hanging from the three metre board for the children's summer holiday. This sheet was dangerous, a person trapped inside it would have difficulty getting out.

The image below is of the disgusting state of the stair case leading up to the two metre static diving board. The very minimal none slip strips that where attached to the steps had come off through ware / use, this stair way was very dangerous. The author threatened Steven Huntley the manager of the pool because he witnessed children slipping / falling down these stair ways and being hurt.

The image below is a close up shot of the steps of the stair case that joins the two and four metre static diving boards. The author was petrified that a person was going to be seriously hurt slipping on these steps or just falling through them if they broke.

This image is of the stair way to the three metre spring diving board, most of the none slip material on the steps had come off through wear.

This image is of the top fixed diving platform, this platform was painted with a red slippery sealant, this was extremely dangerous. Children kept falling over near the entrance stair way. Note it is wearing badly, the board would have been slightly safer with no sealant applied.

This view is from the entrance to the top five metre fixed platform diving board down to the board below. Below this is a drop to the next board and to the concrete ground.

The image below was the authors main concern, the fall from the side of this diving board was 12 feet to the tiled pool side below. It is alleged that a child had fallen off this board and needed hospital treatment for a fractured skull. The H.S.E. ordered protective side hand rails to be fitted.

The image below is of the short stair case that connects the four metre static diving board to the five metre static diving board.

After the Crown Court case I never returned to pristine health, in my assessment, I was being sexually profiled by Psychologists from Ipswich University college under the control of Essex University. James Hehir was on the board of directors at Ipswich University college, my phone and computers were bugged.

Between 1996 and 2008 I weekly baby sat my Ipswich grandchildren and we often went to play centres. I get on well with all my family 2 daughters 4 grandchildren. The youngest daughter lives in London with her children. Because of the distance we do not see each other very much. However, I keep in touch with the London side of the family on Facebook. I get on well with all the family, some of the family have read my books.

Below is a picture of my grandson Grant that lives in Ipswich. Grant aged 16, ready for his school prom. Grant is now aged 21. 2012

Below is a picture of Sonia my youngest Daughter with Paul my grandson. The picture was taken in 2012.

Below is a picture of my London granddaughter Laura on the left, and my Ipswich granddaughter Danielle on the right. The picture was taken in 2011

Below is a picture of me with my eldest daughter Sadie. The picture was taken on my granddaughter Daniell's 18Th birthday party held at the George Hotel Ipswich in 2010. The picture was taken by my ex wife Lynda.

I would love to have a picture to publish below of my Surrogate Daughter, Miss Hayley Coyne, now aged 34. (2012). I still love her and consider her part of the family.

I have been working on and updating this book since the first of August 2012, Reading the book and the memories of the whole event has made me very sad and depressed. This culminated in severe anxiety by the 15th day of August 2012, I saw my GP and she temporarily prescribed Valium. As of the 18th of August I am still suffering from stress and anxiety. I expect to be working on this book until the end of August.

I like most chart music, love good lyrics, particularly love R&B. I listen to the local radio station Town 102 in bed between nine and eleven P.M. Monday to Friday. Below are three of my favorite pop songs for the months of July August 2012. The Stooshe Black Heart video is crap.

Paloma Faith picking up the pieces.

Stooshe - Black Heart

Carly Rae Jepsen - Call Me Maybe
Brilliant Video Ending.

Timeline 1992 To 2012.

Between 1992 and 1995 in a depressed mental state I created the book Surrogate Daughter. In 1995 I gave up my television rental business that I had ran for 26 years. It was a coin operated television rental business. The business had become run down due to ill health and I could not get finance to buy new television receivers. I was also fed up with the business, the television coin meters were often broken in to and the money removed. I concentrated on electronic repair work and odd jobbing work.

Between 1996 and 2000 Still depressed, and with lack of work, I signed on the dole, I carried on working on my books and developing an audio plug in pci card as a product to sell. I also created this book the fiddle. Every summer there were dangers at the broomhill pool, this took up a lot of my time in the summers writing letters.

A typical plug in computer PCI Card.

The PCI card project never came to fruition as a sale-able product there was competition from China, the Chinese were making and selling similar products at a much cheaper price than I could manufacture and sell the product for.

Between 2000 and 2004 I learned to hand code web sites and hand code books in html4. I also created the ipswichswimmingpools site and other sites. I also created the book The Brain Natures Own Computer - This psychology book is created for readers of 11 years old and older.

In 2004 I launched Ipswich The site stayed live until 2011. I updated the site every few months. In 2011 I shut the site down because of lack of funds to maintain it. Every site ever published on the Internet is archived with the - click the link below to display the archived ipswichswimming web site.

Between 2004 and 2009 I developed a new power amplifier that I hoped to sell as a product, ( The New Valfet Audio Power Amplifier ), I worked 6 days a week, 12 hours per day for five years on this product, I also had to learn new computer design programs. The project was very difficult, there were many problems, this was the hardest project to date to achieve. A pre-production prototype of the design is published below without a front panel. The amplifiers would sell for 6,000 GB pounds per pair to people that spend 20,000 to 50,0000 GB pounds on their HI-Fi Systems, ( Rich Boys Toys ).

The New Valfet Audio Power Amplifier.

In 2009 I had a transformer failure in one of these new power amplifiers. The transformers are the two large steel units on the top of the amplifier. The problem was with the manufacture of the transformers, this was the transformer manufacturers fault. The transformers were out of guarantee and and expensive. Also, they were difficult to physically replace in the power amplifier.

The UK was in recession, the backer that was backing the project did not want to proceed with the project. He thought the amplifiers were unreliable. He dropped out of the project. I was very emotionally involved with these amplifiers, (many artists are the same with their projects), this made me very ill with depression. The project was my baby, I had given up sport for six years to fund it. I stayed in bed for two years until 2011 very depressed.

By mid 2011 I had regained reasonable mental health and started to think of work again. I had tried to buy and sell internet domains in the past with no success, I had lost 1700 pounds doing this, however I am a sucker for punishment, and I bought a few more internet domains to try to sell, I register internet domains with . This company also hosts 15 internet sites for me, most of the sites advertise single domains for sale. As of 18-08-2012 I have not sold any internet domains.

Also in 2011 I wrote to 250 book publishers and 100 book publishing agencies to try to get my books published in print. This was expensive and a wasted exercise, this exercise was not successful.

To the future. I need backing to produce a production pair of the new valfet audio power amplifier above. I am also now too unwell to do the work to build the amplifiers myself, I have lost interest in electronics. Kick-starter the American crowd sourcing site is now opening in the UK in the Autumn. To date the American site only allowed applicants in the USA to apply for funding. I need funding to get an electronics company to build the amplifiers. I will also apply to the Audio Engineering Society for help. Regards my books, I am now going to advertise them in a science journal to see if this attracts a book publisher.

Broomhill Pool.

Ipswich Borough Council are now backing the reopening of the Broomhill Pool, this pool is now a millstone round their necks. IBC cannot demolish it because of the Grade 2 listing, and the pool is expensive to keep safe from youngsters entering the pool which is dangerous. A lot of money has been spent on upgrading the chain link fencing to steel reinforced fencing. The deep water tanks are also now steel covered.

Currently, IBC have offered a million pounds towards the cost of refurbishing the pool and IBC are applying for a lottery grant to raise the rest of the money for a full refurbishment. IBC have a preferred pool operator to run the pool: if it is refurbished. Fusion Lifestyle.

Sexual Relationships.

My wife left in January 1991, we had not had sex for months. In August 1991 I was friendly with the landlady at the local public house, we had sex on a couple of occasions.

In the summer of 1993 I met Denese, a young woman, aged 23 with two young children. Denese was the daughter of an ex rental customer. I told her about Hayley and that I loved her, Denese read the book Surrogate Daughter, this was a paper copy, we became lovers. Denese smoked cigarettes, I told Denese that I had asthma, she said that she did not smoke in the house. After a month Denese started smoking in the house, I stopped the relationship because of the cigarette smoke in the house upsetting my asthma.

I stayed friendly with Denese calling to see her and her new partner calling at Christmas and children's birthdays taking birthday cards. In 2004 I was invited to the house for a meal with the family. Denese introduced me to her Sister Tracy. Tracy had just come out of St Clements mental hospital. Tracy did not look well. Tracy has OCD and Schizophrenia.

Denese knew that I was mentally stable and had been for years, Denese wanted me to form a relationship with her sister to stabilize her. Tracy was of low IQ and had learning difficulties, however, Denese knew that I was loving and caring and if I had a relationship with her sister I would be caring and do my best to help Tracy.

After Considerable thought I decided to ask Tracy to go out with me, Tracy agreed, we soon became lovers. It was a very difficult relationship, Tracy was not very good at keeping appointments, this was a product of her OCD. Tracy was aged 28, I was aged 58. Tracy was a nymphomaniac and could easily have 6 hours a day sex with me + six hours of sex a day with other lovers. Tracy was also obese, an alcoholic, loved food, loved sex.

We often split up and then got back together, on one occasion when we split up in a thoroughly depressed mental state I had oral sex with David a friend that I had known for 25 years. David was bi-sexual and had kept it secret from me for the 25 years. David took advantage of me knowing I was in a poor mental state. I told my family that I had oral sex with David in a poor mental state, they were supportive. David and I discussed this event, we were both in a poor mental state.

I told Tracy of the incident with David, this did not bother her, Tracy wanted to marry me, I said that I would marry her if she stopped having other lovers and reduced or gave up the alcohol, Tracy was drinking three bottles of White Lightning crap cider per day, and was always drunk. Tracy said that she could not guarantee giving up other lovers after we were married. We discussed Hayley and I told Tracy that I still loved Hayley. It seemed to me Tracy wanted to marry me because her sister was married, Tracy had wanted to marry other men but they could not handle the amount of sex she wanted. There was never any violence and very little arguing in the relationship. I finished the relationship in in 2009: a very fit man.

Mental Health.

In 1988 I had a nervous breakdown, this was hypomania and delusion. This was caused by trying to market the old Valfet audio amplifier and problems with organizing finance. I spent two weeks in St.Clements mental hospital, and after release from the hospital spent three years working in my television rental business and writing my first book, "Programming Basic For Eternal Life".

The Old Valfet Audio Power Amplifier.

I returned to the best mental health that I had ever achieved by 1992. I then met Hayley Coyne, she destroyed this pristine mental state and I spent the next three years mostly in bed depressed, but writing the book Surrogate Daughter.

By 1996 I had returned to a reasonable mental state. I then threatened to kill David Ball, the subject of this book. Ball was the then council leader of the Ipswich labour council. The court case was being used to try to swing a general election in the UK, the pressure from various party supporters and the extreme sexual profiling of me caused me to hide up in St. Clements mental hospital.

I was analyzed with paranoid delusion, because in DR Bymes assessment councils do not try to kill people in swimming pools. This assessment was incorrect, there was no delusion.

In 2002 I was speaking to my GP Dr Haig, I told him of my disappointment of Dr Bymes incorrect assessment, and the ongoing sexual profiling of me. Dr Haig suggested that I see a Dr. Dowse at The Lakes mental health care unit in Colchester Essex for a second opinion.

I explained the swimming pool dangers and the sexual profiling. The Dr. Dowse assessment was the same, councils do not kill people in swimming pools. The result paranoid delusion. There was a new term for paranoid delusion. Psychotic Episode. This was an incorrect analysis.

In the summer of 2009 I was particularly depressed, I also had a problem with a noisy violent neighbour that I thought was calling me a pervert and threatening to kill me. He was shouting from the adjacent block of flats. He was not shouting at me, he was shouting to another man that I could not see.

This activity went on for weeks and sent me in to a manic depression with voices I could hear outside my head. The voices were from people that I passed in the street, the voices were always abusive. I eventually gave up the will to live. On the 9th of November 2009 I stood outside my house for eight hours on the path in the cold with just a tee shirt on.

A kind passer by noticed this and called the police, I was taken to St Clements mental hospital. Upon admission because of my political publications and I thought that I would be indefinitely detained, this negated my mental state even further to absolute depression. When it came to taking medication, I could hear the nurses saying they would kill me, they were saying nothing of the sort, this was delusion, schizophrenia. The psychiatric analysis was psychotic episode, the analysis was correct this time. I was detained in the mental hospital for three months.

Upon release from the mental hospital, I wanted to pursue my amplifier project, as explained in prior text a transformer failed, the backer dropped out, and I spent the next two years in bed depressed.

Working on this book in August 2012. Working on this book has been very mentally depressing and stressful for me. Recalling the whole event is so negative. By the 15th day of August I was so distressed and shaking, I made an emergency appointment to see a doctor, she prescribed Valium. This reduced the anxiety to a reasonable level so I could work a few hours per day.

This update to this book is expected to be completed by the end of August 2012. There has been no paranoia or anger for 12 months, however, I am medicated for life. Because of ill health and lack of sport I have expressed genes that have affected my balance, I also do not walk as fast as I used too. I exercise at home daily, I have done this for years, I have recently joined a Gym. Although I get good family support, I am now an unhappy person, and have been so for the past year. I have not had an interesting project to keep me happy.

Sexual Profiling.

The sexual profiling of me started in 1996, the computers were bugged and the telephone was monitored. IBC and the police were concerned that I could kill an Ipswich Borough Council official. This profiling and monitoring of me went on for 13 years and stopped when James Hehir CEO of Ipswich Borough Council, my arch enemy died in early November 2009, the day I was admitted to the mental hospital. The psychology testing made me ill, and this put pressure on the family.

I recorded all the profiling tests on my web site, and the many adaptations this harassment made to my mental state, this kept me angry. In my assessment 70 percent of the assessments were correct. The profiling was controlled by psychologists from University Campus Suffolk. This university is near my house and on the route that I walk in to Ipswich town centre. The profiling and harassment was intended to weaken me, to drive me to suicide.

I always used the telephone before I left my house to alert friends and psychologists that I was walking in to town. I always took the same routes so I could monitor the psychologists and they could monitor me. I felt that I was assessed by police psychologists as a risk to killing James Hehir CEO IBC in 1996, this assessment was correct. James Hehir was also on the board of directors at University Campus Suffolk. IBC gave one million GB pounds to Ipswich University Campus.

With Special Thanks And Best Wishes To,

Q.C. Mr. Rupert Overbury.

Solicitor, Mr. Charles Riddleston.

My Probation Officer Mr. Chris Schultz.

My Family For Support.

David, My Friend.